Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I started the Suboxone today. I went three days without any opiates and it was hellish. I cried like baby for three days straight. I couldn't watch t.v. I couldn't read, I couldn't listen to music, my legs kicked and shook, I thought about shooting myself. All because my body couldn't stand to be without opiates.

My appoinment was for 1:50pm this afternoon, but as soon as the Dr. office opened up I was on the phone calling to get an earlier appointment. I got in at 9am. The doctor fed them to me two mg at a time, and I didn't start to feel better until I was at 12 mgs.

So I'm no longer on Methadone, I'm on Suboxone. I'm not totally better yet. So this is all I can write.


Gledwood said...

On buprenorphine you should be feeling way better within 24 hours, 48 tops and totally normal within 3 or 4 days. Even the time before those 3 or 4 days I felt about 95% right. If you felt that bad before and for that long, suboxone should hold you quicker, not slower. Definitely. It is rushing in to fill a gap. You know the way bup works. Methadone is like doors shut. Warm inside. Withdrawal is doors wide open. Rain and bad weather coming in. Suboxone is doors propped ajar, so you get used to the change in temperature and feel genuinely normal and clean. I remember my sense of smell coming back x10. My sleep went right down, but I did sleep OK when I slept. I was wide awake all the time. No longer nodding off on bus rides etc. Normal.
If your mood changes I would have thought it would tend to go now in the opposite direction more up. If the bipolar meds are working you should not go manic.
If you can do 3 days without opiates and doing something seriously desperate you've done really well.
I could never go that long without. I haven't had a good history of detoxing. Have done one cold turkey and one buprenorphine change over but got in horrible mental state both times, especially 1st time, the cold turkey. I have to do baby steps from where I am. You're on 2nd step from last so you're doing really good. Even if it doesn't feel like it now :-)

Brother Frankie said...

what gled said