Friday, May 6, 2011

I wanna fuck you like an animal.

I'm in a great mood today, as I'm high. Although Eleanor(my dog) has something wrong with her ears. She keeps shaking her head. I'm afraid she has ear mites. She could have gotten them from the mouse I think I've seen scurring around after Eleanor goes to bed. Today I gave her a flea bath in case its fleas. I'm going to go to Petco and buy some ear mite medicine just in case its ear mites. See I'm pretty productive when I'm high. Not when I'm loaded, but when I do just enough to catch a good buzz. Its like a glow, my body feels great, my mind feels great.

Today I have to vacuum, wash the floors, run the dishwasher, do some laundry. Then my friend is coming over and we are going to the bar. I won't drink because why drink when I already feel great. Drinking just makes me depressed. The other day when I was waiting on dope, I drank Vodka mixed with Crystal light lemonade. I ended up so depressed. I don't know how Gledwood can drink without getting even more depressed.

OH yes, when I was on the phone with my friend Kaycee I told her that I was clean. Well, it turns out she reads my blog, and knew I was bullshitting her whenever I talked about sobriety. Sorry Kaycee. I'm just embarrassed to be a drug addict, and your doing so well. When will I ever get my shit together?

Gledwood is in a very bad way right now, and I ask those of you who pray that you keep him in your prayers. Otherwise just send him good wishes.

So my book has been edited, and this is what they told me. "your book was written more like a screen play, so we had to do a content editing instead of just line editing." I guess I used too much dialogue, also my sentence structure was terrible. Which they tried to put in a nice way, but it was a nice way of saying you suck at writing, and we had to do a shit ton of editing. I must say they didn't change the book drastically, but they did fix my writing drastically. I never did proof read my book before editing, I figured that was their job, but with my next book I'm for sure going to do proof reading, and by a book on sentence structure to make sure my sentences are structured correctly. If I were not high right now, I'd be more down on myself about this. Right now being high I feel like I can learn to be a better writer. I've already finished my second novel/manuscript called teenage angst. I'll post a tid bit for you guys in my next post.

Both my parents are in Arizona again. So its just me and Eleanor(my dog) here in Wisconsin. I emailed Jess(a guy I used to sleep with and was obsessed with for a few months last summer) and asked him to come over and give it to me hard. So next Wednesday we are going to fuck. I can't wait, I've lost nearly 45lbs. He hasn't seen me since I lost the weight. My boobs are smaller, but so is my ass. Hopefully he'll be turned on. When he gets here I'm going to be just sitting around naked with my dildo out. As soon as he gets in the door, I'm going to undress him, and get down on my knees and suck his cock. I'm going to suck his cock until he's just about ready to cum, then I'm going to make him watch me masturbate until I cum. After that I'm going to lay him down in my bed, and get on top of him and his hard cock, and I'm going to ride him reverse cowgirl style. Gently play with his balls. I'll ride him slowly letting my pussy come right up to the tip of his cock, almost all the way out, then I'll come down on him slowly, but hard. All the while I'll be playing with his balls, and my nipples. I'm going to go just a little bit faster, then I'm going to take his cock out of my pussy, and suck on it again. Then right before he cums I'm going to get into doggy style position so he can put his cock in me hard, and fuck me hard and fast until he cums. When he pulls out I'll quickly turn over and let him cum on my tits. I love to see a man cum. Then feel the warm cum on my tits.

I wanna fuck you like an animal. As all songs I pick this one is for Gledwood.

I love writing about that. My libido is pretty low right now, but I still need some cock. I'm too high right now to be able to cum, but if I weren't I would be fingering my clit, and using my dildo. My pussy does get wet just thinking about Jess coming over. Of course I'll be thinking of someone else while I'm fucking him. Someone I don't know what he looks like, but I do have enough info to make it possible for my mind to form a picture.


Gledwood said...

I like the bit where the guy spins round and round in the video. I wish I hadn't posted up what I did but what else could I say. I am either laughing hysterically today or just want to curl up and die. Valerie made me laugh and your sex scene made me laugh bc it was so rude.

I'm pissed off because my pet mouse has vanished I think I disturbed it by not showering for at least 4 days. I really stink so bad I had to take methadone to take it away. No fucking chance I'm going in the shower while I feel half sick. I only ever used to wash when I was high or in a real emergency. that's why I was so dirty for years. I got high and forgot to fucking shower didn't I?

I did wash my hair the other day it looks really shitty, all long which is NOT the look I like. It's literally only long bc I didn't cut it and my friends begged me not to take scissors to it myself like I did before. Then I had longbits and short bits everywhere but I didn't care.

I hope you're right about this manic shit coming back... I betit will never happen to me again.

Did you ever get to the stage where your head stopped thinking anything in English and just thought absolute shit like sounds rushing roundand round? I did and it pisses me off nobody on any bipolar website ever describes that. I don't believe it's unique to me (it happened when my head went so fast I literally couldn't think any more)... I think other people either forget it or deny it. It was so very very ultra intense I don't know how you could forget something like that. I was screaming at the top of my voice. And I didn't even feel high any more just totally out of it. Thats what scares me about mania and I'm still PISSED OFF that various people including my own family seemed toassumeit HAD TO BE DRUGS I never took any fucking drugs the whole time I was manic. Why the fuck would you.

OK correction I took heroin at the end of it, but it didn't stop me racing or hallucinating so waste of time. And I was so out of it I could barely feel cold/hunger/withdrawals (I once forgotto take any methadone until I was nearly puking).

Nevertheless Istill wish it would fucking come back. I felt like such a superior person in that state, now I just feel shitty. Life is fucking crap. I'm glad you posted up that gun video, if I had a handgun that's how I'd do it. Up and to one side. Or use an express train. I would have to somehow have the energy to get to the station when I don'tfeel like doing fucking anything at all.

I wish the government would prescribe heroin but they NEVER WILL BECAUSE THEY'RE BASTARDS.

Gledwood said...

I found out we are 3851 miles apart!

Is your ISP called Roadrunner?

I was looking thru my stats which have gone down bc everybody is bored with me and got this one from Green Bay:

Domain Name ? (Commercial)
IP Address 72.129.155.# (Road Runner)
ISP Road Runner
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Wisconsin
City : Green Bay
Lat/Long : 44.5185, -88.0232 (Map)
Distance : 3,851 miles

Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinNT
Browser Internet Explorer 8.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; GTB6.6; FunWebProducts; WinNT-PAI 06.10.2009; .NET4.0C; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
Javascript version 1.3
Monitor Resolution : 1024 x 640
Color Depth : 16 bits

Time of Visit May 6 2011 10:57:29 pm
Last Page View May 6 2011 11:02:00 pm
Visit Length 4 minutes 31 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
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Out Click 0 answers
Time Zone UTC-6:00
Visitor's Time May 6 2011 4:57:29 pm
Visit Number 541,892

The only reason the hits seems high is bc it's been going 5 years and most people are looking for posts like "I grabbed a tiny tit" only 15 out of the last 100 actually went to what I wrote today, which multiplied up means YOU GET MORE REAL HITS THAN ME seriously you do!

Anna Grace said...

Yes I have road runner, but I visited your site five times today and spent more than 4mins there. I doubt I get more real hits than you, most my traffic comes from you.

The sex part was rude, but when I talk dirty I get more hits, and Danny asked me to write about sex.


Boomer said...

Yo man dis Boomer from Yuma. Back on da scene. Like a sex machine.

I got smack, I got crack. Why you desertin my company for dat watered down shit from Chicago and dat lil finger dick fucka Jesse when my 13" will sort you out good and propa.

Yes, mothafucka Ho! And why you writin bout imagining that Limey doped-out piece o shit bastard when you got MY great big piece of meet needs a good suckin here down in Yuma?

What's up now??, my dope not good nuff for ya, fiend?

Listen bitch, you get yo ass back down here I'll give you a seeing to like no other. Plus a G and a half free Venom. How dat sound?

Call me, mothafuckin dope-fiend bitch-ho! Me and my shit get to dem parts no white boy ever damn reach!!

Valerie said...

Oh how very rude!

I'm referring to this "Boomer" character. Honestly Babe, you don't half pick 'em.

My Brucey loved reading your wank story. On the toilet with the laptop a full half hour he was. Said he spilled mango chutney on it. The keys were all stickey afterwards.

O shit honey I've got to rush. One of my little shit kids has just picked up the garden trowel Brucey and I use for cooking up. Complete with an 8-ball of gear that was supposed to be tonight's supper! There will be THUNDER in this house if that goes missing...

Take care and good on ya for chucking that retard Gledwood out of your affections in favour of Jesse. Jesse sounds a healthy option. Like those McDonalds salads everybody eyes up but never chooses, going for a good old greasy Big Mac instead!!

Gotta run. The little fucker's just SWALLOWED a half ounce of H!

Is it poisonous? Should I ring an ambulance? Or just let nature take its course?? O shit. What am I gonna tell the hospital staff if he ODs...?

Ho hum. Prolly just make the little fucker nod out a bit. I could do with a bit of peace. All that jabbering in Chinese is truly doing my brains in.

Lots of love



Anonymous said...

Gledwood, I prefer Boomer to Valerie. You're quite talented with the alter-egos dear.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna see pics of your boobs and butt..

Boomer said...

Yeah man, we wanna see dem bouncin mammaries! Dat milkshake bring dem boys to the yard yo!