Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wow, Blogger has changed. I don't know if I like it that much. I know I said I would never blog here again, but what the fuck, I made it so pretty much no one can comment unless they want to tell me who they are. Buhahahaha!

I have to update my profile on Google +to, its pretty old, and I want to put up a more up to date photo. Not one of the old ones from Hawaii back in 2007. Buhahahah! Seeing as how I've been in Wisconsin all this time.

I joined Weight Watchers again. My new phone is an Android, and has all these cool apps for WW, like this scanner that can scan any food item, and it will tell you how many points it is, and you can add it to your food tracker. Last winter when I went on it I lost tons of weight, but that also had to do with using heroin everyday. Nearly everyday. I did go sick once in a while due to the high cost of heroin here in Green Bay.

I don't know what else to say. I could go on about David Copperfield as I did in my other blog, but I won't bore you guys too.

So, am I coming back? Well not all the way yet. I want my family to think I've completely went over to my new blog. When I feel that has happened I will make my way back here to good old Blogger. I like it because it sounds like booger.

My love to everyone. I'm thinking should I post a photo of my nipple? Probably not. I'd have to make put that disclaimer on my blog, and that's just way too much work right now.

Live long and prosper
Anna Grace