Friday, June 29, 2012

Possiable new house

This house is in Green Bay in the Astor Park area. It was built in 1883 by a doctor with a wife and three sons. Try to ignore the decor. The men who are selling the home are very into antiques. Almost every piece of furniture in the house is antique. Exceptions, the media room, office, the top floor aka what would/will be my room, and the kitchen are all more modren.

 Below are the only photos I could find of this house online. There are number of rooms that are not shown in the photos I found. It’s missing two bedrooms, three bathrooms, the office, the sun room off the kitchen, and there are no pics of the interior maid’s quarters. No photos of the coy pond in the far back right yard. In one photo of the side right yard, if you look close you can see the statue. There is a big tree in the front yard with a bench built around it. There are not photos of the back porch, or the back side of the left yard. You can't see the front gates, or the fenced in yard. There is just so much, I can't wait to go back with my camera phone and take more photos.

From these photos you might think this house is an exonerate amount, but it is priced at the very affordable 224,900 thousand dollars. If my parents didn't buy this house they would be fools. Still it’s their money, and they can buy whatever house they would like. If we do get this house, we would keep some of the antique feel, but modernize some parts. This house is a landmark, so you can't make any changes to the house structure, inside or out. So it would all be decor changes.


Front of house view from right. The tree on the right is the tree with a wraparound bench. I was wrong you can see the front gate surrounding the front of the house.

View of front yard from the left, shows working water fountain, and amazing landscaping

Here is another view of the front yard on the left side of house. That pole is a light, and the path leads to the back of the house left side. Where the back poarch is.

Walkway on left side of the house leading to the back porch off the sun room. Path way is lighted at night.

View of the right side of the yard, in this picture you can see the bench that wraps around the tree if you look closely. In the distance you can see the statue, again amazing land scapeing.

First formal sitting room off the entrance. The current owners have it so filled with antiques and furniture you really have to see the house in person to imagine how it would look with less furniture, and diffrent decorations.

Second Formal sitting room, with view into formal dining area. Notice the fake dog...weird!

The drawing room second floor.

Formal dining area, you can't see the hallway leading to kitchen, or main floor bedroom in this photo. If they has put up a picture on the right side of table you would see the hallway.

First flight of stairs right off the entrance way.

Media room second level.

Main floor bed room.

Second floor Master Bedroom

Master bedroom vanity behind is dressing room, shower, a small room with toilet, etc...

The master bedroom bathtub, in the pic you can't see the chandelier.

Top floor game room, which would be my room, this is the front of the room, which I would make a sitting area.

The top floor room, back, where I would put my bed. There is no photo of the huge full bathroom.

View from top floor down the stair case.

Another bedroom, not sure which floor.

Kitchen, pic does not show sunroom off the kitchen.


bugerlugs63 said...

I don't understand your concerns about removing your phone number from the internet . . . Then practically giving out your address, if the bid goes through.
I like the exterior but find the interior a bit fussy, frilly with too many fake plants . . . would be a nightmare to clean (that's a mother's thinking!) . . . Nice gardens and sleigh bed.

kelley said...

Anna im so jealous! I love love LOVE this house! I hope your parents get it!

elizabeth said...

Wow! Must be lots of money in furnishings alone in that house! I happen to like that kind of old house but not quite that Victorian! I am sure if you guys got that house and played down the decor it could be fabulous!

Anna Young said...

I don't live in this house right now, and I thought about people knowing where I live. I do plan on taking this post down if my parents bid is accepted. If it is I won't be telling people in a public forum that I would be moving. If the bid is not accepted, I will not annouce in public forum.

As far as the house being too "frilly", again you should imagine the interior without the decorations, and walls painted white.

You're right this would be a pain to clean. Of course most rooms would be unused most the time, so dusting would be the big job.

Anna Young said...

I hope my parents get the house too, but this morning we were talking about the house and the bid my parents made. If the bid is not accepted, my parents will not be counter bidding.

It seems to me they are getting cold feet. They worried about taking out a thirty year morgage at their age. The house wouldn't be paid off until they are in their mid 80's. Although if my dad dies the house will automatically be paid off. Thank to the vets disability and the fact that he has a daughter with a disability.

I'd rather have my father alive and kicking at an old age, than have the house paid off and left to me.

Anna Young said...

OMG, I estimate the antiques in this house are worth around one million dollars. I mean the first floor is more muesem than actual living quarters.

Just heating and cooling this house is a small fortune. We whould have to close off the parts of the house that are not being used

bugerlugs63 said...

Is the house not lived in at the minute? with over a million dollars worth of antiques sat there? Oooo errr, Hope you dont get any criminals reading here :-)

Gledwood said...

It's absolutely beautiful, like a non-spooky horror film house... if you know what I mean. I really hope you do get to live there...

Gledwood said...

How come the "publish your comment box" has come back? And why did it disappear for so long? I couldn't say anything here for ages, and don't get how anyone else managed to!

Bev said...

I love your new house.It looks very posh.I bet it will inspire you to write more.

Anna Young said...

The publish button came back because I'm allowing all comments again (for a trial period) even asshole comments like the anon who slagged on me on your blogs comments section; in reply to the comment I left about you making the American "system" sound better than the United Kingdoms "system".

You could have commented on my blog before I set it to allow all comments. I was only allowing people who were signed into their blogger account or google plus account. You must not have been signed in when you tried to comment.

Anna Young said...

It's not where I live. At least not yet, still waiting to see if my parents bid was accepted. Even if the bid is accepted and we move into that house it still wouldn't be MY house. It would be my parents house. I would just be renting the top floor from them.

Recently my parents began to make me pay $340.00 in rent plus $40.00 more dollars for my cell phone. They also no longer pay for my food. Which is fine I get $100.00 in food stamps.

Anna Young said...

The house is lived in, two men live there. On of the men is away on business. The other is at home every night after work. Also the house has a complex security system. If certin items in the house are picked up without entering a security code an alarm goes off.