Friday, June 24, 2011

You fuckers, I am alive. Jesus christ my mom has nothing to do with this. I was going to end my blog. I've had a hard time lately. That homeless guy I had staying with me ended up sticking up a store and getting caught. I was on a binge using so much trying to off myself, but always ending up in a cold shower. I'm clean now. I was in rehab for a day. I quit, and I was in brown county mental ward detoxing. Now my parents won't let me go anywhere by myself. My life sucks. I shake all day, dream about heroin every night. Knowing I can't use is killing me. I am going to take a gun to my head. When I am dead no one is going to belive me. My  book is out, I sold about 300 copies. Most to a book store here in Green Bay.

Sorry to Gledwood. Everyone else, fuck off.


elizabeth said...

OK then, hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

You mom seems prettu happy on her facebook, nad so do you smiling on that picture. I call bullshit on the heroin story. You're just a fucked up family with deep issues.

Gledwood said...

Bloody hell Anna!

It's OK I forgive you.

You are crazy though.

Trix or treats said...

HA Ha .
You fooled all of us.

bugerlugs63 said...

go fucking shoot yourself, if we can all fuck off, people who read your "writing" and care about these things . . .
No one with any sense beleived you, attention seeking, talentless sicko . . .and I dont give a fuk what any one thinks about me writing this . . .I care about Gledwood, like you do (ha fucking ha!!)but i dont care what he thinks about this you are one low low life.You have mnade me so angry and upset for GW . . .how could you do that and leave him not knowing???? fuck you, I hate YOU, I hate your face., God your parents must hurt so bad . . .I cant go on . . .heps more i wanna say, but it would not change a thing. Blaming the bloke you stole off your best friend now! . . .do you know what? I knew that was coming too . . .I nearly posted it last night . .but I dint want to be too harsh as some people thort you wre dead. you utter fucking Arsehole .. . and no I aint a bad person. . .this is first timne in my 48 yrs I have written anything as angry as this!!! Fuck you!!!!!

bugerlugs63 said...

I like how he's now "that homeless guy"
he was your best friends ex . .the father of her kid . .your latino lover . . .your toy boy etc etc a couple weeks ago . . .Like how he took head off you but went no further . . maybe he couldn't stand your face either . . .I cant beleive I am this Angry
If you do really shoot yourself it wont matter whether anyone beleives it or not. |Do you think that was kurts last concern.
u shit head

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks a lot, Anna. So glad I got all worked up over your death at work and everything. Guess that makes me pretty stupid. That was a really cruel thing to do. I'm so glad I defended you countless times to anonymous mean commenters.

I am SO done with you.

Fractalmom said...

Soooo. Anna? WTF. It's all good, relatively speaking however, you did apologize to Gleds and for that, you are a decent person overall. You don't know me, I do know what it is like to have your life fucked. Waaaay do I know. Cuz i have a daughter who is a junkie. I wouldn't mind buying your book, but you dont' post any links that I saw saying the title, where to buy etc.

Anyway, I am glad you are alive, and I really hope you are what you say, at least a real person going through what you write about, and not someone else pretending.

All the best, and I hope you find peace without having to off yourself. Life, well, life is pretty much what you make of it. I am an old lady now, at least I am over 55 years old which in the U.S. makes me fucking old. I am raising three grandkids, two of whom are the children of my junkie daughter.

So, gimme the link to buy your fucking book eh? And then, we will see.

Till then, best of life to you.

Danielle said...

Could you cut the crap already?

"Homeless guy staying with you?" What's interesting is that during the times you were posting about your "latin boy toy," according to your Mom's facebook, she was back at home...and funnily enough, there was no mention on her fb of some weird homeless man being in her house.

Not that we can believe a word you say, but I think it's safe to assume there was no Juan or Jose or whatever you called him.

As for telling everyone to fuck off--I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I knew you were delusional and self-absorbed. But I think I can honestly say I've never read of anyone as selfish, manipulative, and ridiculous as you.

I, for one, am done reading your blog. And you might want to consider how well your book would sell if all of us took to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and left bad reviews for you. I can't think of anything negative I could say that wouldn't be the truth.


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Hey Anna,

You're here :).
Ending a blog is one thing, but your life is very precious.
That was a very scary post.
take a rest and good care of yourself,

elizabeth said...

I just finished your book, it was a fast read. To be honest it was not a literary masterpiece, but I must say I enjoyed it very much. Assuming it was truthful... it was your story. Please try to get your act together now, you really need to.

Anonymous said...

good luck Anna
I hope you calm down a bit
you've got quite the stalkers huh?

Karen said...

Fuck off, you say? Deal. Glad I haven't been following your blog for long and and you don't know me and I don't know you so this makes it pretty damn easy for me to unfollow you right now. Good luck, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Since when did your book become a memoir? You posted many times that while the book was based on your life, it was fiction. Now it's some sort of autobiography?

I wonder how long my comment will stay up, I've had comments mysteriously disappear when they pointed out inconsistencies in your blog... It's okay to write fiction, your blog doesn't have to be factual, but don't insult your readers intelligence by trying to convince us everything you write is true, or your experience.

Anonymous said...

Your the sort of bitch who gives users a bad reputation ,Your so full of shit FUCK YOU.

Fractalmom said...

Really: To everyone who had posted Anonymously or otherwise. Brother Frankie. Sarcastic Bastard. Everyone else.

Really? I mean, I was a bit chagrined by Anna's very "in bad taste" post of a fake suicide death. But honestly guys. You ALL deal with addicts. For real?

Heck, no one hates a junkie's lies as much as me, anyone who knows me knows that. But this is a woman who is a long term user.

This is the best you can give her? A suffering soul who is reaching out, albeit in a rather bizarre manner. Oh!! That's a shock to the system isn't it. Junkie's being bizarre?

Really? I am disappointed in the responses. If any of you were manning a suicide hotline, I would hope your responses to a caller would be a bit more humane.

Love and all that. (And remembering "Welcome to the Dollhouse - Kellbell, who disappeared off the face of the planet, and I am afraid, deathly afraid that she overdosed, and she only lived an hour from me." Should I have reached out a little more and met her and had lunch? Would it have made a difference?


Bristolvol said...

Well said, as always, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Don 't worry James Fey your bullshit memoirs style is still safe ,this bitch cant write for shit.

Anonymous said...

FRACTALMOM the point is we don't hate junkies or liars some of us have been there,so what Anna has posted in the past is no shock to us ,Stealing your fathers pills to a straight person is OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU ,us well in a tight spot yeah I'd do that,the point is she lies when there is no reason to ,we except most things thrown at us but not being made a fool of .thats why people are pissed off,You would be surprised that most users have more empathy than you realise.

Adrianna said...

If only she care then we all care. But she no care only to seel books and paypals
I non know if you have any heart Anna.Is bad when no care about freinds.
Factor Mom you think we so dum to?
You buy the books ma everybody mad and no want spend for her books.

Anonymous said...

You go fuck off ass hole.

Brother Frankie said...

i dont believe she is an addict.

sorry fractal.

this is similar to a million little pieces..

fake. for book sales..

U R Vile! said...

Yes, Thanks Anna,

Reading your blog for a long time and reading that we should all fuck off is WORSE then no apology at all scum bag.
Go douche up.

Tom said...

If I wrote as appallingly as you do I would have killed myself many years ago.

You are an vile, ugly, narcissistic bitch. Your attempt at self-promotion is as egregious as your 'book'.

How your parents tolerate you living in their house is beyond me.

Tom said...


Gledwood said...

Anna not being a real addict has come up before. But I don't get why y'all think that?

Fractalmom said...

Gleds, over here in U.S. we had an "addict" who had a blog for some time. After we had all commiserated with her, etc, turned out she was a doctoral candidate and that was her doctoral thesis. To write like she was an addict. It hurt alot of us, actually, we had come to somewhat care about the fake persona she had created. An awful lot of us read the same blogs within our rather small and bizarre community, and we do run into each other alot on the different blogs. We may not live next door to each other, but we are still neighbors. So, Brother Frankie (who is a REAL person, recovered addict, etc.) and others are somewhat skeptical about Anna's being an addict. There are some things that just raise red flags, sort of. Especially for those of us in the U.S.

Just as you in the U.K. have a certain language of drug using that someone not an addict would have trouble faking, so do we in the U.S.

And some of Anna's verbiage was sadly lacking in credibility. I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt, other's don't. That's all really.

Gledwood said...

Oh. I wouldn't know. I know American's call it "H" still, which I haven't heard here. It's called "B" (for brown) when you're talking to a dealer, or "gear" if you're talking to a user. I would spot someone who got it wrong in British (unless they were trying to be posh). I call it "heroin" to be clear it is heroin I'm talking about and not something else because "gear" just means "stuff". A lot of weed smokers call their drug "gear" too.

What was the name of that fake blogger? Is her blog still online? And what a weird thing to do.

I know Anna is obviously v troubled, but I never thought she wasn't (or hadn't been) an addict.

Bearing in mind her parents probably read her blog and most addicts seem to exaggerate up or down what they use and/or how frequently they use it, I never seriously thought she might never have been addicted at all.

Now I don't know what to think :-(

Fractalmom said...

Gleds. U love her. She said she was sorry. End of story for you, right? Don't let the rest of us interfere in YOUR life lol. <3

Bev said...

Blame it all on a Latin guy.
I don't believe you're on any drugs.
What's your latest excuse?

Anonymous said...

I never believed you killed yourself. I don't really believe you are an addict either.


Maureen said...

You know being an addict isn't anything to be proud of, I don't give a damn if your book is about drugs and be addicted! Saying you are dead when you aren't isn't cute at all. Grow up Anna,