Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mostly about Gledwood.

I only got 20mgs of Methadone, but it was free. Methadone should hold me over for 48 hours. Then what? Sick, fuck I don't want to go sick. This 20mgs of Methadone isn't even holding off the sickness. Thank God for real friends, or I would be without Methadone completely. I'd be sick right now, well worse off. My luck with drugs is so very bad. I can't get a proper shot of H. I was suppose to get some H tonight also, but now I have to wait for up to a week. Fuck I hate Green Bay. I should move down to Chicago.

Right now I'm watching a British movie with Robert Pattionson in it. Something about a bad mom. Poor Robert Pattionson has to play a teenager and he's 24-25. Damn that boy is hot. Nothing compared to my dear cyber husbandGledwood darling. There is a lot of bloody this and bloddy that. Bloody hell, I can't keep track of the bloody movie. Bugger off now, is another thing they say. Do me head in why don't ya. Oh I'm down with all the British lingo.

Oh at long last I feel the Methadone kicking in. Bloody Christ that took long enough. Now that I've taken all 20mgs of the Methadone I won't have any opiates in my system when my dad finds out his pills aren't actually his pills. FUCK ME! Please people pray for me to get some opiates soon. I would do with Vidcoden/Hydrocodone. I don't care if the Tylenol kills my liver. I have hep C already my liver is probably scared to bloody hell.

I can't get off the British accent. I just adore listening to it. A Brit could read to me from a dull book and I would be captivated just by the accent. I wish there were more Brits here in Wisconsin. There were a few in Hawaii, but mostly Australian's. I knew a few Irishmen in Hawaii. I couldn't understand a word on of them said. I also met a Scottish man who I really couldn't understand. The slang over in Scotland is quite hard to decode.

Gledwood, I've put this song up before, but this time I dedicate it to, since I have a boy hangover on you once again. It seems I get on these tangents or emotional rollercosters where I believe Gledwood would save me from myself. Therefore I'm in love with him. Its quite pathetic actually. Not that Gledwood doesn't  deserve affection and love, but that I don't even know him in reality, and fall in cyber love with him over and over again is pathetic. He does these sweet things, and has Valarie comment and makes me smile even when I'm in a black mood. Why do I have to be nearly 3,000 miles away. I think at least we would make a great friends. I've only got one good friend. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you Gleds. 

Anyway here's the song for you.


Danny said...

i'll say an opiate prayer for you, Anna! i don't know if there's a siant of opiates, or even a saint of addicts, so i'll pray to the one my granny used to pray to for me, and the closest one that might help, which is St Jude, the saint of lost causes.

don't be offended, now! i've had him prayed to plenty of times for me.... regards your talk about Gledwood, it put me instantly in mind of a Carol King song, called 'So Far Away'

Finally, did you read my comment about the conspiracy theories surrounding Kurt Cobain's death/suicide/murder...? would like to know what you think of that, if you have thinking on it

Suffer Kate said...

Oh, Anna. Did you ever say what you replaced your dad's pills with? If so, I must have missed that. Please don't think I'm being judgmental, because I'm not. I've known too many people in similar circumstances as you. You do not have an easy life, but you try so hard every day. I'm praying that things work out for you, no matter how it happens.

Anna Grace said...

Danny I did read ur comment about Kurt and the circumstances surrounding his death. I do believe he really offed himself. Although I wouldn't put it past Courtney having him killed or driving him to suicide. She did have an intervention for him and threatened to leave him and take his daughter. I think that pushed him over the edge.
I don't think the government had anything to so with his death. Why do you?

Gledwood said...

Hi Anna I would have written sooner but I was full of "shit-arse ideation" as my psychiatrist labels it. I do love your British accent "There's nothing good on telly," "I could do with a bloody fag" etc. I did use but I'm having a breakdown in my reations with heroin I will post about it. I can't go on like this, I've run out of money. I do have methadone so I'll have to stick to that. I got some real bullshit out of somebody earlier as well. Somebody who was supposed to bring me round money money OWED didn't then forgot his own lies in the end I just stalked off and sorted out scoring myself. I'm really fucking fed up and I have used. You're fed up and have not used just a bit of methadone NONE OF THIS IS MAKING EITHER ONE OF US HAPPY. I think we would both be better off opiate-clear. Boring to say. Boring but true. Thanks for all the compliments XX

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I dated several foreign girls, a Swede and a couple of Irish, but the novelty of their foreign accents fades quickly. I was miserable with my sweet Irish lassie and all the good looks and accent could never make up for incompatibility.
Still I know you & Gled have chemistry and similarities.
If you just wanted an English guy, you could go on one of their dating networks (a friend of mine did that), but I think it's Gled himself that appeals to you.
Anyway, I'm probably not makinsg sense on so little sleep.