Saturday, December 4, 2010

ok cupid said...

There is this new blogger that I love to read, he is very interesting. He doesn't have that many posts, but the ones he does have are interesting, and he takes requests. He'll write about anything you want him to. I wish I knew how to put up a link. Like on myspace when you write in a web address it automatically puts up a link. Not on blogger though.

Anyway, my life is a bore. Like an idiot I emailed Jess the other night. I was looking at guys on, and all that I saw were douche bags, and I emailed Jess and asked why everyone is such a douche bay, then I told him that I was wrong when I said the name of his band was not very original. He emailed me back, and said Blood Hawk is a good name, and big titty blonds good. The reason he said big titty blonds good is because last time we were together we were watching a show and we stopped on this show that showed this hot blond with big boobs doing the bills, and Jess said I wish I had big titty blond who did my bills. I agreed with him, and said maybe when he gets his groupies. So I emailed him back big titty blonds who do your bills better. 
About a half hour later I emailed him and asked if he had any big boobed blond groupies yet? He emailed me back a half hour later, no, right now he just wants to rock out. Then I emailed him back and said something to effect that every little boy wants to grow up and be a in a band for the chicks, only girls join bands just for the music example riot grrrl. I sounded like a bitchy know it all.
The next day I just happened to go on the laptop and enter into my email(normally I just check my email on my phone) and looked at all my sent emails all way back from this summer. Most of them to Jess. The last one I sent I re read, and I sounded like such a know it all bitch, that I sent him a email early that morning saying, guys do join bands just for the music, and groupies are just a side affect sort of. I sounded like I knew everything in that last email and I don't.
I feel so stupid for even fucking emailing him. I was just bored. I don't want to talk about anything but sex with Jess. Now that Jess is in a band, he doesn't really have time for me. Which is fine with me. I can do without. I like Jess' sex, but I lived without it before I met him and I can do without after he's moved on. I just don't want him to think I'm obsessed with him again, after this summers disaster.
Its just I get really bored, and get to thinking were friends and that I could email him without any kind of meaning behind it. I guess you can't do that with someone your having casual sex with or were having casual sex with. Casual sex is suppose to no strings attached and easy, not complicated and weird. Am I the one making it complicated and weird? He never said no communication in between sex.

Fuck, enough about him. There are two guys on Okcupid that contacted me that I'm interested in. Sean, the guy I had a date with still contacts me, but he's having a hard time in between jobs. We never said we were exclusive, so I can still date. I might meet up with one of the guys who contacted me and watch some documentaries on William S. Burroughs. Right now I'm reading Word Virus, a bio of Burroughs. Suggested by one of the readers of this blog.

I got to go. I needs me a cigarette.
Anna Grace


Valerie said...

Well dearie, it's me again from PRISON in Sydney. Fucking police. 700kgs of Finest Double UO Global China White. Seized!! And they are trying to pin it on ME!!
If you're wondering how I'm emailing this from prison, let me tell you when you have the funds we have, even though we pay fucking monstrous bills to get them washed as legit ~ anything is possible. I am thoroughly stoned off my box in here. They don't call me China White Queen for nothing. I paid off the bitch in charge of previous supplies. Now the neat shit's coming in. Bitches ODing left, right and centre!!
Well this is going to sort itself out in some costly way, I feel the loss of a 17 carat blue diamond coming on. Thank fuck we have those 44 keys stashed in the old back garden! O fuck did I really say that. Off me tits on crack, babe. Don't know what I'm really saying. Crack city in here tonight, baby!! Mama's home!!!!
Those bitch-girls love me in here. I'm their smack-mammy they never had. Oh they fucking love me gorgeous and you wanna take a look at me no make up shit light after starting out at that jailhouse/brothel/whatever the fuck I don't WANT to remember in Pnom Pen in 1956 would you believe!! That makes me quite successful in my own eyes.
Those peasants would be out of a job and growing useless wheat/corn/barley/crap if it weren't for me!!
Well I gotta go. Screws on me case for smoking cigar behind govenor's desk, hogging computer for too long. Got so much news to spill, just wait for my next one. I'll give the lowdown on what bitch is doing what to whom, if you want it. O shit gotta go. FUCKING SCREWS

Gledwood said...

Oh that Valerie, she does like her crack doesn't she. Sounds truly off her tits in that prison poor cow!

I cannot think of anything worse than prison. One place I steeered cleear of. Rather do less dope more constantly than be reduced to fucking prison prices. It's meant to be fucking shit in there, the gear. Tiny and weak and really expensive.

I know you were in there. I know you haven't mentioned it lately.

I wanted to get in touch while you were in there. Basically I missed the boat re postage bc could barely tie my own shoelaces. I'm not trying to tell you I was "high" i just mean fucked up in every worst way. Not coping. I remember trying to get the simple thing together of taking down the address etc etc letter ... didn't happen as you know i'm sorry because I really wish i had sent you something i know it would have meant the world at the time. makes me really fucking sorry the more i think of it actually

ok Anna I gotta go bc I'm all over the place tonight. Not on drugs. On nothing. And all over the fucking place, in a not good way and not sleeping literally at all. Just tripping when I close my eyes it's like watching TV!!

O man. Take it easy and what's wrong with blue hair. Why blonde blonde blonde. So old hat!!!

Take it easy.

ps meant to mention "screws" = British/Australian slang for prison guards/warders whatever the fuck you're meant to call 'em. The cunts in charge

Anna Grace said...

Sounds as tho you have it very posh in the can. I had to detox while in prision and once pissed myself I was so sick. Should have pissed on the guards, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how u look at it, I don't have a penis to do so.

Must go I have a pounding headache.

Anna Grace said...

Nothing wrong with blue hair. Oh Gled I wish I could give you nice juicy shot of grade A China white to make you feel better for at least the four hours it lasts, then I'd set you up with a Heroin clinic were we could get the help we really need.
I'm stock piling pills so I can get good and high soon.

Gledwood said...

Shit I was getting last time is pretty much from best dealer around.
It has heroin in high quantities, considering it's a drought, plus shit loads of some downer that really gets you off your tree. I mean I just cannot remember the past week. That's how out of it I was. Now I feel fucked and out of it like I'm coming home from a rave all EEEEEEEEEd up and hallucinating from so many EEEEEEEEEs. I used to love EEEEEEE for Ecstasy!!! Loved the shit!!!!
Anyway this gear is pretty much china white like. cooks up with no vit c which horrible british gear usually needs. you only need the vit c to break down some weird cut in it. i feel a high direct in the vein for about 90 seconds. then just heroin nothingness. you know when you use it a lot it kind of doesn't really get you as far as you want to be, not most of the time, even if you're unconscious. Just doesn't.
Heroin, I now think, is just a costly chemical lie. Yeah methadone is way more shit and probably dangerous for some people.
Heroin treatment would be way way way better for most. Morphine pills work really well for those who don't inject plus there is a llinctus called something like dextromethorphan dextromoramide sorry the 2nd one. that actually WORKS on IV drug users to take needle craving away. You only need drink it and it slams you about as fast as drink would. In full dose all at once styleee. Not sipping.
So there's the bare facts. I really do appreciate your china white offer but wouldn't actually go there now even if it were possible, just had it with heroin. Can't explain why. Had it

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Thanks Anna,
For he nice things you wrote about me.
I didn't know about the rules of a casual sex relationship and no communication. That sounds so restricting.
I think all relationships should have a little flexibility.
I wish you didn't feel so bad about writing some emails.
You know the old sort of rule about letters, wait 24 hours, read it over again and if you still feel the same,then mail it. I think that's bs, if everyone did that, there wouldn't be any emotions in letters. So what's the point in writing a letter if it's void of emotion?
Anna, you're a very bright girl. I bet he enjoyed your emails.
Headache here too and getting sleepy,
Good night & sweet dreams,

Anna Grace said...

I would magically take away your heroin addiction and set you straight. Make you happy and lively.

Gledwood said...

those fuckikng bastards why did they make you detox in there if you were in for such a short time (well prison short, not saying for 1 momentit would've felt short).... why they doing that unless they're complete fucking sadists??

do you know even thinking about that is doing my head in. you must have been so unhappy. and knowing you've got bipolar, which they must have been aware of, that is just fucking dangerous

i went fucking fruit loops trying to detox, about 10 years ago, as i said. not good at all. and not pretty. yuck don't even wanna think about it

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Nothing going on here in boring Ohio either. It's cold as hell.

Love you.