Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aunt Debbie, no I'm not taking it down.

I have this aunt who thinks if she reads this blog she is going to save my life. No matter if the blog is all lies or all truth it is non of your business. Yes I'm calling you out Aunt Debbie. I no longer want anything to do with you. Its my life and I'll live and write about it as I like. You think your saving me, your stifling me. I have one creative outlet and its this blog. I have readers, and those readers buy books. Your a nosey, stupid bitch. Stop reading the blog, and that goes out to everyone who thinks that by reading this blog your going to help me. You think you know me so fucking well. You have no idea. Go ahead and try to put me in brown county for 90 days. Sooner or later I'll be taken off 15 min checks, and put on hour checks, and then I'll hang myself. Be prepared to take responsibility for a suicide because your a nosey bitch.

I seriously want nothing to do with you ever again. Leave me the fuck alone. Yes, I'm doing this in a public format, because you can't keep shit to yourself. I dared my parents to read the whole blog, but they wouldn't. I wonder why, because they are afraid of finding out the truth, or what I make up as my own truth. I'm not going to stop writing because you think its your place to call my family and tell them what you think. You and my dad, can be prudes all you want. I"m not stopping this blog. Most day's all I have to look forward to is blogging.

So go fuck yourself, wait I'm sure your afraid to masturbate.


Anonymous said...

Do please do whatever you're going to do, but quit being so goddamn dramatic about it.

Thanks !


Anonymous said...

If you will look on Anna's mother's Facebook, Anna once again used her mom's FB to plug her book.

It's pretty clear Anna is using this blog to work out her mommy and daddy issues and we don't need to subsidize this behavior or be a part of it.

Quit reading, quit replying, quit buying the garbage book that's more poorly written than Judy Blume on crack.

Enough. Kaput. Finis. Done.


Anonymous said...

Anna, When people are young, like yourself, they say some pretty damn mean ass things to others! Yeah, nobody likes a drama queen, it isn't a flattering way to be known as one. As for myself, think I was a queen of drama!! No more, I can live without any fucking drama. Sounds to me as if you are the DRAMA QUEEN & possibly one day you will grow up!

Anonymous said...

If you are this bad at 28, you don't ever grow up.

Gledwood said...

Anna that was very funny to read but seriously now why are you slamming someone in your own family who as you yourself say is only motivated by concern for you. Yes she might seem interfering but at least she cares. You are lucky to have folks to worry about you. Trust me you would be a lot unhappier if nobody in the world cared.

O yeah go to my blog and read the bit about my friend masterbating with the windowcleaner peering in ha ha har.

PS I did laugh especially at your witty ending about being afraid to masterbate that was classic


Valerie said...

Anna Honey

I'm afraid to masturbate too: I've had genital herpes since the mid 70s and that Cambodian brothel (no condoms AT ALL in those days ~ fucking cold porridge pouring down the thighs full of syphilis and gonnorrhoea, utterly gross) yeah I wouldn't dare "indulge", not without wearing veterinary-strength rubber gloves. I don't know what I might catch off myself!

Your loving best friend


Gledwood said...

why do you never comment on my blog any more you swine! come on post a huge luscious comment right now

London Town is on fire! Rioters looting all the sports shops, electrical retailers... etc etc police cars in flames; bonfires in the streets. Tube lines closed. Main roads shut down. It's terrible!

Gledwood said...

oh come on Anna fucking post something or write me a comment what else are you doing that's so important????? hey that's something to post about

is it true you never pay your bar bills? a commenter said you never did and I don't get how she knows that...

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