Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was 24 years old, living in Hawaii with my mom. My parents were split up at the time, and my dad lived in Wisconsin. When I moved to Hawaii for the first time four years ago I was amazed at the big tropical city. I had never lived in a city bigger than Green Bay WI. I'd never been to a tropical island.

I lived right down by the beach in Wiakiki. During the day I spent my time at the beach laying out, reading, surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. Once in a while I'd rent a surf board and try to surf, but I never got the hang of it.

I was sent to live with my mom, because I had a bad Heroin and Hydromorphone(Dilauded)habit, and I was wanted in WI for leaving rehab without telling my Parole agent. If I were to get caught in WI I would spend up to a year in prison. I needed help with my drug problem, so I enrolled in the Methadone clinic in Honolulu HI. I didn't do too good on the program, as I was using black tar heroin on top of my Methadone nearly every day, not to mention the four to five 2mg Xanax bars a day. I wasn't on crack, and that was a great thing, because once I start with the crack my life spirals out of control very, very fast.

In Waikiki I lived less than 50 feet from one of the main drags in Waikiki, Khahla st. At night when I wasn't at the bar with my mom singing karaoke, I was sitting across the road from my Apartment watching all the drunk tourist, and the hookers walking their beat. I would watch all the pimps across the street standing in front of Starbucks. All the pimps were black men in bright colored suites and hats. You could tell a hooker from just another woman on the street by the shoes they wore. Hookers always wore clear stripper heals. How they walked from dark to dawn around the block over and over again in those shoes I don't know. Those shoes are painful, like torture.

On night I was sitting on a bench that wraped around a big exotic tree. I was watching the hookers attempt to, and picking up "dates". I wondered how much they made, and where they went to have sex with a john. On the bench next to me was an older black man. He was clean cut, in his 60's. I was wearing a tube top and a mini skirt, and he asked me how much for a date? (back then I was only 120lbs) I was sorta flattered, and sorta disgusted. I told him I wasn't a working girl, and he appoligized. He asked my name, and I told him, I asked him his, and he said Geroge, we shook hands.

We made some small talk, and I noticed he was watching the hookers. Mainly two girls in particular. So I decided to ask him some questions about the hookers. The first question I asked, is how much money does it cost to sleep with one of these women. He told me, it depends on what you do with them. Sex costs from 100 to 200 dollars. A blow job costs from 50 to 80 dollars. Kinky sex cost up to a couple thousand dollars. It also depends on how long you spend with the John. I told him how to tell the working girls by their shoes. He said that's not always true. The cops get hip to that, so some of the girls just wear high heels. I asked how he knew so much, and he didn't say anything. I asked what is the first thing a girl does when she gets in the room. He told me she calls her pimp and tells him wear she's at, and that she has the money in hand. Then she goes about making the guy comfortable. The next question that came to mind is where do they go. Most girls have hotel room in a afordable hotel. The pimp usually pays for it. Girls with the same pimp share rooms. What happens if they both have a trick at the same time. He says that doesn't happen often, and a lot of girls just give blow jobs, and do so in the guys car after she calls her pimp and gets the money.

He asks me if I wanted to try it out? My face turned red, and my heart started beating hard. I said no,  I couldn't. I have money, well my mom has money. I also got 500 a month in welfare. This is how I paid for drugs. Geroge says, " you know your beautiful and could make a good living out here." You just need a pimp for protection, and he'll give you place to live, buy clothes, cars, and anything else your heart desires. I told him I would never have a pimp, if I was going to have sex for money I would keep that money for myself, not give it away to some guy who pretends to love me just to make himself rich. George told me if you want to walk the strip in Waikiki wear all the rich tourists are you have to have a pimp or you'll get robbed and beat up by another girl for her pimp. Pimps don't like competion. He motioned to the black men kitty corner to us.

I began to wonder how Geroge knew so much about this business. Then I thought maybe he's a pimp watching his girls, but why did he ask me for a "date"? I asked him how he knew so much, and Gorge said, I was in the game for a long time. I light a cigarette, and George asked me why I was so interested in the inner workings of a prostiute? I told him I was just curious. Even though in the back of my head I sort of wanted to try it, but I was too scared. I think Geroge saw this in me. He lights a cigar.

Back and forth go the girls walking the beat they know so well. How did these girls get into this? I ask George this question, and he tells me most just need money and don't want to work hard. I think to myself, having sex with a sweaty old man is a lot more work than I want to do. I said, it doesn't seem like easy work. Sleeping with dirty old men. He tells me the girls get to pick who they take back to the room, but your right it mostly men in their forties to fiftes looking to get their dick wet on some new pussy. I go on to ask, what else do the pimps do? He said, they take care of the women. Most guys have at least two girls who work for them. He also keeps them as girlfriends. He fucks them, and gets them to fall in love with him. He buys them everything they want, as long as they are bringing in the money. He bails the girls out of jail when they pick up a under cover vice cop. Sometimes he has to have a heavy hand and hits the girls if they get out of line. He's got to manage all this and keep the girls inlove with him, so they don't turn him into the cops when they get picked up. He's their lover, their father, their protecter, in short he's everything to them. Thats why it takes a smooth talker to become a pimp, and he has to have that thing that keeps the girls from going to a diffrent pimp. Some pimps are gorrila pimps and beat the shit out of the girls to keep them in line.

While we talk I go thru a half pack of cigarettes. I was getting ready to go home, and George pulls my arm to sit down again. Then he tells me he is a pimp, he's been a pimp sice the 70's. He's got four girls, good looking ones. I think to myself thats why the girls smiled at him when they passed, normally they don't look at anyone in particular unless they are trying to get a "date".  Geroge tells me I would make a good working girl. He tells me he has some extasy on him, and if I wanted to I could have it, if I would walk to track. He tells me the X makes it easier. He tells me I can't start out in the high class area. We would have to go down to China town where the crack whores, and druggie prositutes work.

I think to myself, its only 10:00pm, and I have all night. My mom's at work and won't be home until seven am. I jump up and say yes, I'll do it. My heart pounding out of chest, and my mind racing. He walks me to the parking garage and we walk up to a Cadilac Escalade. Of course its all pimped out. He looks in the back, and finds me a dress to wear. It was a white pleather dress, with underwire sowen in, which made my boobs look huge. He told me take off my underwear, and put these wipes in my purse to clean up after the sex. He hands me the X, and I take it. We drive the 10 minute drive to a back street right outside of China town, behind a park where there were a lot of homeless sleeping. I see a bunch girls, none of them as pretty as the girls in Waikiki. I see men pulling up to the girls in their cars, and girls getting in. The X hasn't kicked in yet, and I'm stressed out. Worried I'll do something wrong, or get raped, or even killed.

Geroge gives me his cell phone number, and tells he will drive back and forth between here and Waikiki so he can keep an eye on all his girls. I found it ridiculas he considered me one of his girls. He then tells me for his protection I have to give him half of what I make. Before I get out of the car I check my makeup. I tell George I'm just trying this. He says, thats what they all say. Then he pulls out about ten condoms and hands them to me. Then I see him put the car into drive, and he pulls away. All the other hookers are in groups. So at first I stand there just waiting for a car to pull over. I see this one car come around the block five or six times. I smile at him, and he stops. He asks if I will have a threesome with him and his wife. I say no, I don't do threesomes. Then an old man stops, and wants a blow job, but is only willing to pay me 20 bucks. I refuse. The thrid guy to stop is young and handsome. He has a sorta nice car, a newer Honda. He wants sex, I ask if he's a cop, he says no. I tell him I want 200 dollars, and he pulls out his wallett and shows me he has five hundered dollars in it. My voice is shaking the whole while I talk to him. I get in the car, call the cell phone number Geroge gave me, and I tell him I picked up a guy, and I told him wear we were going to park. The John gives me my 200 dollars.

We pulled up behind a school, and I tell him this is the first time I've ever done this. I'm sure that's what all the girls say, and immediately feel stupid. When we park, I look out the review mirror and see a bunch of guys in ski masks rushing towards the car. I panic and get out of the car and run. Suddenly I hear stop, HPD(Hawaii police department). I stop in my tracks, not wanting to get a fleeing an officer  with my prositution violation. I start to cry, and the police hand cuff me. By this time the X is kicking in. The only thing keeping me from going berzerk. The first thing I think about, is what if my parents find out. They will always look down on me. My dad will be so disapointed in me, and blame himself. My mom will just freak out.

The police put me in the back of a van, and ask me if I'm on drugs. I say no...lying. Then they take my purse, but my purse has a zipper on it, and its zipped. In Hawaii the police have to have a warrent to look through your purse if its not open. I offer them my purse and tell them to look through it, I don't have any drugs, and I'm not lying about who I am. The cops keep their ski masks on the whole while. I'm sobbing, but laughing at the same time. The cushion on the seat of the van feels really soft to me. Damn extasy. The cops have me give them back the 200 dollars, and make sure its the  two, one hundered marked dollar bills the cop gave me when he picked me up. I calm down when I remember Geroge told me that pimps bail them out of jail.

After they read me my rights and tell my why I'm being arrested, they drive off to bring me to jail. The whole while I was in the car with cops, they ask me who my pimp is, and if I work with them to get him, they will take this charge off my record. For some stupid reason I didn't do this. I expected him to bail me out of jail. By now it was 1am. We get to the jail, and I go through processing, and finally they let me have my phone call around 2am. I call the number Geroge gave me, and he answers and tells me he will be right there to get me out. Then I'm brought to my cell, and my high is wearing off, and I'm really tired and have a crying head ache. So lay down and cover up, thinking George will be here soon. Two hours pass and no George. I start to worry. There is nothing I can do now, so I fall asleep.

The next morning I'm still there in jail. Geroge must have thought I was going to turn him in either that or he's just a fucking asshole. Turns me out, and expects me give him half my money after I did all the dirty work. Everything seemed diffrent in the morning. I couldn't belive I did this. Breakfast comes, and they tell us as in all of us who were picked up last night for prositution are to get ready for court. I don't eat my beakfast. Couldn't if I wanted to. I'm worried that because I have a warrent in WI they won't let me out of jail here, or they will extridite me back to Wisconsin. Two officers walk the three of us hookers, one a transvestite, a pretty one, to the holding cell you wait in before court. I wait there a half hour, when my name is called. I think its my turn for court. Instead its the public defender. He asks me what I want to plea. I say not guilty. He says you should plead guilty and get out of here right away, and if you pay your fine this will be off your recored in a year. I go back into the holding cell, and talk to other hookers about how they got caught. Each one of us was picked up by an undercover. It just so happened that, that night they were cracking down on prositution by the park.

Then I hear my name again, and am brought out and walk into court wearing this tight white pleather dress, and high heels. My hair is a mess, and eye liner streaked under my eyes. My public defender does all the talking, I just plead guilty. My lawyer is trying to get me just a fine, but the judge sees I have an outstanding warrent in Wisconsin. The judge orders me to 6 months probation, and 300 dollars in fines. It took all of ten minutes in the court room, and I was brought to discharge. They handed me my purse, and walked me out. 

I swore to myself that I would never do that again, but two weeks after that I try it again. Just down a diffrent road with a diffrent pimp. I get caught again, but this time the pimp is watching me, and me and cops make a deal that I hand him the money and say it was for sex, then they will let me go that night, and it won't be on my record at all. So I hand the pimp the money, and a swarm of ski mask wearing cops push him to the ground and hand cuff him. He has no idea I set him up, and tells me to run. I run to where the cop told me to, and jump in his SUV. I go to the jail and fill out a police report. The cops take their masks off in front of me, and even buy me some burger king. I feel icky. I hate to do this to someone.

When its all over with, I think someone in heaven was watching out for me, and didn't want me to have sex for money. The two times I tried I picked up an undercover cop. What are the odds?


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are the unluckiest ho ever, girl. I think it's safe to say it's not your calling.

Anna Grace said...


Or I could be the luckiest ho ever, as I never had sex for money.

Missed you SB, love ya!

BMelonsLemonade said...

Wow...really? I guess the cops are not very strict in New Orleans. I knew a lot of call girls, and never heard of one getting caught. Interesting story, though! My second book is actually about a prostitute.

Anna Grace said...

I'm so stupid I can't punctuate dialog at all.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I always read you. I just don't always have something worth saying in comments.

I love you too.

Gledwood said...

You can get $200 picking up punters on the street? Wow. In my day it cost something like £30 or £40, then £30 or £20 then something like £20 or £15 unless you're broke in which case most people would do it for less. £40 is $60 but British are cheapskates. I know people with £200 crack habits have to do a lot of customers no matter how young they are.

Soon as I get broadband back I'll read what you sent me.

I hope you're OK I liked that piece


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I like the details.
Your curiosity seems to have no boundaries.
Did you get to keep the pleather dress? I bet it's a sexy one.

trish said...

brilliant read anna. really enjoyed it.

Gledwood said...

what are stripper heals?

Danny said...

ha! oh Anna, that was such a funny story. The image of you walking into the court in high heels and the hooker getup, eyeliner and hair everywhere, i laughed till i pissed myself dry!

plus that's some luck there, coming up on the e while being hauled off by the pigs - guess that buffeted the shock?!

my cous' Party Time was reading a book called Pimp by Iceberg Slim recently, this reminded me so much of it - loved it, girl!

Anna Grace said...

Stripper heals, are really high heels and thin heels, which are really hard to walk on. Your on the balls of your feet with all your weight. Usually you only see these types of shoes on strippers and prostitues.

Anonymous said...

The undercovers always flash a lot of cash and agree on ridiculous prices. Glad you were never hurt.

naomi said...

you are so lucky. im 7 months clean and suffering so much thinking about all the shit i did and what happened to me. im glad you NEVER had to do that. selling yourself for money makes you, or takes you to a whole lower level.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't believe a word of this?

Anna Grace said...

I assure this is true story, and you can look up my criminal recored.

Look under Anna G. Young 2/2/1983dob, Hawaii criminal database. You can also look up my prescription fraud in Wisconsin's criminal database.

I'm not that good of a fiction writer to make up such a story. I prefer to write non fiction.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Your views are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

is this for real?

Anna Grace said...

Yes this is real. Non fiction. Happened to me in Honolulu Hawaii.