Thursday, July 5, 2012


I think there is no reason for you to read my blog again.


Bev said...

You dont have nothing to prove to anybody.Dont let anybody drag you are the owner of yourself and not any bodys slave.write what you want dont let no one infliuense or change you.

Gledwood said...

You know my old pharmacy used to insist on giving it out in GLASS bottles. There were several times when they would pour out the day's dose in plastic, then give me the take-home in glass. I mean, how ridiculous is that. Also they refused to measure out individual days into individual bottles, so I'd get Saturday and Sunday's all together and have to rely on my own probably inaccurate measure.

My old clinic wanted me to drop down from 20mg to 15mg in one go, just to save somebody the trouble of having to add 1mgs together by calculator to get the 14-day script right (you have to take the actual prescription to the pharmacy yourself and annoyingly enough it even mentions prescription heroin and cocaine on the back, (believe it or not)

o what the fuck was I talking about I only came round to say hi