Saturday, October 15, 2011

MTV True Life: I'm a heroin addict in small city

I got an email from a MTV producer who came across my blog and wanted to see if I was interested in being in a True Life documentry about heroin addiction in the suburbs. Since I'm now on Methadone she said to pass it on, and if any of my readers are junkies in America to either email her at  her or phone her 718-422-0704 ext. 105. If anyone on here who gets picked because I introduced you to them please tell me. I would love to know.

Aside from that I'm doing great on Methadone. I haven't used anything aside from Methadone since I started. What else would you like to know? Give me something to write about. My creativity has flown out the window.


the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I want to know what you dream about at night and what was your best dream and worst.
Do you have romantic dreams?

eyelick said...

Oh goodness, now eye feel SO unoriginal for thinking of a best/worst question - Did think of it earlier, but cannot post to this site on the cellphone.

Describe your best and worst relationships.

eyelick said...

Sex Stuff:

How old was the oldest man you've ever slept with and what was the context?

have you ever been with a girl?

What was your most embarassing sexual experience?

Drug Stuff:

What is your favorite drug or drug combo and why?

What was your scariest drug experience?

Do you regret ever using heroin, not regret it, or undecided? Reasons?

Life Goals Stuff:

Did you expect to have "done more with your life/have more to show for yourself" by this age? When you were 18, how did you imagine you would be by now?

What are your plans for your future? Being a writer or more? Are you the type who wants that whole "American Dream" life with having a love and a family and relatively happy, or would your not be satisfied unless you did something big that made you rich and/or famous?

Because eye haven't read your book:

have you ever had any other self-destructive habits outside of drug addiction, like bad relationships, eating disorders, self-mutilation?


What's the longest period you've been manic or some approximation of it?

What's the longest time you've been depressed?

To what extremes do your highs & lows go?

eyelick said...

Oh & that whole MTV thing. Cute in theory, except that whole "everyone knowing" concept, mostly family, also possible future job prospects. Plus that whole not living in the suburbs thing.