Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wating on my man got 50 dollars in my hand

I've been on a binge. Using everyday. Today I had to wait until 4 pm to get a bag of dope. My dealer wasn't answering his fucking phone all morning. I've been hitting the heroin hard for almost two weeks now. I'm only getting mildly sick when I run out. I can still go 24 hours before I need another shot.  I'm going to try to go back to the Methadone clinic if they will take me back. I can't aford all the money its costing me to keep up this habit, and all the worrying about when will my dealer will answer his phone.

I'm starting up a close freindship with Jose, a Latino guy who intorduced me to my dealer. Jose is on Methadone, but not at the clinic here in Green Bay. He was kick out of there for some reason. He won't tell me why. So he drives or gets a ride to Appleton everyday to get his methadone dose. His Ex girlfriend, my best freind are broken up, but she still gives him a ride to the clinic in Appelton everyday. Jose, and my best friend will forever be tied together by thier daughter. Jose is still really borken up about the break up. Everytime my freind picks him up to bring him to dose he starts crying.
 Appelton is about 25 minutes away. I've tried to get into the clinic in Appelton, but they won't have, because they say there is no reason why I can't go to the clinic in Green Bay. If the Green Bay clinic won't let me back in, Appleton's clinic still won't take me. They say, "Green Bay must have a good reason not to take you back, so we are not going to take you on".

I haven't been keeping up on my favorite blogs. Sorry Gledwood. You know I love you cyber hubby.

I can't write anymore because I'm nodding out.


Danny said...

Good to see you're still about, Anna Grace, albeit in this short but sweet update

Natalya said...

Shit! So you have a hot lover of your own? So you don't want my fully integrated lesbian sex indulgence? OK. Anna my sweetheart, would you please email every one of your faithful horny readers offering this incredible service for a mere $2500? It lasts an entire 45 minutes. I can travel anywhere between Arizona and Nevada to perform this. Outcalls to New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles cost $2500 extra. Please get emailing away and pass on those eager replies ASAP. Thanks baby.


Valerie said...

Oooo you've got yourself a hot stud? DO tell baby, do tell!!

Boomer said...

Yo, ho! What you doin fucking some other guy. I know he be dealin Spanish Tar. Why else would a ho like you be goin wid him?

Listen honeytits, I got me a new ho, dat Natalya bitch. She be expert at playin dat magic flute, ya know. But her tits ain't as good as yours an she don't fuck me right, da way you do.

Yeah she do a good job o lickin dem dried up crispin cheerios an sticky sauce off my privates but she ain't you. Come back to me I'm begging you. I'll give you a half ounce Thai White. Howzat sound?

Listen to me man I'm almost in tears writing this shit. I miss you Anna. I miss yo like crazy. Yo beautiful sleeping face as I drag you out the door then call an ambulance (again). Your finely needle-marked arms. Your bouncing sexy tits. Come back to me Anna. You be da best crack ho ah ever had!

Fuckit, I'll give ya a whole ounce of each. Don't tell nobody dat Boomer ain't generous time to time. Specially when his balls pricklin wid crunchy breakfast cereals like nobody's business!

In loving memory of all dem good times, yo.

King of Yuma

Anonymous said...

hmmm,a latino lover on suboxone???I thought you said you would never go there?I'm assuming your friends ex is no longer homeless?Oh,ain't none of my business ,i'm just a nosy stranger that reads and enjoys your blog.Here's to the next installment.. ;)

Gledwood said...

I'm with Valerie: tell us more about this mysterious Latino. Is he a tar dealer, as Boomer suggests? Will you be going for Natalya's $2500 45-minute lesbionic sex explosion? She's offering it you on the cheap? Just 2g of white heroin and she could be yours. Maybe if you contact boomer both of you could get your gear free AND Natalya might throw in her Lesbian Sex Explosion for free? No harm in asking. I think Boomer really misses you. See sounded emotionally overwrought in that comment. You ought to come round kiss his cheerios better!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad to finally hear from you. I say go get the methadone. It's better than using.

Love you.

Gledwood said...

If you went on the methadone would you actually feel you didn't need to use? If that's the case, then probably better to go for it.

Last gear I got was so shit I felt zero off it. I can't remember what day that was. But I basically haven't bothered using for ... days on end. It's crap: all crap crap crap.