Thursday, April 21, 2011

It came through

OH my God, I praise you lord. I shall acknowledge passover. My connection came through, and I'll be getting my gear tomorrow. I put up a shit fit, and said I don't want my money back, and that I'm going down to Chicago with this guy, and I'm making sure he's not ripping me off. eg: giving me five bags instead of ten because now suddenly the bags are twenty dollars.

I'm not in that bad of way right now, my dad went to the bar, and I took ten of his Percocets. That's  fifty  mgs of Oxycodone. Just please dear God please don't let my dad notice the missing pills. He would have a shit fit, and more importantly he would be disappointed in me.

I'm not desperately sad right now, but I did just take three ten mgs of Ambien so I could fall asleep and get to tomorrow faster.

That photo of my track mark has to come down soon, my family will see it and want to look at my arms and realize why I wear long sleeve shirts and sweat jackets all the time. I just put it up there to prove to the nay sayers that I am truly using again.

How many times do I have tell anon commenter's, whatever you say I already think of myself. Your words can't hurt me as much as my thinking hurts me. So have at me.

The commenter who introduced me to the song Legalize Heroin thank you. I love it. I love Iron and Wine too. Bright eyes, and Elliott Smith, and all those singer songwriter's music.

I don't know the exact time its coming in tomorrow so I'm going to be in tizzy all day. Lord all mighty please let it be early. Now I should let those Ambien kick in and sleep this day away.


Anonymous said...

Wait, are you worried about your family seeing a photo on this blog? Aren't you more worried about your family reading this blog?

Anonymous said...

don't think she gives a shit, she only cares about shooting up drugs, here she says she wants to die, what a laugh................ grow old like everyone else. Only the good die young, and that is sooo true. Anna, YOU are not good, so be prepared to live a long, long time

Gledwood said...

Yeah I did think what Anonymous 1 said: what about your Dad reading about those pills going missing?

Those trackmarks are on your mainline. Can you still get a vein there? That's really unusual. My mainlines vanished within a few months then I was using the long one that goes from your thumb along your arm and to your mainline. I got years out of that one.

Good luck with getting your hands on the gear. Fingers crossed xx

ps i answered your message at mine cant remember what i said my head is like a seive today i can barely focus on anything

wouldn't it be good if that was mania coming back. probably not. that would be too good to be true

Anonymous said...

whateva cunt.. you are totally fucking lying agian. You can get a blood test and then have a "trackmark", if you were "using" you would have several / mulitple trackmarks...

Anonymous said...

The other anon was right. She's going to live forever. Die old and withered. Anna, you talk about dying all the time just to get attention. We all know you don't have the guts to actually do it.

Anna Grace said...

I do have several tracks, but that one is a gusher. My dad doesn't read the blog, its my aunts and cousins. I have a number of healed track mark scares From the two years I was on methadone and suboxone. Do you need a photo of me shooting up to believe me? I know I lied before and it will be always a struggle for people to believe me.

God you guys are mean. Perhaps I do get happy and live a long life. I don't foresee that happening. It sure is possible. I don't agree that only the good die young. I will always die Young because its my last name.

So there is my answers. Don't believe all you want, it is after all my life.

John said...

Read the blog, ask questions, call bullshit if you sense it, but why the need to be so rude, and why hide behind anonymity? Are you scared? I inject two, three times a day and I have nice neat tracks, barely visible. I'm wearing a short sleeved tee today on holiday and no-one can tell...

bugerlugs63 said...

I am not anonymous and not rude, all I asked for was a kinda description (in your own words)of what its like to inject your jugular, and I got called a horrible person!
Why so defensive?
I dont think even a photo if u "shooting up" would convince some of us "nay sayers",sometimes things just dont "ring" true.