Friday, November 12, 2010

pubic hair

Yesterday I bought a new down comfoter and silk sheets for my bed. For Xmass I'm buying my parents saten sheets with high egypten thread count in them. In this family sheets really make the bed. I spend a lot of money on my sheets. The sheets on my bed right now I paid 80 bucks for. The other pair I paid 60 bucks for. Oh yes, I forgot this month you guys paid me a grand. So I'm getting my Xmass shopping done this month.

My class is going very well. I'm learning a lot about plot development. Character development and such. In January when the class is over I'm signing up for English Composition so maybe I will be able to put commas and semi colons in the correct place. I've been going to class sick for the last few weeks, looking like shit. I can't wait for Tuesday when I start the Suboxone so I can clean myself properly and feel good enough to write a proper paper with real plot development and character development.

That's all for today. No sex stories, sorry. I just put up a dating profile on annagrace28 from Green bay WI. You can look at my profile. Or you could just look at my profile on blogspot. I hope my stalkers will check my profile on I do tell what kind of pubic hair I have. I'll tell you tomorrow, if I haven't told you guys already.

You know who I miss, Gledwood. I read his blog everyday, but he doesn't read my blog any more. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

why doesnt he read it anymore?

Gledwood said...

Oh really Anna, do you have to use such a vulgar title?!
Are you into politics/international things? If so what do you think of Burma Lady whose name I can never get right (Aung Sang Suu Shi? Summink like that) - her. I wrote a whole blog post and NO-ONE has commented. It DOES mention methamphetamine and China White, so you might like it. Please leave a comment there please and on the drugs drought one. Unless it really is such a wind-up to read about them. I can respect that. I would prefer you avoided reading about gear if it is gonna jeapordize your recovery.
O man what do you think happened to Melody Lee? Melody isn't her real name, right? BC Melody Lee is some rock chick in real life. I mean, the name refers to the rock chick. She is well named bc she does remind me of Anita Pallenberg in her prime. As in Kieth Richards' 60s girlf... V pretty. And allegedly a witch! I hope she hasn't died. I know 6 people died in the past year or so already, I can do without it being 7. Surely her boyf would at least log in and put a message for us all? If he couldn't leave a message he could at least go into comments. I don't wanna comment bc I do believe the last 3 are/or were me, 3 in a row. She was really pissed off and having a shit time and you know how defensive she can be. She said something about "i don't want your half arsed sympathy" and I was the only one to break through and challenge that. By Giving a line it's from Sinead O'Connor it says "he won't ask you for your pity or your sympathy though surely you should care". And that's about it, don't you think? Fucking hell how ... ****/whatever.... are some people? Just bc someone says something a bit agressive they run scared. Not knowing what to say, that would be it, I spose.
Now Anna pls tell all about yourself, and how you are etc etc as I know I have been exceedinglyl remiss in not speaking to you. Oh I hated you so much. NO NO NO I DID NOT I WAS NOT EVEN PISSED OFF WITH YOU SO DON'T BE PARANOID I HONESTLY WAS JUST IN A HOLE and it was that internet counter thing which should be a piece of piss/ie dead easy doing my brainbox in, that was all it was just if I don't talk to you doesn't mean you stop being my friend, you know that right? RIGHT!!!?!
O my eyes feel so grainy it's so late. I gotta go darlin' it's so late. Take care of yourself and NO CHINA WHITE ~ just juice. OK?? OK!
How many mgs you down to now, is it nearly at an end? That's what you seemed to be saying.
OK I gotta run. Take care
Gled ;-)

Gledwood said...

O wow was that my name I saw there. Fucking hell!!!!
Well I am back.
Your writing has definitely improved and I am sure you could make it as a writer.
We're not all Shakespeare or Dickens.
Think about it, neither is Danielle Steel and how many millions has she made?
So don't ever let anyone put you down, because you got the X Factor baby.

Gledwood said...

ps I think your novels would be way better than Danielle Steel. Just using her as an example.

pps what you're doing sounds good and the composition will surely be helpful. You know Word tells you when you need a comma, by underlining. Then put the comma in and it will go. I learnt a lot from Word!

Anonymous said...

This is so typical of you, and the reason why you'll never amount to anything, not even a successful suicide.

You're such a narcissistic, attention hungry whore that you resort to naming your entry "pubic hair" just to get reactions and hits on it. You are willing to give the reader your most intimate details in order to lure them in, when in reality you've left it all on the table and you, yourself are as empty as you always were.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad the class is going well.

Gledwood said...

Your writing has definitely improved. Ukh. Sounds really patronizing that. I didn't mean it that way I was reapeating a comment more than 1 of us said some time ago, comparing when you started the blog to the last year or so.
Write a book.