Monday, May 14, 2012 is my new blog that I only let a few read. Go have a look. Indulge yourself.   So there it is . Go read all about what happened while I was gone. I think there is some pics that will prove those of you whom have doubted my use of heroin, as stupid idiots. Not that I didn't give you reason to not believe me, but as you can see from the photos on my new blog I am still using, and have been since I was 18 or 19, started shooting up around 21. Did I use "whom" correctly?

I also bought some new dresses, 50's style dresses, with petticoats under them to make them poof out, and I had to go in and get them taken in. Seems my breasts are not that large. Damn it you little tits. I unwittingly got two of the exact same dress on two different web sites weeks apart, for drastically different prices, one in red, and one in black. I also have a dress coming in from Japan that is super cute. A Lolita dress, not Gothic Lolita, little girl Lolita. Its a red dress, with a bow on the collier, and its got long sleeves. It also has white trim. Its being tailor made for me, which is awesome, so this one I don't have to get taken in.  My belly is huge, and people think that because my belly is huge that my ta ta's will be huge. Pisses me off. I also got a shirt that says, I Hate Myself and Want to Die, with rainbows, and hearts on it. So if you don't look at it closely you don't notice the sad words. I think its funny.

To those of you who don't think I really had a book signing, I did , I just had it here in Green Bay. It was advertised on AM Radio, and in the Time Herald. I did get about 50 books sold and signed, and about ten more people I knew brought in their books to be signed. I have photos I'm going to post of that.

I have another book signing coming up in Fon Du Lac WI, on July 20th, it starts at 1pm, and I do a reading at 5pm. It is at a book store called "The Book Worm". They sell both used and new books.  I hope a lot of people from Wisco come to Fon Du Lac WI for the book signing. I will post directions when I look then up.

So go check out my new, old blog. I have another blog that I hardly ever posted on, and I'm keeping that one a secret, so when I've got something I really cannot say on here, I can post over there. Hey, hey, hey!!


Bev said...

Good to see you back here again.Dont worry about your belly.Ppl always ask me if Im pregnent!You look cute with your blond hair.

jennyg said...

Hey Anna, check out the website they have really cute dresses and everything is only $15. I absolutely love that site!