Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another jail post

More jail stuff. I want to make it clear, I was only in county jail, not prison. I did my 77 days in county jail.

In jail people segregate themselves by race. Whites with whites, blacks with blacks, Mexicans with Mexicans. Yet I was in the mental health part of jail, so I made friends with add different races. I made good friends with a Latino girl named Anneta. She was in the same pod/cell block as me for 10 days. Both of us didn't like cards, and at the time were to sick, and scared to watch TV, read, do anything but talk to each other. Then she got moved to Gen Pop, and I was alone again. Then there was this white lady who was very suicidal, she drank the cleaning products they brought in for us to clean with, and tried to slice her wrists with a pen. From drinking the cleaning products she just had a horrible stomach ache. With pen all she did was scratch herself.

In Wisconsin, they don't allow any opiates in jail. Only if your in the hospital, and even then they are very hard to get the doctor to prescibe you to it. Even if your on Methadone. No tapper, just cold turkey. One person I was in jail with died from a seizure coming off Methadone and Xanax. At that time the state government reviewed their policy on not weening people off of at least Benzos. There was never any changes made, exception one jail, in Appleton WI. There they give you your Methadone.

In jail there were no drugs to find. Sure people cheeked their drugs, but they were mostly phsycotropic drugs. I didn't want any of that, I was getting Clonazepam, because I have a good doctor, who insisted I needed my Clonazepam in jail. I was also getting my bi polar meds.

I only had one fight in jail, and mind you I'm not an aggressive person, until I'm pushed to a point. This black girl was always on the phone, and I called my parents every day at four pm. This girl wouldn't let me use the phone two days in a row to call home. Finally I confronted her, she got into my face talking Ebonics, and I just lost it. I took her by the hair, and slammed her face into the ground three times. I hit her over the head with the phone until the phone broke. Which sucked, because I just wanted to call home. The guards came in, and all the other girls in the pod vouched that it was the black girls doing, and I was just defending myself. She got put in segregation.

IN jail it smells like body odor, smelly pussy, dirty hair, and shit. God forbid one of us got our period, and we only had these really thin pads to use, which got blood all over the place. Which reminds me I should get another HIV test. Its been about that amount of time when the virus would show up in my bloodstream .

If there is anything else you'd like to know just ask. I'll post about it. This one is for Gledwood.

Oh yes, I want comments again. Even the haters. I miss the attention. I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not.


Gledwood said...

I got Valerie to write something really rude just now "I hate you you fucking bitch" but that's not really Valerie. I thought if I posted it anonymously then said it was me you'd start thinking I had a multiple personality and was whatever berk says the stupid remarks about your arm not being real etc.

You're probably lucky being in the psych unit. I find nutters far easier to get on with than normal people. Especially criminals. When I go to crack houses (meaning peoples' houses who do loads of crack; not derelict buildings full of pipers with a reinforced door where you pass money through a slat and crack appears that type of crack house I've only been in a handful of times...) anyway when I'm with crackhead criminals usually the person whose house it is likes me. But when their friends come in they just blank me. Not because they think I'm a nutter as such but because the vibe I'm giving out is so different to theirs. All they talk about is prison, crack and what crimes they've committed. Last time they were banging on about burglary which I seriously disapprove of, I think breaking into people's houses is really scummy.

If I was in prison I'd lie about ever having had any mental issues. That way you get off suicide watch ASAP and can tear up the bedsheets to use as a noose. If I thought they were violent enough I'd either try and bribe someone to kill me or just wind them up into doing it. One of the craziest things I've done is put a knife in my ex's hand and called her a pussy for being to scared to stab me. I was pointing out the pulse on my neck "here here cut here". Fucking bitch threw the knife down!

I had some really cool hallucinations when I was falling asleep last night. All the random thoughts in my head turned into separate voices. I wish there was some way of recording this because it was so cool, the stuff they were saying.

Write some more about jail please. Did you ever start laughing uncontrollably when something serious was going on? (I did that yesterday and caused endless problems.)

I know someone who said that being in the nuthouse was "worse than prison". It really makes me wonder how bad that nuthouse must have been. He was just pissed off for having paranoid schizophrenia and being arrested by the police.

Here by the way they only have prison. You have high medium and low security, but prison is prison. What gets me is people who say stuff like "there shouldn't be drugs in prison"... WHO CARES! Let them drug themselves away if they feel like it.

You know in Switzerland they give out prescription heroin in prisons. No joke.

Whoever it was died on methadone and Xanax withdrawals was just lucky in my opinoin. If opiate detox was life-threatening you an be sure I'd have done it with far more gusto than I ever did!!!

O there is such a load of crap on television. Just SHOW the royal wedding don't TALK about it!

Well I have to go. Go and get methadone. I hate walking in that place. All normal people getting their shopping staring at me for hanging out by the pregnancy tests. The pregnancy tests just happen to be opposite the methadone counter!!!

Danny said...

that sounds medieval! truly...and the thing about the fanny-pads being thin and blood being everywhere turned my stomach. i have an enormous fear of menstrual blood, ever since i got a dog's on my hands when i was a kid.

things/people/institutions are medieval these days still, i mean in their attitudes and execution of said attitudes.

enjoying your 'prison posts' though. i'll comment more. start writing more sex stories too. that was one of the first i read and they all get me wet :) (come and comment on mine though (bitch! ;) )

PS Gledwood - in response to your query, its not the queen middleclass middleton is cousins with, its each other, her and wills - yay babies with two faces flying out her box the incest bastards! was asked to leave a bookies this morning when i asked if they'd odds for the whole shitefest being attacked by terrorists -- i was able to get out: al quida 3/1 - real IRA 5/1 before they went get the fuck out....very royalist round my neighbourhood...up the 'RA!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

This was an interesting post, Anna. I've never been to jail, but my grandpa went for DUI. When the Moms asked (worriedly) what it was like, he said: Well, it's an experience.

I guess so.

Gledwood said...

Akh I just read what I put; that was before I took some Valium!!

Danny: Wills and Kate are meant to be related via one of Diana's ancestors.

You're saying odds of 5/1 on a terrorist attack? Is there something Ladbrokes know that I don't?

I suppose you could get on her jilting him at the altar. But I somehow think that's not going to happen.

It's all wedding wedding wedding talk here Anna, it's on the telly right now. Wedding wedding wedding. JUST GET MARRIED NOW AND GET IT OVER WITH.

The Elvis chapel in Las Vegas would be perfect. Specially if they had a lesbian Elvis as prist...

Suffer Kate said...

I adore your stories and your incredible honesty, Anna.

Anonymous said...

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