Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rape me

Please someone email me or comment. I'm so board, and in desperate need of dope. I know non of you can help me out in that area, but I just want to hear from you. I want my blackberry to ding with a new email or comment. My email is younganna@ymail.com

I'm stuck in a small apartment with nothing to do but read and write. I'm too introspective to be alone. I smoke cigarette after cigarette. I journal about the most mundane things.

I'm watching the show Intervention, my drug porn. Why I do it when I don't have dope I don't know?


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Hey Anna,
Being bored sux. You'll be having some fun soon.
I really like your last few posts. I know you'll have some interesting stuff to write about in different cities as you travel.I'd love to see some of your travel pix.
all the best to you,

Gledwood said...

do you get lots of drug shots and shooting up on intervention?

if someone tried to do intervention on me i'd tell them to fuck off

unless it was waissman method anaesthetic detox and i was off antisychotics so i could have a manic episode when i came round, THEN i'd do it

i got a question about your book but i'll email it

Gledwood said...

leave me a message under my post i'm really fucking depressed

Gledwood said...

I just done the depression test and got "severely depressed" why don't you try it and we can have a competition to see who is most miserable.

I got 24 when I first did it a few days ago, now Im 38 or was before I took heroin. Now I'm still 38 but anaesthetized, know what I mean.

I'm surprised they say Im severely depressed I did another test that I'll give the link for tomorrow and that one said severely depressed too.

I'm so fucking miserable. Come on take the test and tell me if you're more miserable than me!

Be honest though I was 100% honest, which is why Im pissed off with it.