Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Too many titles...

I promised I'd post a page or two of the manuscript I'm working on right now. I have three different working titles. I first was calling it "Girls are Stupid", and then moved on to "Teenage Girls are Stupid", and now I'm thinking of a plain and simple title "Teenage Angst".

It was but a minute ago I had copy and pasted the first version of my manuscript here on blogger. With its under developed characters, iffy plot, and undecided setting. So I deleted it for fear of the back lash I got last time I wrote a book and before getting it published I posted parts here. My feeling were hurt pretty badly. I should have heeded their voices telling me the manuscript was shit. The book would be much better as far as writing goes, not so much story.

Instead of giving you two pages of pure shitty writing, instead I'll give you an overview of the book so far. As I'm doing this I'm working on The Art of Styling Sentences and The Elements of Style. Now bear with me. I have just began reading these two books. Starting with the former, I just opened the latter.

The book says study the "greats" and steal their styles for now until you develop your own voice. I don't know what to think. I've been blogging for a number of years now and have in a way come into my own style of writing. Sure its not as good as the "greats", but it is mine. Would you agree? I need a lot of work on using my "it's, its" one is a possessive and the other a contraction. Now I just need to remember that when I'm in the "groove", so to speak, while writing. Another thing, I write syntax in my blog all the time and say I've improved my syntax, but I looked up the meaning of syntax once, and I've since forgotten its meaning. I believe its just word for sentence structure?  I should Google it when I'm done here.

Enough of all that technical mumble jumbo. Onto telling you about my new manuscript. I started my story by first naming characters. I like old names, or names you'd associate with an older person. I'm not a big fan of Jenny's and Kelly's or the like. Victoria, Edaline, Annaliese, Eleanor, Enoch, Nathaniel, Emilia, Enric, all of which are some of my character's names are the type of names I like. At first the main character was Victoria, but as the book became more and more about a fictional me I changed it to Annaliese and I love the last name Eyre so its the main character's families last name. I also love Jewish people and things, so Annaliese's best friend Victoria's last name is Goldstien. I stuck to stereo types of Jewish people, and Mr. Goldstien is the owner of a The Bank of Maine. Where they live in the city of Ellsworth. Population 7,741, in Hancock county. Annaliese and her Irish twin sister Edaline are much poorer than the Goldstine's. Mr. Edric Eyre is a lobster fishermen, and Mrs. Amelia Eyre is a stay at home mom and sometime unlicensed babysitter for friends and family. The Eyre's live on a poorer street...Oak lane, in a small ranch style house with two bedrooms. Annaliese and Edaline share a room. Annaliese's birthday is Feb. 20th 2001 and Edaline's birthday is Feb.19th 2002 which is why they are Irish twins. Annaliese's best friend Victoria has a older brother Nathaniel age 15, who later Annaliese will have a crush on. Annaliese and Victoria are both 11 soon to be 12, and in 6th grade.  Victoria birthday is March 2, but they tell people its Feb. 31st to fool people. They often identify how smart of stupid people are if they catch that there is no Feb. 31st in February.

I'm sorry I wanted to write much more, but I'm being summoned by mother to go to Shopko and pick up my medicine. Mutha effer.

Live long and prosper


kid coma said...

most important thing: to write what you know about. fuck s& white - read kerouac's (who i dont even like but its a good f' list)suggestions from the evergreen press. xoxo

soulsbowl said...

how about something like, "Stupid Things Girls Do," or something like that. That way it is less insulting. I think Teenage Angst is already a book or a movie or something.

sounds interesting so far!

Bev said...

Is this book for teenagers?
Im trying to think what age group buys the most books?

Vee said...

Hey Anna Grace,
You know what, I'd love to read your book and I'll bet it's much better than you think it is...I've done that a lot: written something, liked it, then gone back and hated it. But then other people who are reading it for the first time give me positive feedback, and sometimes I think,
"Really? REALLY? You actually LIKE it?!" ...and other times, I think,
"Well, you know what, I like it too, so thanks."
It's hard to get an idea from an outside perspective on our own writing too. Reading it over and over and over and changing things here and there can leave us never satisfied with the end product. I don't think anything can ever be truly finished or perfect for any writer, so that's when we maybe have to just take a back seat and allow our readers to enjoy it...
I wonder if actors watch their own movies after they're released? I guess it's a similar process, and they might think,
"Agh, if only I'd said that line differently, then it would have been so much better..."
And it is a learning process.
The first book I wrote, I'm posting a chapter at a time. But the second I think is so much better and I'm not going to post any of it, because I really want to find someone who'll publish it.
Funnily enough, my main character is also Jewish, with an Irish father, but the antitheis of the cultural stereotypes, a heroin addict. All walks of life, eh?! But then I worry he's too much of a stereotyped heroin addict, but I based it around experience, so we shouldn't knock our experiences, you know? They're part of what makes us beautiful, unique and human.
Anyway Anna Grace, I thought I owed you a comment seeing as I've been peeking into your blog for a while now and loving it, so I look forward to reading your next post and finding out more about your next book.
In the mean time, I hope you're having a beautiful day: you take care now and look after you, sending you much
Vee X

Gledwood said...

GIRLS ARE STUPID is the best title. TEENAGE ANGST is just too generic. TEENAGE GIRLS ARE STUPID is second best.

Anna I posted up a video for you by the Manic Street Preachers; it's a classic of Britpop ~ you might like it.

I also dedicated it to BeverlyBabe sorry us 2 are having a cyber affair. I know it's scandalous but I can't help it. Are you really jealous?? Does Borderline make you jealous? My friend Pinks is borderline and I reckon most of her hospital admissions have been down to "borderline" behaviour rather than schizophrenic psychosis, which she also has......

Gledwood said...

O yeah Jackie Collins has some classic character names. My favourite background characters were Plum and Glory in Lovers and Gamblers which is lovely and sleazy in a real 1970s way....

Ceila said...

Your Blog is Very Interesting. I Will Continue to Return To Read Your Posts. You Have a Definite Flair For Writing. Good Luck.

Gledwood said...

Beverlybabe says the original manics video doesn't play in the United States so here's one that should

Glastonbury is our biggest festival. It's like our Lollapalloooza ~ if you still have that.

Anna Young said...

I am reading 100 books e everyone should read. I've read On The Road, and I did like his experimental, and unique writing. I'm not the biggest fan. If you read my Naked Lunch post, I think you know how I feel about Jack Keraouacs hit and Burroughs...William, not Augusten
who I also like, but Bill's Naked Lunch I can appreciate, but am not the biggest fan. Even though he's my favorite author. Right now I'm reading Franz Kaufka's Metamorphise. Excellant book so far. So extactential(spelling).

Anna Young said...

I know what you mean. I can't seem to think of anything thats not offensive without being generic. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anna Young said...

Thanks Vee, you made me feel good. I hope when you see me on video you don't think less of me. My voice is not that high. It's am octave lower, but I was nervous, and hypo manic.

Anna Young said...

Young adult.

Anna Young said...

I love you, you are my husband. Lol.

Anna Young said...

Going to check you out right now.