Monday, March 14, 2011

Do You think I post about you too much, too you too much?

Gleds, I want my own personal brand of Heroin. I can't get my hands on any over here, will you help me and send me some? I know you won't, and I shouldn't have asked you in front of every single person who reads this blog. When I first saw the twilight movie, and he said, "your like my own personal brand of Heroin" I was like, fuck him, I want the Heroin. He is hot though. Those damn Brits hotter than hot. Just the bad teeth. Why don't you guys have flouride in your drinking water like we do? I shouldn't talk I need a lot of cavities filled. And I should get my teeth whitened.


Gledwood said...

You don't post enough, darling. Don't post enough. Post more more more. Please.

What's this thing about bad teeth. I thought we had bad teeth because they were sexy and uneven. That is sexy teeth. Mine are bad in that they look normal but they're actually HOLLOW. When stuff goes wrong they need PULLING OUT they're that fucked. Terrible state they're in!

Oooh! There's a little mousey in the corner I can hear him or her, the furry trumpet ears is rambling around!

Gledwood said...

Oh heroin our heroin is shit because of the drought I thought you knew that. It's fucking terrible stuff I bet you would be severely disappointed in it, BIG time disappointed... know what I mean??!

Naomi C. said...

correct me if im wrong, but many places in England DO have fluoride in the water. when i was in america, vegas, i went to a british pub where staff wore wonky, yellow teeth. i find that really odd, its a total misconception. in america, i saw general everyday people and their teeth were nothing to write home about. media stars etc. in usa have wonderful teeth because they have the money to, the average joe doesnt. same as in the uk, people with money can have wonderful teeth. and if you just look after them and have no other health problems that affect them.

its not a geographical thing. its a money thing.

THE HEROIN IS SHIT HERE. i havent used since last year but every junkie i know isnt bothering really coz its so bad. im glad im on a script, and wasnt at the start of my habit during this time. evil. evil. coz methadone waiting times, suboxone too, is usually at least a month. imagine doing that, the wait, in a climate where scoring real gear, regularly, for a fair price is an impossibility.

also, drugs via customs. obviously, it happens, but if you watch programmes like nothing to declare it does show you packages are regularly subjected to sniffer dogs in the mail area, and can be scanned. its a risk. id rather hang around some rough areas, find some junkies and bribe them. expensive, but no more so than having gear frmo here, which is a waste!

i was tempted to ask an english blogger to send me some when he said things were pretty much back on track *the shame*

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Oh Anna,
You're something else and that something about you is good :)