Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anna Grace Young 2/2/1983 to 6/16/2011

Anna Young killed herself June 16th. She put a pistol against her head and painted the wall with her brains and blood.(her words) I'm her friend who she left in her suicide note to tell what happened to her on her blog. She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she knew her book sucks. Still everyone should buy a copy, because I think its a good book. It will be out on ebook within the next month.

Anna wanted me to say Good Bye to everyone who reads this blog. She's sorry she couldn't keep it up. She wants me to delete the blog two weeks after posting this. OH yes, and a special sorry to Gledwood her "cyber husband".

I don't know what Anna would have said here, but I'm going to say Anna was a troubled girl, who made me laugh, cry, scream, and many other things. She was loved by her family very much, and she was very selfish to hurt her family and freinds this way.

Anna Grace Young
2/2/1983 to 6/16/2011

If you don't want this blog to be deleted voice your opinion.

As most of you know by now this is a hoax. I, Anna Young am still alive.


Bristolvol said...


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I don't want to believe this at all !
I'm pissed at Anna if she really did take her own life.
I never thought even though she romanticized death that she would REALLY do it.
She IS a very lovely,beautiful and funny girl. I love her, we all do.
So, please say it ISN'T so.
Keep the blog if this is really true as a memorial to her.
I can't accept this and none of her friends/readers will.
And I hope this isn't a cruel joke some bastard got a hold of her G account and wants us all to be shocked & sad.
Love to Anna,

elizabeth said...

Can you prove this true? We are all devastated! Please do that.

Anonymous said...

Post some proof ;funeral service card , police report , something , to many trolls here to believe without proof.

Anonymous said...

yeah who ever posted this prove it is true.
Another thing is that I aint buying her book if shes really gone.whats the point if she cant hear what we got to say about it.
Dont make your life such a short one ou havent even lived fulley yet.

Vortex Black said...

she said she was only hanging on till her book got published so it makes sense she killed herself literally like a week after


adrianna said...

i dont believe it maybe she wants to seell her book and she no it no good or maybe a drama queen.forget about this shit she just want sell the book and its no good.she think people are dum.good way sell a book.

John said...

Hi Anna;

I've always liked your blog, but I'm 100% convinced that this a fake.

You've done it before for attention, with the fake using. The words don't sound right, the spelling is identical to yours, the mention of the book suggests you're trying to get attention to it.

Also, the Trafford Stats you posted then deleted...

Anna, stop being silly, post agin and let's know what's going on.

I hope you're ok...


Married Lesbian Mom said...

I hope this isn't real. If it is I just want to say that you were truly a talented person Anna. I am sure your family & friends are devastated & frankly so am I right now. I lost my Mother to an OD 3 years ago. The only positive things that could come from such a tragic untimely death is that you no longer have to constantly be in inner turmoil. (((HUGS))) Anna.

PS - You always mattered.

Brother Frankie said...


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this isn't real as well.

And I'm pretty sure it's not. No mention anywhere in papers, online, etc of Anna G. Young's obituary.

I also find it odd that a person who was charged with doing a last act for a "deceased" Anna would put that if we want the blog to stay up to "voice our opinion." Another way for Anna to get attention and hear how much people love her, maybe?
I hope it's all fake. And if it is, I hope Anna stops being ridiculous and just admits it.

John said...

Course it's fake.

It's an attention seeking ploy for validation.

Anna, we like your blog, that's why we read it. Now stop being daft. Faking your own death isn't big or clever and unless you're going to abandon the blog or carry on as "your sister" or something, you're going to have to admit it eventually.

Brother Frankie, I'm with you...

BMelonsLemonade said...

I don't believe it either. Of course, I have not believed a lot of the stuff here, lately. Maybe that is why I have not been commenting.

Writing is what matters to me, and to Anna. So, Anna, if you want to write fiction, I say go for it. Start a new blog that is purely fiction...or keep the fiction up here. Keep the blog. If you were really dead, how could you keep the blog anyway??

Just doesn't add up. Now, if it is true, I may feel very bad. But, then...I should never feel bad about my opinion...and it is just that, my opinion.

John said...

The whole things phoney - nobody would use that language to post a friend's suicide.

The family references are self hate, nothing more.

The bit about the book and blog - pure validation seeking.

Stop it Anna. Come back, honest and sensible... you're interesting - talk about your views on outside events, experiment with fiction, but this sort of attention seeking just undermines you...

I like the blog, I may buy the book when I'm paid, but not if I think it's a fraud...

Validation word is Umshes -"Um, she's not dead?"

BTW, I'm glad you're not dead.

Adrianna said...

You sell more books alive.
I no buy your book now only if you say it was a lie to make a big soap opera about the book.
Why you think we are so dum?
If she die, she no keep plug her book.
I think is all for book book book.

bugerlugs63 said...

Please, at least, Anna, spare a thought for Gledwood if no-one else!
This would be so sick if it is some "Game" that sends Gledwood over the edge, as I am sure he loves you more than most, even though a lot of people do love you & care about you.
I apologise if it is true to any family & friends who read this as I know how painful it is when a family member commits suicide.
But if its not true . . .then selfish aint the fucking word!!
this surpasses any other of your games . . .I even wondered a few days ago if this might appear soon, having not heard anything for a while.
At least e-mail Gledwood (maybe you have) and let him know . . .he does not need the stress of this!!!
This will not help your book sell, so please (for those that care about you) stop the sick game . . and be careful what you wish for

Adrianna said...

Take out this part Anna.

She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she knew her book sucks. Still everyone should buy a copy, because I think its a good book. It will be out on ebook within the next month.

K1tten said...

No funeral homes in your area or surrounding states have anybody there by your name or description or suicide for that matter. Also, 'voice your opinion if you want this blog to stay up?' Really?

K1tten said...

Also, I don't believe you have ever used heroin in your life. I think you believe it's some cool new fad and you're just obsessed with it.

Karen said...

I saw this yesterday, and I haven't been following your blog for very long, but I couldn't help but feel that this was just a ploy for sympathy and a plug to hopefully bump up your book sales. It's not right, and especially now that everyone saw through your post, you have now only hurt yourself. I understand that it hurt to read all of the negative criticism about your book. But understand how difficult it is for people to read anything that is error-ridden. For a blog it isn't a huge deal, it's frustrating for a whole book. Taking the time to make sure the spelling and grammar is correct shows respect to your readers and says thanks for buying my book.

K1tten said...

Anna just accepted my friends request on facebook, there is nothing on there about her offing herself.

Gledwood said...

RIP Anna xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time.
It's a load of lies.
Ann's mom seems real happy with "her" book on FB.
She writes "named my book after this, so no I'm not original, and the book sucks. Still buy it. Its worth it, I'm telling you its so bad you have to read it." She posted Nirvana clip with it 21 hours ago
So it seems like Mom Elizabeth Erin Young really wrote the book and uses Ann as a front!
One weird family.
K1tten is right.
You'll prob remove this comment,huh Mom?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else wondering if this post and Gledwood's from today (which sounded really devoid of genuine Gledwood-esque emotion) are companion parts of the same game?

Maybe Anna told him about her scheme, and he's supporting her because he's her friend?

Not trying to start any drama, just wondering.

Gledwood said...

I really wish that were true. I only kept the post neutral, because I didn't want to post too much of my own feelings in an obituary, I thought that would sound self-centred and self-indulgent.

Anna hasn't replied to any email I sent her since she posted about that homeless guy in her house and I thought what the ****!!?! bad move letting homeless people in your parents' house...

I can't prove whether she is dead or alive, I tried an online search of death records but drew a blank; surely the systems won't necessarily be updated yet. ..?

I wish it was just a joke.



Aha! said...

Kudos to Anonymous for ferreting out Anna's mom's profile.

There was a Young family reunion on 6/18 that Anna's mom went on and on about. I even looked at the family picture, and I think Anna is kneeling on the floor all the way on the left. (Can't tell because she looks thinner...and rather happy, ironically enough).

So for everyone who is upset, thinking that Anna killed herself, save your concern.

Also agree with Anon that this blog has been a front for the Mom.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Checked out Annas mom's fb too. now it says underneath the post about "her" book that "this is a anna comment" (mom posted that)


Anonymous said...

This is beginning to read like the movie catfish & a bit like the guy BUGGS who started a blog last year something is not adding up . why aren,t there any snide posts ? the hatters ? has anyone actually spoken with Anna ?ever.I hope Im not being cruel but its a bit sus .


Fess up Anna, Elizabeth Erin and Dean.
Your hoax is discovered.
It's no secret you people have concocted this whole drama to up the sale of a book you admit as so bad.
I guess the whole family's looking to make a crap load of money from the alleged suicide of their daughter.
I think the idea of buying it has already gone sour

How low can you go?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should ask her Dad what's the state of play:-

See his FB page -

His email address is quoted as:-

Adrianna said...

Anna family seem nuts.
If they write to for her book and looking for money than i know why Anna is with drug problem.
This family seem so crazy.
Let the douter to go on drugs and make shame for her.
And be proud of Anna problems.
Now i feel sory for Anna and i blame family for how she begun on drugs.
They need be ashamed for this.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Please don't delete the blog. It's part of Anna's work, too.

Anna was so precious to me. I really loved her like a sister. I am so heartsick to hear this news, I can't tell you. I will not get over this any time soon. I will carry Anna in my heart and thoughts and think of her often. I wish her peace wherever she is.

I am so very sorry for Anna's parents.


Anonymous said...


Don't be upset. Anna's alive. She posted on her mom's facebook account 2 days ago.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thank you for the information. If that is true, somebody owes us a BIG apology.

No Fool for you said...


You had 222 friends on Face Book yesterday and today you made 2 more!
You are certainly an industrious cadaver aren't you?
Making friends with the dead doesn't sell books, does it.

Anonymous said...

W.T.F. Anna, I just read 35 comments, post something, you are loved, believe it!