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Too much information about the HBO show True Blood

Here in the US there is a television show on HBO called True Blood. The show is about Vampires trying to co-exist with human beings. There are all kinds of humans that either are or turn into mythical creatures. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) who happens to be a fairy. The fairy gene runs in the Stachhouse blood. We the audience didn't find out that Sookie were a fairy until the end of the third season. We knew she has this magical power that came out of her hands with a bright light, and she didn't know where she got this power, or how to control it. She was always aware of the fact she could read other people's minds. Other power fairies have. For some reason vampires were drawn to Sookie. The said her blood smelled better than any other humans they have known. Her blood also tasted better than any other humans blood they ever tasted. (Vampires are very old, and have seen, smelled, and tasted almost every type of human)

Above are Eric Northman (Blonde tall guy), Anna Paquin, and vampire Bill Compton (guy with brown hair shorter)

There are two main vampire characters. Bill Compton, Eric Northman. Eric is an older vampire than Bill and he is the Vampire Sheriff of Bonton Parish Louisiana. There is whole hierarchy of Vampires. Only the king of Louisiana has more political power than the sheriffs of the parishes of Louisiana. I can't really go into detail about hierarchy of Vampires without writing a thousand words. Let’s just say, every new season of the show you find out about more and more powerful vampires politically. The older the Vampire the stronger the vampire is, and usually the older stronger vampires are in higher positions politically.

In the first season Bill the vampire and Sookie are in a relationship (sexually too) in True Blood world some humans offer themselves to the vampires to be feed off. When vampires are having sex with humans they like to bite and taste their human’s blood. Some people would let just any vampire feed off them. Sookie only let Bill taste her. She does end up letting other vampires feed from her, but only if they are going to die the "true death". Vampires heal faster when they are fed. Example, if a vampire was burnt by the sun, they would need to drink blood to heal faster. Of course not all humans are happy co existing with Vampires and think the people who let vampires drink their blood is wrong. The vampires came out of hiding when True Blood was invented. True Blood is bottled blood in every different blood type combination that exists in humans. Vampires no longer had to feed off the blood off living humans when True Blood was invented. If it wasn't for True Blood, the whole premises of the show wouldn’t exist. Hence the show’s title True Blood. So it’s sort of taboo to let vampires drink a living human's blood, or have sex with, much less being in a relationship with vampires. The general public calls the people who lived this taboo life style "fang bangers"; still it wasn't that uncommon, at least not in Bonton Louisiana.

Aside from vampires drinking human blood, humans also drink vampire blood for two reasons. Vampire blood gets them high. It only takes a tiny drop of vampire blood to get a human high. From what I gather watching the show, vampire blood also known as "V" gives you a high like a perfect mixture of E, LSD, heroin, coke/crack, crystal meth, speed, and weed. "V" addiction is a common problem in the True Blood world. Vampire blood can also save human lives. This happens often on the show. Everybody is almost dyeing, and a vampire swoops in just in time to give them their blood and save the humans life.

Obviously in True blood world getting bit by vampire does not turn a human into a vampire. Vampires don't turn humans into vampires very often. Normally they only do it because they are being punished for killing another vampire with the true death, or because they love someone who is dying and they are too late to save them with just their blood. To turn a human to vampire, they have to get vampire blood into the person, and then dig a hole in the ground and sleep a whole day in the ground with the human. At dusk they rise from the ground with the former human who now is a newborn vampire. Vampires take making a human into a vampire very seriously. The vampire who made the former human a newborn vampire then becomes a "maker" which is like being a parent to the newborn vampire they created. As a "maker" they have control over the newborn vampire they've made. All the "maker" has to say to the vampire they made is, "As your make I demand..." The only way the vampire can be released from their "maker" is if the maker says, "As your maker I release you". This usually only happens when the "maker" is about to receive "the true death". In some cases a vampire hates their maker and blames them for being a "monster doomed to walk the earth for eternity". (A conflict in story line, as in the story vampires can be killed by the true death e.g.: silver steak to the heart, or burn in the sun) and if the maker has any feelings for the vampire they made, the maker will release them. Vampire Bill (Sookie's boyfriend) was released in the second season by his maker.

I'm way off track. Back to Sookie, Bill, and Eric, Now Eric is older than Bill, and Eric wants Sookie because he can tell there is something special about her and he too is turned on by her scent as are all vampires. (Eric is a mega hot, sexy, vampire. One of the only men on TV or in real life I'm sexually attracted to) When a human drinks blood directly from a vampire, that vampire always knows what that human is thinking and feeling, and where they are at any given moment. Sookie has almost died numerous times and drinks vampire Bills blood in order to save her life. Eric wanted Sookie to be his human, so when Eric is wounded by a stray silver bullet he pretends that he is dying and the only way he can live is if Sookie sucked the silver out of him. He only did this so he would be physic. Forever connected to him. Bill found Sookie in the midst of her sucking the silver out. Sookie was grossed out by having to suck out silver, but she thought she could do it without drinking any of his blood. She didn't know it only took a drop of his blood, and the vampire would always be connected to her. Bill and Eric get into a fight. Bill told Sookie that Eric had lied about his being in danger of dying from the silver. His body would have pushed it out and healed itself in a minute.

After Sookie was fooled into drinking Eric's blood, she has this sex dream about him (a normal side effect of drinking blood directly from a Vampire) In the sex dream scene, you get to see Anna Paquin fully naked, and the guy who plays Eric Northman is also seen almost totally naked except for his penis, but you can see that dip in his hip, the dip a guy’s hip has just above the pubic bone. One of the few sexy things about a man's body, in my opinion. Plus the sex scean is not just fucking, but also foreplay (the stuff women like) and he's gentle, his voice is dreamy, he brushes the hair out of her eyes to look directly into them. He then puts two of his fingers on her chin to lift her face to his, so he can look her in eyes after she looked away for a moment being coy. Just as they are about to go at it full on, she wakes up next her boyfriend Bill. She looks shocked and a little disappointed that it was just a dream. Of course they were sleeping during the day light hours. Normally the vampires sleep in coffins, but this particular episode they are in a hotel that has special rooms for vampires. There are no real windows and no sunlight at all.

Aside from Vampires and fairies there are werewolves, wearpanthers, shape shifters, witches, and witch doctors. Sookie isn't full blooded fairy, she's half human. She has a brother who is human no special powers. He's really attractive and has the most sex on the show.

In the fourth season we find out that the fairies live in fairy land, because vampires have hunted them in the past. Just as vampire blood is like a drug for humans, fairy blood is like a drug for vampires. Plus fairy blood give vampire’s special powers, most notably the ability to stay in the sun for up to an hour depending on how much fairy blood they have drank. In fact Sookie's fairy godmother had come out of fairy world to bring Sookie back because the fairy population was all but wiped out at one time by the vampires, and here is Sookie always with one vampire or another. It just so happens when Sookie fairy godmother comes to get her, Sookie had just found Eric waking down the street with his memory totally wiped out. Sookie ends up bringing him to her house. Eric not knowing any better, and smelling nearly irresistible blood, he drinks all the fairies blood up and bleeds her dry. She dies and turns into fairy dust. Eric gets high from the fairies blood, and runs off with no memory of who he is. Sookie finds him in the morning daylight swimming naked in a pond. Eric's still high on fairy blood, and he is so happy to be in the natural sunlight for the first time in centuries. Lucky Sookie shows up when she does, because just a minute later the fairy blood high wears off and the sun starts to burn him, and she has to cover him with a blanket and get him to her house and into the underground vampire room built by Eric when he bought the house.

Eric had bought Sookie's house when Sookie went missing for a year. She really was in fairy land for what seemed like 20 minutes, but when she got back to true blood world, her brother informs her that everyone thought she was dead, after having been missing for thirteen months. There was no trace of Sookie at all until boom, she's back and surprises everyone.

The story lines in the show are pretty convoluted. You have to watch the show from the first season, and see all the episodes to know exactly what is happening in the show. Like right now the fairies are bringing humans into fairyland. First they put a bag over the humans heads put them in a limo; tell the humans they are going to an exotic club. The fairs step into what seems like nothing and boom there is this big club with beautiful women everywhere. All these women seduce the human men so they can mate and create more fairies. To repopulate.

The reason I like this show so much is because I like to be immersed in the show so much that it feels like I'm living in the True Blood world, and there is never a dull moment. I'm pretty in that world and can be a vampire, and never be hurt by a human again. I'd never age and always be beautiful. Of course until such time I meet the true death, if I ever do. Opps, this I forgot, Sookie can read minds, but for some reason she cannot read vampire minds. Watching True Blood is like being immersed in a book you can't put down. You look forward to Sunday's at 8:00 o'clock so you can go to imaginary land for an hour.

I am always so stuck in my head, over thinking everything watching this show is like escaping me. Even in my imagination when I make up a fake life, it’s never as good as the True Blood life.

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Maureen said...

Anna, like I said one night I watched Trueblood & was high, smoking and thought to myself, "This is really kind of stupid vampires & all." The Twilight saga's and so forth is enough for me. I like watching Nurse Jackie, Weeds, The Big C, and some things on the National geographic channel. They have that Taboo & few other interesting shows.
Hope you are feeling well & hanging in there like the rest of us. B.T.W., I used to sweat really, really bad. People at the supermarket would ask me if I was ok. I said it is just menopause, you are too young to use that pharse though. I just try to stay inside where the air is on & always wear a sunvisor, as it helps allot.
Take care of you