Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exessive sweating of face, head, body due to Methadone? Here's a way to stay dry.

Hey, its your favorite blogger. Trying hard not to be too narcassitic. I failed and ended up inserting two photos of myself. Still I'm really trying to help others who suffer from excessive sweating. REMEMBER MAXIM. ONLY THE WORDS IN GREEN ARE CLICK ABLE LINKS TO TAKE YOU TO THE WEBSITES FOR MAXIM

If your on Methadone Maintenance, you may know there is a number of side effects. The most embarrassing of these side effects can be profusely sweating from you face, head, and neck. For women, this is even worse, because it makes wearing, and keeping makeup on impossible. Its uncomfortable, you are always wiping at your face to try and dry the sweat.  While doing this you're wiping all your makeup off with the sweat. Your hair looks unwashed because its damp from sweat. If your not rail thin, people make assumptions that you are fat, and out of shape, or a sweaty pig. Its not just women, men suffer too. The slightest exertion can cause excessive sweating.

Its not just the face and head, its the whole body really. I for one have been suffering with excessive sweating due to the side effect of Methadone treatment for years. Finally I found a product available that you can buy without a doctor's prescription. Its called MAXIM deodorant, not just for your arm pits. There is wipes for your face, neck, feet, and hands. Anywhere on your body. In GREEN is the link to Maxim website where you can learn about and buy the product. Just a click away is freedom for some people.

If your not sure how these wipes work, I've inserted the link below. Here's a "HOW
To" use MAXIM click the GREEN link below for a how to manual.

 Most of the people who read my blog, don't know me as a person to advertise a product. I mostly write about myself, my drug use, sex, and every other personal intimate detail of my life. So why am I now? First off because it was just three weeks ago I ordered my own Maxim wipes, and a week later received them. After three days of use, my sweating was all but gone. I was only sweating when I was truly working out. Then today I was catching up on one of my favorite bloggers, blogs written by  Gledwood, who mentioned his sweating, and on his comments there were a lot of other methadone and heroin addicts who are suffering from this unwanted side effect.
To the right a photo of me and my foundation make up is sweating off, even though all I'm doing is taking a photo of myself in my own air conditioned home.

I won't lie, this product is not cheap, and its not available in stores. You have to buy it over the Internet. It might be cheaper on, but they might not have the wipes yet, because they are so new to the market place.

I hope I helped at least one other suffer from this embarrassing side effect.  There are people who are NOT on methadone or heroin and still suffer from this also. There is some scientific name for it, hypo something or other. Also those of you who are addicted to opiates and are thinking about Methadone treatment, I don't want you to think for sure you will suffer from excessive sweating. Don't make a decision not to get methadone treatment just because you may or may not get this.

I told you in my last post. I'm making a small change. I'm not going to write about getting high, and heroin all the time. I'll still tell my secrets and be hated by lots of people. In this change, I'll be writing more about methadone treatment, mental health problems, and books. Those are my three favorite subjects, next to writing about sex, back when I was young, thin, and attractive. Now I'm getting older, fatter, and uglier. So if you see my photos up top, and think gross, I don't want to read about her sex life, picture some sex kitten with blow job lips, and yourself, or you as a sex kitten, with another sex kitten. Different strokes for different folks.

Here is the link to the official Maxim website again. Don't cry ever again because your to embarrassed to go in public because of how much your face and body is sweating. So again click link below and go to official Maxim website.
Where to buy Maxim wipes for face, and body.


bugerlugs63 said...

Hi Anna, Just when I thought (after your previous post) that you were finally appreciating your readers and starting off with a resume of truth . . . You go and take us for a load of fools to try and make some money . . . O well, you must have your reasons I suppose.
I suffer from intense face, neck and chest sweats (somedays) Methadone, gear and menopause . . . However, no matter how embarassing, inconvenient and bledy annoying these sweats are . . . If the body has need to flush-out these toxins, I would rather have them out of my system, than forced to stay there by a whole new load of chemicals.
Just saying . . .
Also, I think your writing has improved so much . . . and it was a good idea to set the record straight with your "Who I am post", although I think most of us can tell the truth from lies.
I do think (for what my opinion is worth) that you have made progress and that's hard enough with a heroin addiction and methadone script, as I well know, so that's positive too . . . Good, take care.
I also think you would love Europe.

Anna Young said...

to clear things up, I'm making no money from this post.

Anna Young said...

I wrote this in an advertisement style to see if I was capable of doing so professionally. I have never whored out my blog to pitch something I didn't know does truly help. (my book aside)

If you use antiperspetrent to stop excessive sweating your body will sweat in different areas to expell what needs to be expelled. So no blockage of toxins will occur.

Bev said...

Thank you for helping people that sweat.I dont take methadone but I sweat so bad.My face and my belly.I want to but these wipes to.I love the flower in your hair you look as cute as a button.are you crying in the last pix?If you are you can cry on my sholder.I love you sweet heart.

bugerlugs63 said...

I've replied to your comment on my "Archive" page . . . I'm not sure why you were offended by what I'd written here.
Sorry, I didn't mean to cause offense. I thought I was being rather positive and encouraging.

Bev said...

this sounds good.I sweat alot to.

Gledwood said...

You getting paid for that advertisement?

You know you can get GOOD MONEY working for ad agencies. In fact, it pays better than journalism of any other writing career except for blockbuster Hollywood script writing or primetime TV script writing or bestselling novel writing. So you could have a budding career. Tell me, are they paying you for the number of links you put through..??

Anna Young said...


I'm am making absolutely NO MONEY from this post. I am keeping my blog ad free. At least until I've re built a reputation as a truthfull blogger, and gain more readers. At which time I will probably try to become a professinal blogger.

I do blog a lot, and take a lot of time out of my day when I do write a new post. Why not get paid for it.

This particular blog, I was just writing in a advertisement form. Just to see if was able to do so properly. I obviously can,seeing as most everyone who commented thinks I'm making money from it.

I'm not an ad person. You have to be more dillagant that I am. I do like brain storming with a group of people trying to come up with a new idea.

When I was a senior in High school as our senior project we were put into groups and had to come up with a Public Service Anoucement to keep kids in school. Only two of the groups PSAs would actually air, and the group I was in was came up with the one out of two PSAs that were put on TV. They did air on local stations, and MTV. Of course they were aired late at night, or super early in the morning. It was fun though. So was writing this post.