Thursday, December 30, 2010

I just had a orgasm. Its been awhile. Thought I'd share.


Valerie said...

Congratulations honey. Ho Ling's a real cutie with that temptress tongue of hers... o shit what am I saying?

Not that I'm a lezzer or anything!!

Anonymous said...


Val said...

O before I forget beware of that Gledwood. I would get that bastard into the women's correctional institute here in Sydney Australia if only he didn't really look like that scarecrow in drag he posted up.

Can you think of a good man we could smuggle in here in prison? Don't mention Brucey. After that Milk Bar Bitch genital warts fiasco he's strictly my drug-buddy from now on.

So I'm sorely frustrated. Ho Ling's nightly attentions are getting a big same-same-same. I need a real life throbbing pepper grinder in me if ya know what I mean. What am I saying, Ho Ling swiped a pepper grater from the kitchen. Unfortunately black pepper leaked all over my private parts at a most inopportune moment. She had to lick away the "personal discomfort" for ages after that.

O I've got to go. Occupational fucking therapy. Making baskets for 50c an hour so the bastard prison can sell them on at $35 each!!

Chin up baby. Try having another one