Thursday, July 19, 2012

Someone accused me of lying on my virginity post...look at the date of this post

I hate my face, I hate this place,and I'm strung out again: Forget this post


Bev said...

Dont be upset by the jerk.He was not there when you lost it and he would not know unless he was the guy you lost it to.

Beth said...

Fuck 'em! You don't have to let the haters mess with ya! Who cares what they think? It's your life and you have to live it your way.

Anna Young said...

I found him. The troll who has been trolling blogs like mine for awhile. I have posted a picture of him, and a link to more information about him. Eg: his facebook, email, etc...

I have posted it on an old post on one of my three different blogs. If he's harrassed you you in the past email me at my gmail account, and I'll send you the link to the post and which blog its one. I will be checking your emails to see who you are. So if you want to stay anonymous don't email me.

It took me quite a few hours to get to him or at least the person who pays the Time Warner Cable bill. All the info I obtained legaly, and it was all free. The people who helped me find it, may have done hacking, but I don't know. I do know that the computer I was using to search for him, had two attempted attacts by hackers. Fucking hacking websites, they help you find information, but in the process they hack you. Thank goodness I had the presents of mind to use my old computer, one of those really small ones that is pretty much only used for the internet, and I was using wifi through a diffrent ISP at a coffee cafe near our condo. The old computer had enough anti virus, and spywhere to keep the computer from crashing, but they did get it to slow to almost a crawl for a few hours. I had to go in and do figgen 10 scans, and put the computer in safemode, networking. Its working fine now. Luckly non of our computers are networked together or the two good computers would have gotten hit by the attacts. I guess there is some hackers "code" , and as long as you are a good hacker they won't send dangerous worms, Ddos, trojans ect. Unfourtantly I'm not apart of the code cause I'm not good enough. I do know that apples/macs are much harder to get into than windows. He was using an Ipad, but had other computers in the house.

Anyway, hopefully he'll stop trolling blogs leaving idiotic comments. I wonder if it is his kids. I did call the police. If you don't belive I have the officers name who took my call and the incident report number. You yourself can call the police and ask...tell them your side of the story. Maybe your cousin who's a lawyer can sue me. LOL! I can't wait for you to email me to see if its true. Your gonna be so pissed. hahaha.

Now I'm done with you. You are out of my life for good. Unless your lawyer cousin sues me. I'm inocent, you can check my computers. I didn't hack a single thing. All info on the blog post that is about you was found through a google search which is public info.

Now that I know your paralized and in a wheel chair I sorta understand why you troll the internet, but why don't you play video games instead of reading people's blogs you supposably hate. Why did you do such indepth searches on me, and the other people? Were you planning to hire a hit man? I know I shouldn't be mean to a disabled person, but I'm disabled too, you just can't see my disability with your eyes. Even though I'm disabled you wrote hurtfull comments. I suggest go play video games from now on. IF you don't leave me alone, it is considered harrassment. I've been keeping all your comments since I figured out your IP address. I've also gone through and looked up all my anonymous comments since I started my blog, and went to my stat counter to match times you were on my page, and when you exited my page though a comment, and I've got all the anon comments that match the times you were leaving comments on that post. Only two are a couple seconds off. But I assume you took a few seconds to write the comment and hesitated a bit before pushing publish.


naomi said...

why is he accusing you of lying about your virginity in ur post? in my experience thats how most of my mates lost theirs; to older guys, wasnt like in the movies etc etc... if you were gonna lie im sure you would have said it was a beautiful experience; in a £1k a night hotel with rose petals on the bed blah blah... i wonder if this is the same dick who is writing saying my child should be taken off me. tbh, thats why i stopped writing; i need to start again though. how do u track em, or anna can u check the comments he (presume its a he) made and see if its the same person- seems equally as nasty and vicious maybe its the same guy. hope ur well x

Anna Young said...

I'm willing to bet it is the same person. The funny thing is I found him, and have all his info posted in a random post. If you want to know more about him just email me for the link to the post with his info. He trolls a bunch of different bloggers. He threatened to call the cops on me for tracking him, and I begged and begged him to, but he knew that I did nothing wrong. I just ignore him now, and he's super pissed. I won't post any flame comments or get involved in flame wars.

He's so mad I won. I'm getting emails from many different bloggers who have tracked his IP to certin comments, but I found him. It feels so good. He's in a wheel chair and his face was hurt somehow. Makes me feel bad, but he left the flame comments.

You should tots blog again.

Anna Young said...

I can't see who left the comment unless you have a stat counter. Otherwise I'd be glad to look it up for you.