Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Negative Creep

Its been awhile since I wrote a blog. I have lots to write about. First I want to say hello to Jamie. I knew you couldn't resist reading my blog after I've talked about it and all the people who hate me in our meetings. I assume this is why I'm now getting observed UAs. Its okay, I don't mind if you read. I like you a lot. I let everyone read what's going on in my life. Just so you know this is not a total non fiction blog, I sometimes write fiction. If you go back and read some old comments on old posts you'll see how much people hate that I lie. I don't like to say lie, I like to think of it as artistic versions of the story. BTW, I never brought in urine. I have no idea how one would keep it warm enough. When that pee comes out its flippen hot.

Okay, that's enough of a welcome to a new reader. I'll get to what's going on. Where do I start? So much has happened. I guess I'll start with my crazy reader who got too close. This reader moved to Green Bay, and didn't have a hook up for H. So this person googled how to find heroin in Green Bay, and what pops up? My blog. Of course my email address is on my blog. This person emails me to help him or her get h. I figured it was some kind of set up. So I ignored the email. The next day I check my email, and there is 42 messages from the same person. Crazy google person, begging me to help him or her get heroin. After reading all the messages I felt bad, and decided I would give them the last phone number I had for my dealer. Now that I no longer use on a daily basis, when I do use I have to go through a middle man, and buy a bag for this person. So I wasn't sure if the number I gave this person was still the number my man is using. I doubt it would be, because he switches phones like I change underwear. So weekly. I gave this person the number and forgot about him or her.

Later that night I started getting these crazy threatening messages. Saying I ripped this person off, and I'm gonna be paid back. The only place this person knows where to find me is at the clinic, and knows that I go there everyday. So this person was telling me to watch my back. I was like WTF. I didn't recognize the number.Si I had no idea why someone would be so mad at me. Well, after calling the cops and doing some other digging, I find out it was the person who had emailed me to get h, and I gave the phone number to. What I found out later was that, this person called the number and set up a meeting to buy dope. When this person got there, he or she was robbed. This person thought that I was in on it. The cops talked to this person and this person denied all of this, but I had the emails and text messages to prove it. I guess this person didn't want to admit to buying heroin. So to those of you who google how to find heroin in Green Bay WI, and come across my blog, DO NOT email me to hook you up with a dealer, or to be a middle man. There is a little more to the story, but I can't divulge those detail because its now a police matter.

In other news, my parents are looking at buying this awesome old house, that is a landmark here in Green Bay. Its in Astro Park, and it was built in 1888. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge spiral stair case, three levels plus an attic and basement. It even has a drawing room. Like in old books, everyone got together in the drawing room to take tea, and listen to someone sing or play the piano. This is not the best part of the house, the best part. It has servants quarters!  A small house in the back of the main house, behind the waterfountin, is the sevents quarters. It has two small bed rooms, a sitting room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. I could live in the servants quarters, and it could be my writers nook. You would think this house is really expensive, but its not. Its only 250,000 dollars. For a house this big, with a huge city lot, and a smaller house plus a garage on the property, this house is priced to sell. So we may be moving soon. I hope so. I'm also selling my bedroom furniture. I have a sleigh bed, and matching dressers, and a night stand. I now want a old bed with iron rods. Not a queen, but a double size bed. Just one dresser, and a vanity. Sorry to bore you guys. I just love thinking about my writers nook. I can just picture myself in the beautiful garden reading under a parasol.

Speaking of reading, right now I'm reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. At first I hated it. I didn't get it. Then I realized its not written in chronological order. After I realized that I began to like the book more. Its not really my favorite book. Its not one I'd read more than twice. Not like Anna Karenina, or David Copperfield which I'd read a million times. If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only have three books, for sure Anna Karenina would be one. As you may or may not know, I'm working my way through a list of the top 100 books everyone should read. I'm not going in order.  I've already read a number of the books on the list. From this list I'm finding books that are not on the list that I'm buying. Such as Jane Eyre and Dorian Grey. One book I'm dreading is "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". I have no idea what that book is about, but I remember there was a movie that came out about 7 years ago with the same title, and I don't really remember the movie, I just remember that I did not like it.

As I've mentioned on google+ I got these great new baby doll dresses. I love them. I also got a tiara, a 50's hat with netting over the face, a bunch of flowers to clip in my hair, and a daisy crown, and a sparkling head band. My dad hates my new look, and would not go to the movie with me and my mom, because I was wearing my tiara with a t-shirt, black pants, and a yellow hooded sweatshirt. I love wearing my tiara. I love my Daisy crown, and my hat. I feel British in my hat. I'll post some photos soon. I look like a fat doll. One dress makes me look like a fat little girl, the other two are more grown up, but I had to bring them to the tailor to have them taken in.

I said I had lots to write about, and it turns out that's not true. Well, its true, but what I have to write about is not very interesting. I wanted to mention that the pictures I have on google+, someone marked the one of my vagina as obscene. So now nobody can see it. When I get my period I'm taking a photo of my vagina with a string hanging out, but I'm going to do it really close up, so it will take people a while to figure out what exactly it is, and if they figure it out, they can't be sure so they hopefully won't mark it as obscene.

What I've learned from this stalker situation is that I cannot put up so much personal info about myself on the Internet. I'll always write about personal things, but I'll never put my phone number up, or my address, or my parents names, and licence plates.

Funny thing about my licence plates. Now that my parents got the new car, I drive the jeep. My parents have personalized plates on the jeep. One day someone who goes to the clinic was driving behind me on my way to the clinic, and when I got out the person asked me if my plates meant to say die. Just goes to show what a negative creep I come off as.

A shout out to my friend Bev. I hope your doing good. Sorry I wasn't around when you were having problems. I probably would have made it worse, since I'm a negative creep. Talk to you soon.
Hi Gledwood. xoxox

Live long and prosper


Bev said...

Im so glad your back.
Thanks for thinking of me you wont make my problems worse at all.I love your crown and i was watching Queen Elizabeth's jubile.I hope your dad changes his mind about your new look.Idie my hair to by myself.I love your new look.The baby doll dresses sound cute to.I have to see what they look like.maybe i will buy one to:-)

Bev said...

I love your crown!I seen Queen Liz jubilee and you got it just in time.Thanks you will not make my problem worse.The lady writing to me was snotty but i forgot her already.I hope your dad changes his mind about your hair.I dye mine to by myself and somebody does the back roots for many crazy ppl oth there to write to personal.I will look and see what a baby doll dress looks like.maybe I will buy one to.:-)

Gledwood said...

That house sounds amazing, I hope they get it. $250,000 is only £150,000... for that you couldn't even get a studio flat in London, in fact you'd have to look pretty hard to find any house for that money in Britain, so your parents are getting a real bargain.

As for the H setup, I don't understand who robbed this person? You mean they gave the money to the wrong person thinking they were the dealer? Or somebody came and mugged them while they were waiting to score..? Please clarify, as I don't get it.

I don't think I'd have called the police over something like that. I'd just have ignored it. What did the police say, or can't you tell me?

Anyway I'm glad you're back blogging again. I never could remember the name of the new blog you opened ...

Gledwood said...




smackhead said...

im a negative creep, im a negative creep and im stoned - fucking love it
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