Monday, October 31, 2011

Do you like the book I Hate Myself and Want to Die?

I want some honesty. First off I'll tell you that my stats have dropped to under half of what I used to get two months ago. Even before I diablebed Anonymous commenters. I assume its because I lost trust because of all my lies, I haven't been posting regularly, and my post are not what they used to be as far as content. 

What I really want to know is how many of you who come across my blog even think of buying my book? If anyone has? I read the book for the first time in paperback since I got a copy, and I read it again on my Nook, and its not that bad of a book.  Its actually a very good book in my opinion. Of course this is my opinon and is biased because I'm the writer of the book. Normally I would say the book sucks and I have.

Click here to link to purchase my book.
This book gives inisight to the non user what using is like. To the drug user its like drug porn. As an addict myself I can never get enough memoires about addiction and drugs. Not books about drunks though. I live with a drunk, and don't find it at all interesting.


bugerlugs63 said...

Well since I pride myself on being almost totally honest I could give you some truths but I'm not sure you would want my truth. The last time I commented here with some truth you complained to GW that "some horrible person" (even though my name was quite clear) had called you a liar, which you later admitted you were/are. For what it's worth I think a lot of people were offended, hurt etc by the suicide lie. Some readers let it pass and came back, some didn't. I don't read much but the "drug porn" stories I have heard from the "whorses mouths" as it were, have been gritty, frightening, dirty, sickening, shocking etc. I'm not sure if your book is drug porn? Even if you had heaps of amazing (drug or other) stories, this would be no guarantee to selling a book . . . If only. Maybe you could look back over your blog and work out what was keeping your readers interested a few months ago and try again.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I drop by your site every few days but I wouldn't buy your book, sorry. The reason being that I do not find your drug stories to be credible. As an ex user, it seems pretty clear to me that you have never really had a serious heroin addiction. Pills yes, but heroin no. It is very obvious when you are not writing from experience, hence your frequent coopting of other people's styles, phrasing etc. You are clearly obsessed with heroin and read a lot about it. In this regard you remind me of myself before I actually got a serious habit.

That said, I do think you have talent as a writer. When you write about sex, masturbation etc, it is very engaging. You write convincingly about that because you are writing from experience. Likewise when you write about other areas of your life. This tells me that you can write well when you are writing about your actual life, not your imagined one.

Anyway, I'll keep dropping by. Sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention.


Anonymous said...

I am an addict, I've been in treatment five times, I've been on Methadone for four years, and am back on it.
Go to the and check out my pics.

I stared on pills and moved to Heroin two years later. A year and a half after I got hooked I went on Methadone. Read the book and you see that I *m totally honest about my use od pills, Heroin, coke, and methadone.

eyelick said...

"Drug porn" can be enjoyable. The book - Maybe, maybe not? Only guaranteed income comes in twice yearly, most of it's "spoken for." Though whenever eye do manage to come up with money, am undecided. Desperately attempting to curb "unnecessary spending," though buying coffee drinks a couple times per week, sometimes more, indicates this is not yet a successful venture as of yet. Although am willing to support "those in need" whenever possible. Even when begging, would give money to other beggars if any of it was leftover, even the very last of the money for the rest of the night for anything else that may come up. Not calling you a beggar, am saying that eye view you as "in need." (poor) which is not meant as an insult. You live off of disability, so it is a fact.

Far as not getting as many readers, it's been suggested perhaps it's what you were writing about then vs. now? Own additional thoughts are maybe people are more busy with their lives, or maybe, when you made that request to "all the people" who hate you to stop reading your blog - maybe they did.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would be interested in buying your book when I get $$
I find you interesting whether you write about drugs, sex or anything else, you shouldnt put pressure on yourself about others liking what you blog or not.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I believe that you do have an artistic gift. I enjoy reading your blog and will be buying your book. I admire your ability to be you and not give a fuck what people think.

Anonymous said...

I would never consider buying your book.


Maureen said...

Your question about your readers buying ur book, well sweetie, I can not afford to buy it. Now, if I did have any extra $$ it wouldn't go towards your book. My $$ goes for important things, such as monthly bills. Things you don't have to deal with yet, as you live w/ur parents!My methadone costs me over $200.00 per/month. Not cheap, worth it though.
Plus, ur old "pity parties", I can do without.Been there myself, not becoming at all.
Believe you me, life is worth living, even if you need to be on done for the rest of ur life
like they say, nobody grows up wanting to be a junkie!
I've seen myself in the destructive mode, you are in at times.
You have many followers, some are addicts, some are not! Pretend to be, WHY, I ask myself, I don't know.
Anon, sounds like they are full of shit.
Is ur dose holding you? If you ever need to talk, let me know.

Maureen said...

Not all of the anon listed here, YOU know what/who I mean. Hang in there, you will be okay! Sounds like you are on the "right road" so to speak.
Also, YOU will find someone, it can take time.
YOU are a pretty young woman, and I know there is a specail man out there just for you.
Be patient, I know it is hard, you never know though!
Take care of yourself Anna. Don't let your parents down.

Anonymous said...

My book is no pity party, yes my blog. Is at times.

Yes, I do live my mum and dad, but no longer for free. I give them my full ssi benefits. I pay more than half the rent, I pay my share of groceries. I helped out with the bills when I got my first royalty check.

I don't live for free. I hunted for a winter jacket the one I really wanted
on for 150$ and I ended Up getting a 48 dollar jacket, which I love and am thankful that my parents bought that for me.

So I'm broke, when I could have 700$ a month to spend frivolously. I feel much better helping out with bills.

Also I signed up for low income housing. I have to wait six more months.
Anna Young

a real junkie knows your fake said...

your always looking for attention and making up lies.Looks like you just want money for your book and sympathy.
I ain't got neither one for you. Your book is worthless and you even lied about suicide.
you are lonely and looking for attention.
IMO thats what your up to in a nutshell.
Plus I don't believe for a second that your adicted to anything but attention.