Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who would have thought? Haha

Psychologists say Internet flame wars damage society and mental health. Don't be a troll. -- FactHive (@FactHive)


Maureen said...

I believe what the psychologists say, believe me................ they are right!
Take Care of YOU!

Gledwood said...

You are an evil cow. You are bleeding this fine gun-totin' country dry!!!! With it's FINE GOVERNMENT that invades countries like Afghanistan to oversee their Drug Production skyrocketting by 10,000% o yeah man fuckit I never would make a good troll would I ??

ho hum

yeah they get prosecuted for doing that shit in this country.

(internet trolling that is, not invading other sovereign states and helping their hown-grown drug-exportation business...)

Gledwood said...

Did you like my one attempt at trolling. Wasn't v good was it. Please post up the bipolar stuff soon my time is running out I'll be offline till monday after today......

Anna Young said...

Your attempt was...well at least you tried. At first I was puzzled when I started to read, and was yelling hypocrite. Then it got weak as in went rude or mean enough to be a true troll posting a flame. You gotta really get personal make assumptions call people idiot, stupid, ugly, and so forth.

I'm posting right after this comment and one comment on fb. K? Why won't you have Internet access for so long? Does it have to do with the Olympics? Imo the games suck eggs. Hope you get to see the post before you exile yourself for a while.
All my love to my wonderful cyber hubby. For whom I wrote tens of thousands of words about my incidents of mania and depression.

Anna Young said...

Of course they don't persecute invading sovereign states and helping their home-grown drug-exportation biz, because its the government is doing it under the guise of war on terror.

Yet another reason I wish I had British citizenship, trolls go to jail or at least a fine and loss of ISP providers.

Thanks for trying, you should have done it under anonymous. You know I have never checked to find you IP. I don't usually bother even looking at the IPs of Brits and Aussies.
Have you noticed a jump in foreign country readers since google translate button? I have, alot of Asian and Eaten European countries, African too. No Antarctic though. That would be awesome.