Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bummer Bitch

I like to think of myself as the bummer bitch. Not so much of a negative creep, but I'm a real bummer, and I'm a bitch. Even though I'm a nice person in real life. Some people might disagree. There is a song called Bummer Bitch by Freestone. The band who plays the song is not a punk band, but the punk world took the song seriously. The band was just making fun of punk music. Ironic. Makes me think the person who sent it to me doesn't know much about music. They thought this band really was a punk band. If you listen to the b sides it hurts your ears.

Man I've got problems. I can't really talk about them on here. Police matter.

In other news, I went out to the bar over the weekend. I didn't drink. I hate drinking unless I'm dope sick, and have to drink so I can pass out. I went to the only cool bar around here that plays decent music and has pretty good bands. Its called the Crunchy Frog. Last summer when I'd get dope sick I'd go there to drink myself into oblivion. I had no money, but usually I got my drinks paid for. Also its the cheapest bar around. I drink Pabst, and take shots of Southern Comfort. When I want to get really hammered, I just drink SO CO and 50/50.  I like sweet old fashion ends on the rocks. I had a pretty good time. I went with a good friend, and she couldn't drink either because she's knocked up.

Abrupt subject change.

I'm now reading Naked Lunch, I've read it before, but I never sat down and read it really close. So this time I sitting down and reading it really close. Burroughs being my favorite writer, I'd like to learn his writing technique, and how he structers his sentences. I've been working on writing a 1000 words a day. Practicing his writing style and infusing my style with it. Although I've found that I tend to mimic Victorian writers more than recent writers.  I finally got some of the short stories I had in my head out. Maybe I should move to Iceland where its night half of the year. I'm at my most creative at night. I've noticed that many people have the muse strike at night rather than during the day. After I finished Catch 22, I read Little Women. I can't even explain how that era of writing appeals to me. I read Little Women in a little over 24 hours. I just couldn't put it down. Plus Jo is a writer, and in my imagination I think she is a little like myself. hahaha. Cutting off her long hair. She cut hers off for a noble reason, I cut mine off so I wouldn't have to brush it as often, or at all really.

I also wanted to note, when I check to see who's reading my blog, and I figure out who you are from your ISP's and I label you. I also can see what you typed into the search engine that brought across this blog. I made a big mistake entitling one of my posts, I can lick my own pussy. Now most of my traffic is because of that post title. The posts that are most read of mine, are the posts that I wrote in detail about my sexual actives.  The lick my own pussy post  had nothing to do with licking my own pussy. So those of you who have come across me because of that post title, I'm sorry. I can lick my nipples, and my nose. Only a very few of the "lick my own pussy" people who come across this blog ever read it for more than 30 seconds, or ever return.

 I was suppose to see my head shrink tomorrow, but turns out I can't. I have to go to the Suboxone Doc tomorrow. Big shock to those of you who know me as a methadone girl, but something popped up, and I had to move over to suboxone.  Which really isn't good for me, because it's so easy to cheat on Suboxone. I know I'll be spending my money on dope again.  Which really sucks, because I had over 2000 dollars saved up to move out of this one horse town. I really wanted to go to Oregon, or Seattle. Somewhere where this fucking sun doesn't shine all the damn time. Who would think Wisconsin would be too sunny, but its way too sunny for this bummer bitch.

I saved all that money. That's okay though because my parents are bidding on that old house with a maids quarters, aka my writers nook. Its really only three months that I have to bear all this sunshine. I often wish the sun would explode and then implode into a supernova.

Some people's children!

Live long and prosper


Bev said...

2000 dollars is alot of money.save it for 12 more days.I been spending money i dont have and may not get.I want to see if jewlery will make me happy.

Anna Young said...

I had to say I was on Suboxone to throw off the crazy person who I had to file a complaint against. I wanted him to believe he really did get me kicked out of the clinic, so he would think he "got me back". Even though I didn't do anything to be gotten back at for, I just wanted all this to end.

To be clear I am still going to the clinic. I never went to see the suboxone dr. I did go see my shrink. I also saw my pcp dr. to get blood work done.