Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It rained and rained

I've been staying home reading. I liked Anna Karenina so much that I thought I'd read War and Peace. So since it started raining two weeks ago, I have just been reading. I finished War and Peace and am now reading Mrs. Hollaway. Here in Hawaii it was soaking wet, we got 19 inches of rain in a week. Everything was flooded. It smelled like shit everywhere. The sewage treatment plant went out of control because of the flooding.

Its stopped raining two days ago, but its been cloudy ever since. I miss the sun here in Hawaii. I haven't been to the beach in weeks. My tan is fading. I got take home doses aka phase two at the Methadone clinic. Then I had a really bad toothache, and went to the ER for some pain relief, and all they gave me was Aleve. I had already been taking A shit ton of Advil, so I knew the Aleve wasn't going to do anything for the pain. So in a move of pure stupidity I bought two bags of Heroin, here it only cost 40 dollars, compared to the 100 dollars it would have cost in Green Bay. So I shot up the heroin, and it did nothing to curb the pain in my tooth. It did get me high, and I nodded out all day. Then the next four days after getting a root canal I slept. I only was awake for about five hours a day, and I spent that time reading. I didn't even write in my journal.

I decided against writing on here, because I watched my stats when I blogged three days in a row, and my stats didn't change, so I thought fuck it. The same amount of people are reading weather I update or not.

I started seeing a guy. His name is Kevin. He's only 27, but he looks a lot like Kurt Cobain. He's even stuck in the 90's like me. Even though he was even younger than I was when grunge took over. I met him at the Barns and Noble in the Mall. He was reading On The Road by Kerouac. I always fall for boys who read beat nik writers. He is not a addict. Which is new for me. He has no idea what I go through. I haven't told him that I had a relapse. I don't even consider it a relapse because of the extenuating circumstances. I go over to his place which is two streets down from mine. I'm on Nahua St. and he's on Kuhia st. By the Food Pantry. He has been coming over to my place more since my toothache.  He just read, and watched TV while I slept. We had sex in between there, but mostly I slept and read.

We both love watching the Office. He got me watching the British version of The Office. Funny stuff. I still haven't told him I wrote a book, and he knows nothing about this blog. I'm afraid I'll scare him off. Oh well. Who cares, its not like I'm in love. I'll give him a copy of my book sooner or later. I got to go I'm feeling sick to my stomach. Plus Kevin is coming over soon.


Anonymous said...

Everything you say is a lie. You want everyone to believe that you bring a strange guy in your house and lie around with him all day having sex with your parents in the next room? And where did you get the heroin? It's not like it's available on every street in Hawaii. If you're even there. I wouldn't be surprised if that's a lie too.

Anna Grace said...

I go to a Methadone clinic, getting heroin is like getting candy for me. Everyone knows who and where to go to get heroin at the methadone clinic. Not to mention I lived here before and know the dealers.

I posted photos of me in Hawaii, are you fucking blind. Where do you think the background of my pictures is of...Green Bay Wisconson?

Yes, I have sex with a guy with my parents a few doors down. They have sex while I'm just a few doors down. Idiot.

Get a fucking grip. When I lie I always come clean. Usually within a week, if not sooner. I haven't had to lie.

Hmm, I wonder how I know what the weather is here? Could it be I live here? Go eat shit and die you waste of fucking space and time. I bet your fat and ugly. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. God I can't even tell you how much I hope you die.

If I could kill someone it would be you. Your an idiot, and your fat and ugly. Post a pic of yourself if you want me to believe your not. Then post a photo of your suicide so I can have a party on your grave.

soulsbowl said...

hahaha AG that comment was tooo funny lolol i would normally tell someone not to waste their time getting upset but this time the comic relief was worth it

B said...

How are you calling someone 'fat & ugly' when you are just that?! Fat pathetic pig who sponges off of her parents and society. And dont give us the bit about how your parents wont let you move, you're a big girl. 'Big' being the opperative word.

Anna Grace said...

I know I'm not fat anymore, and I never was ugly. By societies standards I'm rather pretty, and I am not fat.

Big deal I live with my parents. I get my own money. I'm sponging off you.

Hey B, why don't you post a photo of yourself, and lets see how fat and ugly you are. People who don't put up pics are always ugly.

Stupid. Shouldn't even waste my energy. Call me fat and ugly all you want I know its not true. I get told I'm pretty at least once a week just walking down the street. Mainly people say my eyes are beautiful.

Anna Grace said...

Its three am here, and I may not have the best retorts. I just want to get it out there that I know I'm not fat, and in my eyes not ugly.

Also I could care less if you call me a sponge. I'm happy to live off idiots that leave stupid comments. A bunch of anon people on a computer mean nothing to me. So go ahead leave all the mean comments you want. Call me fat all you want. I know I'm not. So oink oink.

Anonymous said...

Anna don't even reply to the haters. They are just jealous. You lost the weight,and your more attractive than most people. Also don't let people put you down for having a disabilty, and getting money for that disability.

I've been reading your blog for years now, and yes you do lie, but for our entertainment. You even say your a lier in your bio. Why these people are so surprised that you lie is beyond me. Why they keep reading your blog is even more puzzeling. they are obviously obsessed with you. You should take it as a compliment that haters leave comments, just goes to show that your evoking emotion in people. I wonder why these people don't question if you realy do get disability. You could be lieing about that.

What about that person who is sure that you are your mom? That is fucking funny. If this is Anna's mom, wow you are crazy. Your obsessed with your daughter.

Live and let live. Anna your not fat. Your not ugly. Your not skinny, and your not drop dead beautiful. Show some humility. People are going to dislike you more if you keep saying your pretty. I liked you better when you thought you were ugly. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Anna I would bet the majorty of people think you are fat and ugly. Your also stupid. You think you can write, but you can't.

I'll tell you why you are ugly.Your forehead is small, your lips are thin, one eye is smaller than the other. Your face is too round. Even when your a little thinner than you were you have a double chin.

If people really say your pretty on the streets, (which I'm sure they don't) its because you wear purple contacts and too much eye makeup.

I bet your full of streach marks. Gross. You are gross. I may not be the most beautiful person in the world, but I gaurentee I'm much more attractive than you are.

No man would touch you, so I know there is no "Kevin". Hmm his name starts with a K like Kurt, and he is 27 the same age Kurt was when he died. You are not very clever.

You lie so much you don't even know where the lies end and the truth begins. That person who said you lie for our entertainment was wrong, you lie because your life is so boring you have to. All you do is lay on the couch, eat candy, shit, sleep, then lie. Your dog probably won't even come by you. Your so disgusting.

If you feel the same way as I do about Anna, leave your comments. She says she gets her self esteem from us, then she says she doesn't care what anonymous people on the internet say. I hope Anna kills herself. We all know she doesn't have the guts to do it, so we should shell out a few thousand dollars and have her snuffed. Then we can dance on HER grave.

Oh yeah, and your poor sister who died at 19, thank god she's dead, anyone who is related to you should be dead. You even admit its your fault she died, because you went to use drugs instead of driving to your parents with her the next day. Too bad you didn't stay then maybe you would have been in the car and died too.

Saying your not fat and not ugly. I just can't believe it. Then you go and call someone else fat and ugly. Your right those other anonymous people are probably fat and ugly too. God to even read your blog is sickening. I can't believe I lowered myself to reading and then commenting on your blog. Believe me this is not a compliment.

Anyone who reads this blog is worthless. I can't even put into words how much I loath you. I hope everyone who reads this tells you how fat and ugly you really are.

Beth said...

To all the anons who are so full of hate: if Anna and her blog are so distasteful to you, then why read? All this negativity goes right back to you. How sad you must be to have such anger toward someone you will likely never meet. I don't always agree with what Anna writes about, but this is HER space, not mine and it's her truth or not. Nothing I can do about it.

Also, "your" implies ownership. "You're" is a contraction of "you are."

Let he is without sin cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

First, you are fat and you are ugly, but more importantly you are ugly inside. You are a pathetic waste of space. You will never be anything since you are content to live with mommy and daddy who are obviously just as sick as you are. I know several people who are bipolar and they work, volunteer, or do something to contribute. You seem proud to live off the govt. Have fun with your measly $700 check. You won't get far on $700, not that you have any desire to do anything or be anything other than a lying loser.

Anonymous said...

I know Anna in real life. She is a beautiful, funny, intelligent, warm, eccentric person.

She leaves mean, hurtful comments about herself. Then she emails and tweets her freinds to read her comments and laughs. So I'm not sure if the crazy rude comments are from other people or from Anna. Which makes me laugh. She's mocking you all, and you don't even know it.

Anna comes off as though she has a thick skin, and is very self depricating. In reality she is fragil and needs to be handeled with care.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right, she is not leaving comments about herself. Everyone just hates her. I know I do.

Anna Grace said...

Your right I am happy to be a pathetic loser. I'm also happy with my 700 dollars a month. I'm also happy with my looks, and my body. So go ahead, say what you like. I just want the attention. I love attention, negative or positive. I can't get enough.

Anonymous said...

People that are happy with themselves aren't attention whores, they don't aspire to be junkies, they aren't obsessed with suicide and they don't "write" a "book" called I hate my life and want to die.

Anonymous said...

What is even more creepy is that her PARENTS pimp her book out. Is this all a joke? Why would your parents want anything to do with that vile book if it was true?

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Cut this f**g shit.


I thought you were a very pretty girl the minute I saw your photos. Those eyes, they just seduce a guy...anyway you Don't Need to prove a thing to anyone. It's only you that counts!

I really am downright stunned by the vicious comments left here.

Jealousy is very ugly, obviously.

Learning that you're not writing anymore hurts me.

I just hope that the sun shines on you in Hawaii and you get a coat of armor and return.

Comment moderation even for a few months or a year might really help those boring fingers of the dull haters.

Lots of love to you in whatever you do, but you do have many who love you.