Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've got a boy hangover

Seriously I have nothing to say today. I'm not depressed, I took my medication today. BTW, I've been saying I'm on Ritalin when I'm actually on Adderal 25mg twice daily. I was on Ritalin at first, but I complained that it wasn't working when I was still on the Methadone, so the doctor switched me over to Adderal. I never noticed any difference until I was switched from Methadone treatment to Suboxone treatment for my heroin/opiate addiction. Then I finally noticed that it pepped me up.

I found a good song, called "Boy hangover" it was on "The Office" the American version. I forget who sings it, Maggie Mckee? Something Mckee. Its a dance song. I usually hate dance music, but this song is good. They don't play the whole song on the office, but if you youtube the song Boy Hangover, The Office version comes up and plays the whole song, and that's where I'm off land.


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Hey Anna,
You sound lots better.
I'm not familiar with the song.
I'm glad you're posting more again. It's always great reading your posts and point of view.
My friend, who had the aneurysm is now brain dead, I was told tonight and will be taken off life support this Saturday.
Why is life so cruel?
Anyway, I'll be back when I'll be back.
Take good care,

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Just saying yo. Have a good weekend.

You are precious to SB!

Boston Joe said...

Hey, they are right you are starting to sound like yourself again, I'm telling you man, that fucking methadone SUX.. speaking of music, I been on a Nirvana kick which i know you like to hear! I been listening to unplugged all day and that cover they do of the leadbellies is one of my favs by Kurt and Nirvana.. that version kicks fucking ass man!! MY GIRL, MY GIRL DON'T LIE TO ME!! TELL ME WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT? IN THE PINES, IN THE PINES WHERE THE SUN DON'T EVER SHINE, I WOULD SHIVER THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH!! Kurt was the fuckin shit man... good luck with everything!

Gledwood said...

No wonder you got high. You're on Dexies man. As in Dexamphetamine, Dexies Midnight Runners etc etc. Yes that is stronger than Ritalin. I tried it a few times. It only worked properly before I was on opiates. The tablets here are 10mg. 50mg was enough to get me high. I went clubbing on 50mg Dexedrine once instead of ecstasy!! That's how strong it is.

BTW the speed we normally get here is amphetamine sulphate (or sulfate). Dexamphetamine is the right isomer of amphetamine. Apparently most drug molecules come in a left and right hand version. A very compliated one might have 4 isomers, like a sort of Chinese lantern. I only know this from hanging out with druggie chemistry students. I couldn't actually construct molecules with a coloured pingpong ball model, but they could, and show you the isomers and how they get metabolized blah blah.

But that's pretty heavy shit, man.

Now I got a question for you: is it really a boy hangover, or is it boy withdrawal..??

Gledwood said...

Are you on Adderall or Adderall XR?

The XR has tiny microbobbles in the capsule.

Anna Grace said...

XR. Impossible too crush and snort.
Me Anna

Gledwood said...
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Gledwood said...

Ukh why did they do that??

You really don't need to snort speed to make it work. It works by mouth in 20 minutes. I used to wear a watch all the time, inevitably, I timed it.

Coke doesn't seem to work, I'd never waste my time trying. BTW I tried IV speed, it's a total waste of time. Maybe crystal meth is different. All London speed did was come on quicker. There was no proper whoosh like you get with crack, that you can't get snorting. Total waste of time and veins.

Anna Grace said...

Snorted it bc it hit you faster. American's are inpatient, or at least I am.
If I visited London would you meet me for a drink? Just wondering.

Gledwood said...


Gledwood said...

Does it hit you any faster snorted? I don't remmeber it doing. Last time I did speed I did snort it. BC it was clean and I thought it was junkier to snort it. I also IVd a bit, but as I say: waste of time.

It also worked skinpopping, which coke also doesn't.

British speed is full of crap, so probably best not do anything except swallow if you insist on speed. It's the last thing I wanna do, I got fed up with that years before I gave up crack.

Also heroin and crack are usually sold together, speed... where the hell would you go for it..? I don't even know now.

Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

i'm loading that video on youtube on my cell while i write on your blog on my laptop.. so high-tech (haha, big deal, i know)... i usually do like dance music, or actually probably the exact opposite kind you like. but i play guitar and stuff, and sometimes i can get into, like old radiohead or elliot smith for sure.

anyway, like you asked me to tell you my life story or something! i'm on the exact same adderall, and it pretty much kicks my ass as far as waking me up, pepping me up or whatever. i bet as you get off the opiates, or lower on the suboxone for awhile, you will notice it. i used to think that vicodin, and then harder opiates (never got to heroin..a blessing or a curse, not sure) were god's gift, but then i liked the addy's better. as long as it's a substance of some kind, right!

Gledwood said...

O yeah you just reminded me something. That 6 lines and 2 hits of speed I did, maybe equivalent to 100mg Dexedrine, 120mg I cannot be sure... whatever. That, taken in one evening kept me up literally 3 days.
Normally our speed works for 4 hours, then dumps you down. But I got 3 days out of it. This is why I don't think me and drugs go v well together. These over-reactions. I'm not saying it happened every time or with every thing. But it has happened with loads of things, including antidepressants. In the end you just get fed up. I once saw something about addiction on TV where they said you only ever get truly addicted to stuff you can "handle" (in the sense that it doesn't over-react, your body handles it smoothly and consistently each time and you're not puking getting headaches or any other nasty effect)... THAT is why heroin took me down. I loved the stuff, plus I had a natural tolerance that was slightly higher than average. I could use loads of it right from the word go. I was hardly ever sick, like a lot of newbies are. Khhhh! That's the reason, innit. Also anyone who tries heroin and keeps trying it gets a habit. That's heroin. Doesn't say anything about me. I was just fool enough to keep trying it. Yukkkhhh!!

Dorian on Dexies..??? No!

Anna Grace said...

I was wondering were you've been. I'm going to answer all your comments here. First off thanks for all the praise. You know I don't take it well, but of course I like it.
About the successful people, I'm talking about the 2.5 kids, nice house,clothes etc. I really find those people boring.
As far as donations I understand why people don't donate. Your right about my readers.
Now I'm forgetting if there was anything else I should answer.
I have a question for you. Did you like the song or did you think whatever this is blah?

Anonymous said...

I've got a life hangover...

Gledwood said...

Anna come and read my Suicide post and tell me what you think.

I got a message today telling me to stop talking about it and just do it.

Then the message got deleted. By accident. Which pissed me off, but it was an accident.

Here's the link

or it's the topmost one as of Saturday night.

Valerie said...

Anna Babes

I've been reading through that Gledwood's email and heard you've had computer trouble. Now I sincerely hope it's all fixed. Us girls love reading your daily updates on me Blackberry. Now come on Anna Baby post up some more. You got two Chinese prostitutes, an armed robber, a fraudster, two drug dealers, a shoplifter and a people trafficker hanging on your every word. Now hurry up and post!

Love and Best Wishes

Valerie said...

Oh Anna Babes please hurry up and post something quick. That Ho Ling's going crazy. I think she sneaked in a wrap of that whacky Panda brand gear Gledwood was on. Off her tree she is. Screaming and howling like a wolf. Only your blog will calm her down!

You know what usually I'd karate chop someone in the throat for not sharing hafl their stash with me, but that crazy cuckoo-shit that bird is on... whatever it is, I don't want it! I'm sticking to me methadone like glue, till I'm outta this punishment unit. (Drugs unit.)

OK I'm gone. Over and out. Post soon, Baby. Your loving friend



Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

Hey Anna,
i THINK i am back online now, like, with a real computer that's working... but last time i said that, i jinxed it somehow so, pretend i didn't say anything! :)

i liked that song, it grew on me a little more after a few listens, so i added it to one of my more upbeat youtube playlists. kinda almost has a disco feel to it or something... i can't place it. i'm like you, though... i wouldn't like that "type" of song usually, but i dug it...