Sunday, August 21, 2011

Costs more money to go through a middle man to buy heroin

I'm clean one day. I'm not even that sick. Well the days not over and I have people who owe me money and maybe I can get some dope that way.  Aside from that I'm in a pretty good mood, for once. We are leaving for North Carolina in a few days. I'm getting away from these damn people and drugs.

I'm not to excited to go to Greenville NC, but its my best bet to get clean. I've been making poor choises in the money department. Doing things I used to do to get drugs. Things you know if you read my book.

I lanced my abcess it was awesome. Gray and green puss oozed out for minutes. I went to the doctor and he cleaned it out the rest of the way. Man that thing is deep. I have to pack gauze in it every few hours. The doctor tried to scare me from doing drugs by saying I could have lost my right arm if I let it go on as it was.

My dealer isn't answering his phone, So I've had to go thru a middle person who I have to share with. Which sucks.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You can lose a limb from an abcess. Please be careful and keep it clean. I worry about you.

Gledwood said...

Can't you print up a macro photo of the pus? Or at least the hole? I LUUUUURVE a good abscess, especially if it smells like garbage cans, like the shallow ulcer I once had. It took 6 months to heal. I've been unlucky in the abscess department. Instead of great oozing pus factories I get cellulitis, phlebitis or necrotic skin lesions. I've never had a good deep abscess. Bursting those is better than sex. Well better than sex when you're a heroin addict, as I have the libido of an Egyptian mummy on opiates and the antipsycho pills I take only make that worse.

Good luck in N Carolina. Doesn't that place get hit by hurricanes?

Do people have that country music accent down there?

Do you really think you'll get a job?

Tell all. I'm getting more and more depressed. See we are on opposite cycles. You can leave me manic messages now in capital letters just to irritate me. I bet I irritated you when you were down.