Thursday, January 27, 2011

My love for Gledwood. Crazy I know

Professing my love to Gledwood.

Gledwood, I want to sink to the bottom with you. Please come to New York. Everyone else is going somewhere, and I just wanna sink to the bottom with you. The ocean is big and its blue.

I know your having a hard time getting your head on straight, and it seems like we will never meet.

I'm up to no good. If I had you with me, I would clean up again, and fall deeply in love. Perhaps some will say people with the same problems won't be a good match, but I believe in us. Is that too forward? I don't care who reads this, and who thinks I'm nuts. I am nuts. I get money for being nuts. I professing my undying love to someone I only know thru words. I never even seen a picture. Please Gledwood send me a photo. You can mail it to me via snail mail. I'll send you one of those throw away cameras. I just wanna see this person I've fallen in love with.

Did you really like the song I picked for you? I'm so hyper right now. I can't stop moving. I needed to come to my parents house and type it out. My impulse control is way down. I need another shot of Heroin. I can't do it here, I don't have any with me.

You know I'd love a guy with an accent. I want to come to London to see you. Why don't you think that's a good idea? Gledwood is that your real name. Are you hiding behind a blog?

Is it such a bad thing that I want to see you? You see all those photos of me. Are you fat, and balding? I don't care. I don't care how dirty and disheveled you are. I just want to sink to the bottom with you. The ocean is big and its blue, and one of us has to cross it to see one and other.

Its not about sex, its about being with someone who understands me. Someone funny, like Valarie. Someone intelligent like you.


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I don't think you're nuts, you're a romantic.
I really liked this post, it's so open, honest and so, so sweet.
I think it's wild, very touching and exciting that it's possible to fall in love with someone w/o knowing what they look like.
Wouldn't this be great included in your book? Fascinating!
Do you guys do messenger or anything like that?

Both of you are wonderful people and I love you two,

Valerie said...

Anna Darling

Are you sure you want a photo of that motherfucker? He's ugly as sin. Turned up to our halloween party I said "oh what an imaginative costume!" as I irritably answered the door (presses the doorbell 300 times in 2 mins that one) then the bastard points to this enormous sports bag and says "nah this is just me, costume's in here" and it was. I had in me violet contact lenses so I couldn't see clear but it was him. Ugly as fuck, you know!

Now babes what is wrong with you? Obsessing over that idiot in London. I'm sending you over 2 pots of dilaudid so you can forget all about him. I know you prefer the lovely neat stuff my drugs lab in Western Aus cooks up. This one's particularly yummy. I've got some weirdo Panda Brand heroin I'm trying to get rid of. This one "makes everything look sparkly" and gives severe diarrhoea. Do you know anyone who'd like a couple of keys. I know 2kg is barely worth couriering over but seriously I could do with every penny I can get at the moment.

Locked up in this dive, it's awful. Ho Ling's in a piss with me. It's to do with her vagina-cum-stashbox as usual. She wants more and more of that yummy 999 Brand we're currently on. Double UO Globe's out till your Mr Kim's finished doing his job on that 100kgs brown.

Magic Monkey is going like wildfire across the north of this country. Rabbit brand, that's the crap. We send that to Tasmania. They're all crazy down there anyhow. New Zealand is currently on Stripper Brand. Stripper is a new one I invented with Ho Ling's legs in fishnets. I spent ages sketching the artwork before passing it to me lawyer. My lawyer is the only legal representative I know who also arranges artwork on 1.4kg heroin bricks!

Now where was I going with this. Oh that scummy Gledwood. Please darling be careful with that one. There's more to that muddy puddle than meets the eye, I'm sure of that. He's only fun on drugs or that potty mental condition of his.

Oh shit I've got to go, Ho Ling's banging Trish over the head with a dinner tray. Must I play headmistress every day?

Screws don't mind me using the Blackberry at dinnertime now. Everybody knows I'm Queen B in here so I walk along using me mobile phone in front of everyone, slap Lynn, our Pocket Warder on the arse and call the Governor "Darling". The girls think I'm wonderful!

Oh shit, really gotta go. Ho Ling's just done Trish with a fork and there's blood...

... take care baby. Keep away from scum!



Gledwood said...

Anna I'm touched. I would love to do a China White binge in New York City with you. That's about as fantastic as it gets. Come on you know I'm a junkie I love China White and I love you!

Just being sensible for a minute... can you imagine the mess? What about when we start yelling at one another? I love a good verbal fight with a woman. Ever seen 2 guys having a screaming match? Doesn't happen. Looks very camp when it does. So most of my hardcore yelling has gone on in relationships. Really making myself sound attractive now aren't I?

Shit. Well I've done my image wonders with those blog posts nobody seems to get. I mean I knew I was a bit off the wall, didn't think I was incomprehensible, did I?

Trust that Val to get in before I do.

Before you get too taken in by her sniping, you wanna take a look at her with flat hair and no makeup. THAT is halloween hyper-scary I can tell you.

Anna you're not switching/reducing/dumping meds are you. Please don't do that, I never ever wanted you to do that. You know what can happen when a good mood runs out, it's not always very nice and ... Well you know what I'm saying. I'm not going to say anything else here.

I will try and get into that email, I just need Valium and deep breaths first. Email and me don't go together. Ask my family. Nobody gets why, neither do I.

Take care of yourself. Sorry this isn't a v romantic response I'm putting down all the crap stuff here and now. We can talk properly later. And I WILL get into email just for you.

Speak soon


Gledwood said...

See I must be off my face still. What a fucking reply, images of us two yelling at one another... do you think we really would? I never really started a fight (he says) well I don't think I did. O man it would break me up fighting with you. Ukk. Sorry I should have thought more about what I put, I won't delete at least some lurky person can have a laugh at my bizarre frankness.

I'm trying to think up something I can put HERE. What can I say HERE I don't know. I will say it in EMAIL. Gimme a year and a half to get round to it (ie later today) and I will...

Anna I don't even know how you are, not really. How are you really? Tell me that in email, please.

Gledwood said...

I emailed! Hope you got it.

You fast asleep now or what? Send me a comment or an email. Email's open. I thought people were going to slag me off in it because I was high... they didn't :-)

Gledwood said...

OK Anna I'm replying now to what you said. My terrible attention span. I weigh either 11 or 12 stone and Im about 6 foot tall so I'm supposed to be at my ideal weight but I think I'm overweight as I like to be anorexic. I don't find anorexic girls attractive though as they have no curves. No I don't do eating disorders I'm only using a turn of phrase term of phrase etc.

Balding only where I ripped my own hair out so not properly.

Ugly? I would usually say yeah but when I'm in a good mood I think I look fantastic, so I can't answer that one.

I look like a complete mess, dishevelled and undone like a homeless as I do not take care of myself. I keep hearing voices whenever I go out around people so I don't like being around people I don't know that much.

Do you mind Valerie on my blog today? I just put her straight up there I'm not taking the piss I never know what the fucking boundaries are and what someone will take as humour, as you know Valerie is just funny. I think she would be highly offended to hear that but there you go...

Anyway I'm off. Wet clothes to hang up. How exciting does life get

o shit you coming to London yeah like I said but right now is not a good time I was nearly mentalized in an institution last week, that's the bad time thing, if I could only make it so I was a bit hyper and OK then we could have a brilliant time, where can I buy a slidy control..?? I want it fitted behind my right ear to adjust my mood


Valerie said...


You can say that again. People are always calling me funny. Get lives of your own I say and stop reading my private emails. This email IS private, Anna, right?

I'm sending a sample of that whacko Panda brand crap that "makes everything sparkle" (you know, the heavy diarrhoea batch) ~ see if you know anyone who likes it.

Ricght I gotta go. Bitch Screw wants me out of the Governor's office before the Sad Cow starts work. It's 4am here. Doesn't that woman have a life..??!?

Take care dear and steer clear of that terrible Gledwood!


Maureen said...

Anna Sweetie, I can't and won't comment on what you said to Gledwood, and I think that YOU are wondering what life may of been like or could be like! Just don't know anymore. Think you telling Gled how you feel is alright. No more me commenting anymore. I don't want to hurt either one of you. Life is worth living Anna & Gled, I am trying to save my own life right now, so I will leave you both alone. You can always talk to me, I will send you an email blank, so you will have my email address ok?
EMBRACE UR YOUTH Anna, YOU too Gledwood U 2 are loved, Maureen

Elle said...

I, for once, am happy with the direction your life is taking. Anna, this is better than watching Intervention! I get to satisfy my morbid curiosity by watching someone's life to whom I have no attachment go down the drain. Better than reality TV!

Oh, and to show how much of a loser you are, didn't you swear on your sister's grave to go to a dual diagnoses facility if you ever relapsed? Yah. I thought so.

elizabeth said...

This whole thing is really out of control. I feel like I am reading an insane blog with Gledwood, Valarie, and guy in the silk taffeta dress! None of you are making any sense anymore. You all need to take a break and try to look at what a mess your lives all are, and do something positive about it! IMHO.

Gledwood said...

Anna I'm emailing you again

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I suppose it was inappropriate of me to comment on a post you'd written to Gledwood. I'm sorry that my 2cents were improper. Though I do wish you guys the best.

Elizabeth, it's weird cause I checked out your blog about vintage clothes a while back(I'm into vintage) and I was disappointed you had 0,nothing at all on your blog.
Anyway, you can type your opinions.We all have opinions, some more open minded then others.
C'mon over to my blog and assess me. I'm open to criticism.You can analize me all you want.
Your comments in this particular post(as it is romantic)I find obnoxious, but whatever..
I'm curious what your all about,