Friday, June 29, 2012

Make something clear.

Just an update, and to clear up a contradiction. In my post, "Bummer Bitch" I had said I was going to see a suboxone dr. This is not true. I have no intention of ever going back on suboxone. No intention of getting off methadone for a long time.

The reason I said I was going on suboxone is because, the crazy person who found my blog and emailed, and called me over 50 times to get them heroin. I explained to them I no longer had a main man, I now went through a middle man, because I am on MMT. So after numours calls, texts, and emails, I gave in and gave them the last phone number I had for a main dealer. I had no idea if this was still the number. Anyway, I've told this story. This person goes to pick up the dope, and they ended up getting ripped off. They blamed me, thought I was in on it. To punish me they called my clinic and told them I ripped them off. I just wanted this person to think I was no longer going to the clinic so they wouldn't show up there to beat me up, or key my car, etc... so I just said I got kicked out.


Maureen said...

YOU have to be careful, too many nutcases out there!!! If I were you, I would change my phone number & give it ONLY to real friends. Not some dope sick? person, who wants you to score or "hook them up"! This person sounds like a moron, blaming you for getting ripped off! They probably weren't even sick. I'd take dope sick Stay in touch
Love Maureen

Anna Young said...

I know I have to be careful from now on. The thing is I don't know of I can change my number. I'm definatly going to look into it!

I was so stupid for ever responding to the crazy persons email, and then answering the phone when I saw the number was from the crazy persons texts.

Never again.

Gledwood said...

But you didn't say you got kicked out, you said you were on Suboxone but couldn't say why. I hope that person got the story right...

Doesn't your methadone clinic do Suboxone? Here you'd get them both from the same druggieclinic.
Contrary to the impression given on various websites that talk about heroin being prescribed in the UK, there are NO heroin clinics open to the general public in this country. The clinics that do still operate would be left over from clinical trials. Sometimes, in very rare instances, people are taken on from one clinic to another and left on a diamorphine script. But this hardly ever happens. One of my old friends was on a diamorphine script for years, but the clinic found out he'd moved out of their catchment area. The local clinic here said they'd look after him. And true to their word he was kicked straight off injectable diamorphine and put on oral methadone. So of course it was back straight to the street gear and a formerly stable life was totally fucked up. The system in this country may be slightly better than America, for instance you don't have to come into the main clinic to dose every day, you get your dose from a pharmacy, and once you're stable, which means you've been at the clinic for about 3 months, you're normally allowed to take your doses home, which is way better. It means you can sup your meth in bed at 6am and get up at 8 feeling OK. Instead of struggling down to the chemist first thing streaming with sweat, feeling at your absolute crappy worst, knowing that even after you drink the stuff you won't feel OK for maybe 2 hours... all the while knowing there's a dealer on every corner waiting to sell you something that will make you instantaneously better... Hmmmm...

Gledwood said...

Yeah Maureen is right, they probably weren't sick because nobody would move into an area who had a raging habit without making sure they were sorted out, and if they didn't have any connection they'd make sure they got hooked up BEFORE crisis point hits (which is probably what they were trying to do through you).

But I don't get why your dealer ripped them off? You mean someone who has supplied you with heroin on numerous occasions just sold this person empty bags? Or ran off with their money? Or what? I've never heard of a dealer doing this. Selling crap gear, yes. Performing an absolute deliberate rip-off, no. That's how a person loses their reputation and even drug-dealing scum need a good reputation to succeed in their shady endeavours!

Anna Young said...

You're correct I didn't say I was kicked out. My mistake.

As for the clinic giving suboxone as well as methadone, no MY clinic does not. They did for a short time when subs first came out, but I was told they stopped b/c people where not being helped a much as the people on methadone. I think it had to do with money, because my clinic is a privately owned clinic, not run by the government. Government run clinics usually do give out both.

Here we do get take homes, but you have to have at least 90 days of all clean UAs, and you must make every appt. with your worker and Doctor. If you do these things you are allowed one extra take home dose. Which means you only go to the clinic 5 times a week instead of 6. After six months of doing all the same stuff you had to do to get you first take home, you then get a second dose. It goes on like that until you reach 14 take homes. Mind you, if you get a dirty UA, miss on appt., or miss a call back (whenever the clinic feels like it they can call you to come into the clinic on an unscheduled time to check your doses and make sure they are all there and unopened and make sure you took all your doses from the bottle with the correct date on it. You get 12 hours notice before a call back and you absolutely have come in and have it all in order or they take away all your take homes even Sundays) plus you worker or Doctor can take them away for any reason they want. Of course you can appeal the decison, but its a cold day in hell when the boared sides with the client.

I wish I lived in England.

Anna Young said...


I don't know why my dealer would have ripped them off. Although I'm not sure if the phone number I gave them was still in use by the same person. That number was from late September, and my dealer would change his phone number about every three months, and throw away the phones. So the person they called may not have even been a dealer at all. I warned the person that I was not sure if that was still the number my dealer used.

The whole thing was fucked up. I should have known they were crazy when I saw that they left 41 email messages in just a few hours, plus 54 phone calls, and 38 text messages. Also this person sent me a bunch of photos of what they looked liked, and even thier Identification. I could post the photos on my blog, but I never saw this person in real life, so I don't know if they just sent me pictures of some random person saying it was them. Just plain wierd!