Tuesday, April 12, 2011

unwanted cleanliness

I'm still in Yuma Arizona, and I can't find any gear. One would think a border city to Mexico would be full of gear. I can't stop thinking about that bliss gear brings. My eyes are vacant, my body is sluggish, I'm unhappy. Normally I can spot a junky a mile away, but here there are pot heads. Gear users are usually whites between 25 and 35. I know that there are Purto Rican's who have good dope, but since I don't know the city that well, I have no clue where to look.

Yesterday I asked a cabbie to help me find some gear, but he called me back and said he would call me back when he had a chance. He was really busy last night, so I never got a call back. I ended up taking Clonazapam, over the counter sleep meds, and Ambien. Still I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't fall back asleep so I took another Ambien. I ended up having horrible dreams.

Suicide has been plaguing my mind as of late. The only reason I don't do it, is because I have more books in me, and I want to write them and see them in print. The books are shit, but I have words I want to write down. Although I feel wasted, as if I can't bring myself to set a plot, and create characters. If I loose my will to write I will finally do what I've threatened a million, no a trillion times. Fuck it, I just want to sleep eternaly, or go to heaven, or be reborn, whatever happens when you die.

Anyone from Yuma reading this should email me and tell me where I can get gear. That's Heroin to you who aren't in the loop.

Sorry my spell check isn't working. That's all she had to say.


Brother Frankie said...

i emailed ya anna

Gledwood said...
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Boomer said...

Yo Babe dis Boomer from Yuma. I king o dis town. You want some Venom? I got da best Venom in Yuma. Dimes, twenties, you name it I do it for ya. You suck my cockie I giv y'all 50% discount. I'm only 13", dat be easy for a big ho like you to handle. I smear chocolate sauce on my cock and dip it in chocolate cheerios you lick that shit off. My cell number be 7252217 so gimme a tinkle any time, mothafucker

Gledwood said...

What a rude message!