Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life in America is boring

Life is dull here in the US of A.  I haven't touch a drop of heroin in ages. Well, what seems like ages. I realized a few days ago that I had been watching over ten hours of television a day. I hadn't pick up a book in over three weeks. So I got my hind end to Barns and Noble, and bought a few books. Right now I'm reading Frances Farmer Shadowland. A bio of the Seattle born actress/nutcase. I've read a previous bio, but this one is very different. It portrays Ms. Farmer as a loon.

Oh yes, I also found author central at and it tells you how many books you've sold, and where you rank on the sites top 8 million. I dropped from 200 thousand, to 1 million in only two weeks. I rank in the top 10 thousand in electronic books. In the past month I've sold 14 books in the US. It doesn't give statistics of other countries.

I urge those of you who come across this blog to click on the link at the top right of the page, and buy the book if it interests you. If I interest you, or if drugs interest you. I know those of you who read my blog regularly, I sound like a broken record. Buy my book, buy my book, buy my book and on and on and on. Why does it say my book is in its second edition? I thought it took a long time for books to change editions. Are first editions worth more than second editions? My book was 15 US dollar, and is now 9.99 US dollars. Is this because its not selling well? Can anyone answer my questions? I could google them, and probably will. I do really like to hear what those of you who read have to say.

I got my period. Three months late. I'm gushing out blood, and blood clots. I can smell the blood on my tampons. It smells like raw meat. Is it weird that I smell my tampons, and play with the blood clots that are on the tampon? I read that masturbating while menstruating speeds up the lenght of your menstruation, so I've had my vibrator out every night before bed. and I have an orgasm.

Tip to women who are constipated. You can go inside your vagina and push on the back wall. When you do so you will feel the fecal matter. When you feel it push out the fecal matter with your finger. Make sure to wash hands when done. I had a friend who use KY jelly and went up into her rectum to pull out her feces. That's a little too far for me. I've found pushing it out with my hands in my vag much easier and cleaner. Tell me, does telling the world this make me more attractive or less? Just kidding I know most if not all of you are totally grossed out.

I've lost some weight now that I'm back on Weight Watchers, and working out two hours a day. I'm down from 183lbs, to 176lbs. I carry most my weight in my stomach. The least healthy place to hold your fat. I'm working on building muscle. As muscle is what helps burn calories. I've been eating mostly protein, and cutting out all processed sugars.

OH yes, my mom did not get the job in Honolulu Hawaii. I think its because she is now 50 yrs old, and the hospitals are looking for younger women. Also I got my lips plumped with collagen. It cost me 580 dollars. Totally worth it. I also bleached my hair. Well not bleached, but went lighter. I have to scan the photos because I don't have a digital camera any more. Plus I'm not sure how to find photos on my new computer. I'll figure it out. Don't worry. Photos to come.

All my love to anyone and everyone who took time out of their day to read this rubbish.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see your new lips. Did you use restalayne or something else?

Please show!

BMelonsLemonade said...

Where do you get 580 bucks for something like that? I am just curious because I am struggling as a college educated single mother, working two jobs to pay my rent, power, phone, internet, daycare, diapers, and clothes for my kid. I hardly have 20 bucks leftover each week, and I live in a bad neighborhood because it is all I can afford, and work my butt off...maybe I am just jealous because I do not have 580 dollars, and if I did, I would never be able to spend it on such a luxury item. In the past, as an addict and a dancer, I could have easily spent that kind of money on just about anything. Now that I am clean, and work 2 legit jobs, and have a child, and all the responsibilities of an adult, I barely have 40 bucks for a much needed pair of shoes for work. And please do not think I am bashing you, I am just curious. Well, curious and also jealous, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate *eye roll*

In the words of Salt n Pepa "'s none of your business!"

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate *eye roll*

In the words of Salt n Pepa "'s none of your business!"

Anonymous said...

BMelons- She got the money from you, and the rest of us that pay US taxes. She lives off her parents and her "disability" money comes from us. We also paid to have her book published, and it's pretty funny that she keeps begging us to buy it now- I'm not paying for it twice!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that ever since the fake suicide she hasn't posted any more photos? Could it be that dear Anna is really dear mom and mom hasn't been able to get more pictures? Just wondering. We all know she's a narcissist, and if she really had gotten her lips and hair done, she would be plastering the site with her photos, like she has with the old ones.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Anna of this blog is really her mom?
The pix in the bikini and weird neck don't look like her other pix.
They look like old pix of a skinny chick.

A said...

Go back to freaking out about the Illuminati.

Are there not better things to do and think about in this whole wide world?

So even if the pictures don't match the author what? SHOCK! HORROR! CALL THE POLICE!

Outrageous. *another eye roll*

But yeah Anna how come no recent photos? Get it together lady! ;)

Anna Grace said...

People, people, I don't have a camera, nor a working scanner.The photo of me in a bikini is me. Idiot.

Still with this bullshit about my mom being me. WTF, are you retarded? Seriously your a fucking idiot. I will take photos with my phone and post them somehow. I'll figer it out tonight. K

Anonymous said...

I read your blog anonymously,and have done for 3 months ..I find it fascinating and repulsive at the same time.
I will post again soon!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Gledwood?
That's how I got the link to you....but it's full of malware....What'sgoing on???
Can you help, Anna?

Gledwood said...

Anna you're funny!

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Anonymous said...

i havent read your blog in like 6 months, but i have to say looking at the new pics, you look fantastic!