Monday, February 7, 2011

Elliott Smith

Listen to the words of this song. This song is meant for Gledwood, and everyone else who reads this.


Anonymous said...

James Fogle the junkie who wrote Drugstore Cowboy has plead guilty for pharmacy burglary at age 74 he may get 16 yrs.Thinking you would of watched the dvd,cheers.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love Elliott Smith. He was beautiful.

Gledwood said...

Thanks Anna, that's a very floaty one.

Like I said it's not that I don't like guitar music, just that I was born into a generation where electronic dance music was the thing to listen to. Raving was the thing to do in 1991, 1992. There's nothing underground about dance music in Europe; in a way it's taken the place rock music might have in America.

Hey I was just answering some anonymouses who slagged off me and Valerie saying Val is your downfall (I wonder what she'd have to say about that!) and that I torment you with endless drug talk. I don't know what drug talk they mean, bar a couple of references.

I really hope you do manage to come off and stay off this time.

I never thought you did want to be an addict, I just thought you didn't know what else to do. And dilaudid and heroin make you feel OK like nothing else does.

I noticed my antipsychotic did EXACTLY the same thing heroin did. No high. But it blocked out the worst of the shit I was taking heroin to block out.

These anonymouses wanna try coping with severe mood swings, paranoia, disembodied voices and suicidal thoughts before they continue sounding off about what YOU should do. I know your symptoms are pretty similar to mine. Those are my symptoms.

Strange how an issue like the political situation in Myanmar would shut them up. But something like heroin addiction they so obviously understand EVEN LESS has them prattling away making less sense than anyone I've met in an insane asylum. And that's saying something. And I speak as a former inmate.

Wishing you all the best and thanks again for my song ;-)

ps Girl Interrupted is playing once again. I just watched The Last King of Scotland. I'm collecting DVDs like nobody's business. That's the great thing about no attention span, I can watch a film 4 times in a week and seem to see a different movie each and every time!

One last thing, I really think you ought to get the NA Basic text as reading matter for when you go into rehab. It's mostly a collection of life stories each about 4 or 5 pages long, so it's perfect for people like us who get distractable.

Here's the link where you can buy one online:

it's $25 US, about the same as it costs here. Best drugs book I ever bought. It does talk about using but not in a way that would do your head in in rehab. In fact if you brought it in I think the staff would really approve of your dedication. More than that it really does have a lot of good stories in it, plus the beginning explains the 12-step philosophy.

Sorry anonymous I'm not into giving out drug porn today. If you cared to read my blog, anonymous you might actually see my attitude to drugs in a little more detail. If you want to talk to me, comment there. As I say in my intro, Frankness I can handle. I just will not tolerate bullshit.

Gledwood said...

Anyway Anna good luck. You're lucky to have such supportive parents who are close by you. Mine live hundreds of miles away and the situation with the other side of my family is complicated.

Be lucky darling xx

ps you still using heroin? you can tell me i won't judge you. i thought you were

i'm spending my money on films now

remember my Burton/Taylor comment? I'm getting Cleopatra tomorrow from Sainsbury's (our Walmart) it's on at £4. I've bought 16 DVDs in the past week (cheap but good ones). I don't feel extravagant, considering how much I used to blow on heroin.

Have you got Girl Interrupted on video? We should watch it together. Me here you there. Same film. I wish I could meet you but you know it's not possible right now.

I really admire you for wanting to sort yourself out. You know without opiates this unhappiness might become a bad memory. I feel happier off heroin. Never thought I'd say that but I do. Fair enough I went crazy but it was euphoric crazy so I'm not complaining. In this madness I found a Higher Power that was so much higher than a drug high I never need to go near drugs ever again.

Valerie said...

Anna Sweet Pea:

Post something else baby. I'm bored. Gear and crack gear and crack. Rohypnol. Gear and crack gear and crack and boring fucking boring boring boring FUCKING BRUCE MY GENITAL WARTS HUSBAND.

Oh I despair Anna. Sometimes prison was actually better than home. Least I had Ho Ling in prison she did a way better tongue job than Brucey ever could with 10 year's intensive training. And I've spent most of my life training that bastard. E.g. not to ride the lawnmower bare arse naked while high on crack. None of it worked and I'm stuck with that bastard. He runs the whorehouses and gambling parlours, I run the drugs. Together we're an A-grade team.


And good luck in that Drugs Prison you're going into. If you really want to get clean you probably do need locking up and severely punishment ~ you naughty girl!

See ya soon baby.


Val xxxxxxx

PS still interested in those Ecstasy? I've got 2 gangs of Albanians and a Vietnamese posse showing interest so get back to me quickly.