Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't know what it means.

Went to a Weight Watchers meeting here in Yuma, and for the past two weeks I've gone down 4.2  pounds each week, but today I went up 2lbs. I know what I did wrong, I didn't track my points, and had pizza for two nights in a row. Then I had Burger King, and two Tenderloin Steak Sandwiches.  I am so disappointed. I also didn't work out this week. Normally on Tuesdays I do water aerobics, and I walk on the treadmill for 30 mins three times a week. Since I'm on vacation I just let it slide. No more of that. There is a pool here and I can do my water H2O combo in the pool. It is a little cool here in Yuma, its only 70 degrees, so a little chilly to hop into the pool. Still they have a treadmill. I love the weather here, compared to the 30 degree weather in Wisconsin. Nothing to complain about. Eleanor needs walking at least three times a day.

When I come back to Wisconsin next week, I can go back to the YWCA and do my water work outs, and teadmill, and walking Eleanor. I'll use my food stamps for smart ones that have the points according to Weight watchers points value system right on the box. They also have desserts. Yummy.

Lately I have a lot to write down in my journal on my vacation. Tomorrow we are driving to the City of Angles. LA!! Movie stars, the stars on the sidewalk in Hollywood. See if my feet fit Katy Bates feet. LOL!

I'm so amazing. I'm off Suboxone, and only taking one Clonazepam at night. Not taking my Adderal. I called my Physc doctor from here to tell him about my mood swings. He says its probably due to the sudden stop of the Suboxone. Although he wants to put me back on Depacote( spellings wrong, but where isn't it, my spell checking isn't working.)

I'll be coming back to Yuma April 3rd. Using my own money for a three week vacation. My parents are really happy here. My mom is even talking about going back to Hawaii next winter. Perhaps even this summer, and spend the year there. I plan on being 110 pounds when I leave for Hawaii next winter. I'm not even going to say how much there is to loose before I reach the goal.

I'm so glad I'm not in a snowy, cloudy, cold place like Wisconsin right now. I'm just afraid Elle is going to be bit by a rattle snake. Or that I will.

A song for Gledwood. My best Friend who lives thousands of miles from me. I hope your happy, and I hope you have the kids for dinner. Just kidding. Nature is a whore. Bruises on the Fruit. He likes all are pretty songs and he likes to sing along, but he don't know what it means. Lots of love from America to Gledwood.


BMelonsLemonade said...

good for you, Anna. I am proud.

Gledwood said...

You sound like you're doing really Well at the Weightwaters despite a setback.

If I were you I'd post more of the incidentals. Those anonymouses probaby assume you don't do anything with your time (because you don't post it) if you did people would see you are actually trying. I wish I had it together to go swimming every week. I would love to but I got all sorts of issues y'know. body issues. I like being stick thin I hate having fat on me so you see it's not exclusively a female issue. I think women carry fat much better than men. You know that hourglass figure and all...

I dunno. I hope this makes sense. Keep on trying and don't give up and don't let Anonymous get to you. Remember Anonymous hasn't even the balls to give a made-up name so don't listen to what they say

Gledwood said...

Youre really off suboxone? Then you've done really well. Don't go back on that shit. You say as if it's not bad enough having one mental illness having 2 ie bipolar and addiction keep with the medicated bipolar and keep addiction where it belongs: in the trashcan of your past. How can it possibly help going back on suboxone. You've come off that shit so have done really well.

Doesn't your PDoc know about the Adderall? That's likely to cause mood swings really bad. Remember what my doctor said. He's a consultant psychiatrist who specializes in dual diagnosis. He knows his stuff really really well. So listen to what he says, you don't need that Adderall shit. I mean does it really do anything to focus you at all? You wanted it for its appetite suppresant qualities really, didn't you?

You HAVE the willpower to diet and as you know the way to do it is steadily. You're doing really well Anna so nothing to beat yourself up about. Just carry on doing well and you'll eventually FEEL better too. You will do I guarantee it.

Gledwood said...

So PDoc is short for psychiatric doctor? We just say "my psychiatrist" or my shrink!

Naomi C. said...

hey... weight watchers. do you know SlimmingWorld? it works exactly like that WW ProPoints system. my mum lost 10stone on this diet. she is a lot taller than me, but her weight has been a constant battle. she always worked as a nurse, mostly at nights, which tends to disrupt your eating rather badly and my dad worked but then would have bipolar breakdowns and end up on drink binges for 4-5 months and then in the mental hospital. then he would get out, and it would start all over again. she didnt have the luxury of saying FUCK IT! with two small kids, so she used food as her crutch i think. or at least comfort. when he died, she started to lose weight. prompted by a trip to america where she saw how big people were, and it shocked her.

we done LA, SF, Hollywood, santa barbara, vegas etc. i liked LA but didnt see too much of it, i wasnt 21 at the time so could see no nightlife!

my weight is a battle. i was 8stone and my lightest on snowballs, but now i am 12.6 stone which is massive, my gut looks like im pregnant. my sis + mum saying it so much is scaring me i am... but id be 5 months gone if that were the case. sure looks it though.

we can be so similar, ex-addicts, stop one thing go on to another. this is me Snowballs -> booze -> food

i want your crack is whack shirt, i looked everywhere on the net and cant find it!