Monday, April 18, 2011

The DEA is killing people. Aren't they suppose to save people?

Its not my last day in Yuma Arizona. I'm here until Wednesday. I'm not going to have enough drugs to get me home. FUCK! I've used up all the H, and some of the Dilauded. When I wake up in the morning I'm so depressed and anxious that I feel the only solution is to either shoot up, or kill myself. I choose to shoot up. Right away I feel better.

 If only shrinks would prescribe diamorphine as an antidepressants. It may not work on everyone, but people with sever mental illness like bi polar should be allotted diamorphine for the depression. Not so much to get you loaded, just enough to take the edge off. To let you sleep an average amount of time, eat an average amount of food, keep your moods stable. Of course this is all a dream. Perhaps in Amsterdam they will allow this.

 When someone is contemplating suicide and has made several real attempts on their own life leaving them with permeate damage to their health, and all other medications are not stopping the mood swings, and suicidal ideations then as a doctor with a dieing cancer patient would, prescribe morphine, dilauded, etc a shrink should be able to prescribe a patient dieing of bi polar, or any other mental health disorder where suicide is a high risk , and the patient is in real pain. Diamorphine, Morphine, Dilauded etc should be a way to treat such a patient. Why physical pain is teated with narcotics, but emotional pain is treated with drugs that even the doctors themselves don't know how they work, or even if they work. Most don't.

Fuck the DEA. Just legalize drugs, and save lives, millions of millions of lives. Not only from suicide, but from violence, gang wars, drug wars etc. This I will never see in my lifetime. People have had the idea that all drugs are killers and that alcohol is okay to use in moderation. Crack, and alcohol are the drugs that cause people to become violent. At least we're getting somewhere with pot.

I just wish that someone would acknowledge that emotional pain is as bad as physical pain, and in many cases causes physical pain. Yet the DEA, keeps doctors from prescribing narcotic medications as needed. Doctors are afraid to get their licence pulled. I have a good doctor and he got his licence to write narcotic prescriptions pulled, because he knew how to teat people with real emotional pain.


John said...

Legalise the lot, stop making people criminals, tax it, make it safe, offer proper help to those who want it.

Dead simple, but it'll probably never happen.

Gledwood said...

I agree.

For years I told the clinic how badly I was doing so when they brought in widespread diamorphine prescription I'd be first in line.

Problem is if you have mental health problems I think they'll have more quarms about giving it to you than to someone without mental health shit.

In the UK they give injectable diamorphine to something between 400 and 800 addicts. It's given in dry amps with a separate water amp and you inject at home. I think the amps are barcoded uniquely and you have to give back the empties. I'm not 100% sure about that but I knew someone who got an injectable methadone script which used to be dead easy to get off a private dr and she had to give back her empty amps.

Anyway Switzerland is the only country in the world to give diamorphine as a 1st line treatment ie you get it automatically without having to go through years of bullshit using on top of methadone doing rehab you aren't really into etc etc. In Switzerland the Diaphin as it's called is premixed with water 100mg to 1ml and you shoot up under supervision of a nurse. OF course you could probably cheat bringing in cotton balls to squirt it into but probably hardly anyone does that.

If you go on holiday you automatically get shitty methadone to take with you. There's absolutely no using the diamorph at home. So if you're a junkie you'd better live near that clinic to get into it 2 times per day.

In Holland and Germany it's given in selected areas to selected people ie a total bullshit system which fuels lies meaning people like you and me wouldn't get it and people who are full of cowshit would.

If they give out diamorphine give it to everyone straight away and if someone cleans up then relapses give it straight back. Otherwise nobody will ever be willing to stop taking it, which is pretty fucking obvious but not how the British system works. You'd have fuck all chance of getting your script back if you lost it due to cleaning up.

That's the story re diamorphine.

Kristan said...
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Kristan said...

I live in England and am on 300mg's of diamorphine a day.You don't have to give any empty bottles back.
But they make me have an 80ml meth script aswell,which i don't like and don't take unless i'm having to do a sample.
I'm also not allowed to take benzo's so when I have I give someone who doesn't use them but uses meth a 1/2 of a 100mg amp and viola i've got my sample.
The reason I got on it was because I was classed as chaotic,always out of it on sleepers and loads of gear ,I'd been on MST's and in a rehab 6 mth's b4 they put me on it.But I told them I didn't want to come off it as I couldn't handle life straight.So they agreed but said I had to cut the sleepers and benzo's out.Also you have to be prescribed it by a Dr with a Home Office License.

Danny said...

Hey Kristian what's it like the Diamorphine?

Ive heardits not as good as street Dope and a bit boring.

Can u confer email me @ if u got a chance