Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make any room a TV room

I'm up and at 'em. I have something to look forward to today. My friend ***** has promised me some Oxycontin 80mgs. 5 for 100 bucks. I know its outrageous, but I'm bored out of mind. Who knows she might not even answer her phone when I call back at noon. She might keep the pills for herself.

I'm watching a show on John Dillinger. Those of you over seas, John Dillinger was a famous bank robber in the Midwest of USA, in the 1930s. He was like our Robin Hood. The asshole FBI agent who killed Dillinger is now dead too. The show also talks about Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face Nelson. All famous bank robbers. Well Al Capone was a boot Leger, and had an empire built in old time gangster way. The Mafia, is something we Amercians find fascinating.

Is there Mafias over seas? Not gangs like the Crypts, or the Bloods, or Latin Kings, those are just gangs that are made of people in the ghettos. People who never knew a father, had a hooker for a mom, and couldn't make it on their own, so they kill people for just walking on the wrong side of the street. Those gangs suck.

For the past week its been warm out, and all the snow melted away, but today we are suppose to get 5 to 10 inches of snow. Sorry I don't know the metric system. There is no getting around it, I'm stupid.

You know what else Americans are obsessed with? JFK assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald. Many people suspect the Mafia killed JFK because he made a deal with them, and then backed out. Also there is a theory that the CIA killed him. JFK was our President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Oh fuck, its snowing out already. It was suppose to start later today towards the evening.

You know I'm surprised that President Obama hasn't had any assignation attempts. Him being our first black president and all the racists in America.  Sorry guys my spell check isn't working. My spelling is horrid.

Sorry I'm all over the place, my mind is just racing. I woke up screaming I love you to my dog Eleanor. What a good dog she is.

I'm worried that when I send my dad's pills down to him in Yuma he'll notice that I had my hands in them? God damn it. I hate worrying about this shit.

Yesterday I such bad cravings for dope, it was unbelievable. I suffered all day long. I woke up today and thankfully it is out of mind. I'm not thinking about it obsessively anymore. If I get the Oxy's oh well, if I don't oh well. I'll live either way.

To find a person who had dope I had to go to the Jackie Nitche rehab center where I was a patient a couple of years ago, and I asked around the smoke shack who knew who was holding anything. I live about four blocks away from the rehab center, and I walk right past it everyday when I buy my smokes. Yesterday I was craving so bad I stopped there, and asked who knows who's got the dope. Turns out someone who knew ***** was there, and gave me her new phone number.

I'm leaving with a not so well known song. Muscle Junkie, by Violent Soho.


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Anonymous said...

Anna, You do have an addictive personality, you could turn that into something amazing and be addicted to the gym and weight loss. That gets you pumped up and some of your depression would go away. Just a thought :)

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

What are those hormones during exercise? Endorphins? Go for it :) Sounds like a plan..
all the best....