Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fucking a, I hate face, I hate this place, and I'm strung out again

The number one critizim I get about my book is that I should have started it earlier in my life when I first started using. I've also been told my book is too short. Its ture. There is nothing I can do to get anyone who comes across this blog to spend $14.00 for a paperback, and 7.00 dollars for ebook.

I guess I can say the book really shows someone who's never used heroin or at least never abused heroin, and it shows how you throw your morals out the window and do things you'd never thought you'd do.

I"m looking for a litterary agent to find a big publishing house to pick up the book. I would love to see my book in Barns and Noble, or Boarders book stores.

I ask if your reading this blog for the first time that you click on the title of the book under the picture of the book and go to Amazon where you can read blurbs of the book, decide if its something you want to read.
Click here to buy my book.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a good start to finding a literary agent is to first learn how to spell literary. Just a tip.