Monday, October 17, 2011

Anal Rape

I'm gaining weight. I have no self control while on Methadone. I'm trying to stick  to Weight Watchers, but its hard. I've gained 5lbs. I working on yet another book, hopefully a better book than I Hate Myself and Want to Die (available for puchase. Click  HERE!!!)

 Also if go to the top of my blog and on the side bar, click on the photo of the book cover. It will link you directly to the page on where you can look at, read excerpts, or buy my book.  Its a simple read, one to two days. I consider it junkie porn.

Aside from my book, the Methadone has really helped me to enjoy mundane things. Walking for no reason. I used to walk to get heroin. I'm watching TV and don't get sick of all the violence. I don't walk from room to room in our condo looking for the least depressing thing. The only thing that elevated the sadness was heroin. I had to use every day.

At the Methadone clinic there is at least 100 new people. The line in the morning is going outside the door. People who were addicted to Oxycontin, but since they changed the formula of the pill so you can't cook it so you can't even crush it. All you can do is swallow it. A lot of people who go to the clinic come from up north where heroin isn't available. So they end up at the clinic

Oh yes, if you are a heroin junkie, and want to be in a documentry film by MTV for their true life. Go see post below for emial, and phone number to contact the person casting the show.


eyelick said...

5 pounds really isn't bad at all, but boy can weight just add on fast!

Anonymous said...

i've never done any forms of oxy (not for lack of trying, ha), but i had not heard they changed the formula like that. so no one crushes and snorts or smokes it anymore? it's not possible? that's like my adderall xr, there's no crushing those plastic beads! not that anyone here would try :)