Saturday, May 7, 2011

Junky diet

Today I go in to Weight Watchers and get weighed in. I think I lost about three pounds. Which would put me down to under 170lbs. I need to buy new clothes, because all my clothes are too big on me. Plus I need summer clothes. I don't have any money to spare this month, so I can't buy any clothes. I also have to mail my dad's pills down to him. So I have to get to the post office before noon, when they close. I'll be glad when those pills are out of my sight. They just seem to call my name. Even though I have dope right now, I want to rely on those pills when I run out.

On Thursday I go to the Methadone clinic. I won't be going to the one in Green Bay, but the one in Appelton WI. The clinic in Green Bay wouldn't let me back in unless I completed a 90 day in patient treatment. I hope nothing happens to me before Thursday. I'm scared that I'll end up in jail again. God help me.

I know I was miserable on Methadone for those four or five years I was on it, but this time I'm not going above 30mgs. I might go sick for a while, but my body will get used to only 30mgs of Methadone. I'm also worried about gaining weight back. With Weight Watchers, I've changed my eating habits. I also work out now days.  As soon as I get on the Methadone I'm going to go back to water aerobics. I still walk on the treadmill three to four times a week. Plus I walk Eleanor(my dog) every day. Some days for a couple of hours. So I've made lifestyle changes, which should keep me loosing the weight. I must admit the junky diet works really well. I loose weight a lot faster when I go sick.

I'm embarrassed that I wrote that sex scene yesterday. Ah, who cares. I'm sure if some guy reads it he'll get a little excitement out of it. Like Brucey, Valaire's husband. I guess he reads it on the toilet, and when he was done the key board was all sticky. Hmm, wonder what he did while reading it?

I think Eleanor is depressed. She misses my dad. So I've got to go, and smoke a cigarette.


Bruce said...

I spilt fucking mango chutney on the computer you daft bitch. Why would a guy like me, owner of 35 whorehouses and 19 strip-joints across Australia, not to mention scores of similar businesses in New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand - want to mastabate over your throbbingly passionate and groansomely vivid depictions of the sexual act???!

Valerie said...

OK Brucey what brand of mango chutney was that? Whatever the fuck it was, it was massively past its sell-by date, that's for sure! The fucking computer stinks like a Cambodian whorehouse now! Thank you Anna Grace for making my husband ejaculate over the only laptop we've got left. Brucey trod on the other 3 when he was pissed on vodka and high on crack. And I thought that cackling crack-witch had possessed my soul into the other one. I threw it out the fucking window! Stopped her cackling for more than a month, that did!!

PS the fucking kid's still alive. Shoved me fingers down the little brat's throat, didn't I? I'm sure that Gledwood would have banged up the white powder-tinged vomit he spewed up. He fell into a weird coma for six hours and couldn't stop shaking. But now he's playing football in the garden... So what do you make of that?

Yours Truly



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I like reading your blog :D

Gledwood said...

Hey I just checked your statcounter against mine. Just as expected you have more returning visitors than me. You get an average 50 a day. I get an average 35. See. More.

Also you get 200 hits a day some days. I only get 400 looking for tits, kangaroos, hamsters etc. Barely anyone who tunes into my blog is really looking for me which is why you shouldn't be taken in. "There are lies, damn lies and statistics," said Winston Churshill.