Monday, March 7, 2011

Masturbation never loses its fun

Gledwood I found a new blog you might like. Its not about Heroin, but its interesting. Good writing.

I only have a few more days in Yuma and then I go back to Wisconsin alone. Oh my god, I'm 28 and afraid to live alone. I've lived alone before, but I had lots of friends stopping in all the time. Now I have no friends. My aunt Debbie comes by for our swimming work out, and our weight watchers meeting Saturday morning. Otherwise its just me and Eleanor.

I'll tell you one thing, there will be a lot more masturbation. When I loose enough weight I'll give Jess an Email and ask him if he wants to hook up for a night of pleasure.

There isn't a lot to do in Yuma. Sit by the pool and people think I'm crazy because to them its cool outside. Hey man I'm coming from 30 degree weather. 70 degrees is like a sizzling hot day.

LA was neato. Its so different from NYC or Chicago. Its like Honolulu, but more highways. Not as nice beaches. NO offence to anyone in Cali.

 I went to an emergency shrink doctor appointment, because I was having such drastic mood swings. I called my shrink first, and he told me to see someone here in Yuma, and get samples of medication. I got Abilify, and Ambien. When I get home I'm suppose to see him asap.


Gledwood said...

I just sent you an email. You need to see a shrink re your moods they're too intense considering the stuff you are on, you shouldn't be cycling like this. Also as I say it sounds like your moods are going into mixed states which are not good. I know a little about bipolar because I am now diagnosed bipolar schizoaffective and have had depression all those years so I had some pretty good self help books on it. Anna if you have any advice please give some under my Advice post. It doesn't have to be really original. NOBODY has said anything I dont know why. I didn't put anything super-weird there, did I? Or did I? I was feeling weird when I wrote it.

Why will there be more mastabation I don't get it? Do you mean you feel sexier when thinner, because of that?

I once heard women don't like sex when they feel sick they don't like someone near them when they feel icky. Men do it for the opposite reason, to feel better. Male psychology is in many ways opposite to female (big surprise).

Go and have another booty call on me ha ha. Does he ever get in touch? I got the impression people thought he was using you but you're just having an open relationship, right?

Please RSVP at mine if you have time, it's the "Advice" post. Nobody replied yet...

Gledwood said...

what a miserable lot of fuckers no response and you came off that suboxone poison nobody has a good word to say for you well that's life baby

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Gledwood's the only person who comments now. Wonder why?

Anna Grace said...

Gledwood the only person who comments because I write all my blogs to him, and my blog sucks.