Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book vs Movie?

Sorry I've been away from the blogosphere for the past few days. I just had nothing to write about. I could have gone on a rant about my family, but I posted a video on and yelled at them. They will probably never see it, and I'll never post it on here. I say their names, and they specifically asked me not to use their names in my blog, never said anything about youtube. So fuck 'em.

In other lame ass news that nobody wants to read about, I saw the movie Jane Eyre. Holy f***k it sucks. I've read the book two times now, and nearly have the darn thing memorized. The movie starts out with Jane running away from Thornfield after the almost wedding to Mr. Rochester and boom, suddenly she's at St. John River's home on the moores. Nothing about the trek she makes through the English country side, while destitute, nearly a beggar, and almost dead. Just as she's about to give up and die she sees the light in the distance, and she summons her strength to make her way to the source of the light, and watches the River sisters and their old nurse maid/ housekeeper through the window for sometime. After watching the sisters and their old maid she summons the courage to knock, hoping to be took in, and instead the door is shut on her, and her death is all but settled. She will die on the door step of The Moore house.  When just then Mr. St. John Rivers comes to her, after listening to all and hearing Miss Eyre give up and is ready to let God take her home, he brings her in. The family nurses her back to health, and she has flash backs to her time in Lolwood, her childhood home with the Reeds.
In my opinion they should have not even tried to make Jane Eyre into a movie. They focus too much on the tempestuous love affair with her master and not enough on the place of women in that time period. Her quest for purity, but unable to accept she deserves love. In the middle of the book at the first wedding seen with Jane and her master you know something is going to go wrong. Hell, you know from the time he purposes to her and the thunderstorm begins, and in the morning after the engagement the tree was hit by lighting and split in two. Their love doomed.

If the new Anna Karenina film is as bad as the newest Jane Eyre movie was I'm going to be truly disappointed. I think though Anna Karenina is an easier book to make into a movie. I can't explain why. All I know is I can make Anna Karenina into a movie in my head. The book is nearly identical to the film. The scene during the horse races when Voronsky's horse falls breaks its neck, and a man is killed, nobody knows who for a few moments, and in those few moments even though Anna was at the races with her husband she shows emotion and fear that Voronsky was the man killed.I could see how I'd film it myself. I hope the director puts it in chronological order and not skipping here and there.

I'm sorry that was a lame attempt an entertainment for readers. I could go on about my moods, but I don't want to dwell on my mental state too much. I've got problems. A lot of you have never read a blog I once wrote in another blog area about the biggest lies of my life. I think I will re do that post. I didn't even get to the good stuff in that blog. I was just unburdening myself of the lies I told here on Blogger to my readers and my family. Nearly all my family thought I was in Hawaii. The one's that knew I wasn't in Hawaii helped make it believable.  I will entitle the post Anna's biggest lies. I'm also going to start writing that bi polar essay I wrote over again. I've got a lot of positive feedback from those two posts.

And one question...why did so many people from "down under" read my blog when I posted my second three YouTube videos? It was titled Anna regales you with her voice. I got about 900 hits in one day on just that one post. Those are pre killed myself off on blog numbers. Now I'm down to about 100 people a day and those are spread out all over my posts. Not on one post and not all from one country. So what up  wit that peeps?

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Anna Young said...

Come on Aussies there has to be a reason so many of you and your countries men and women hit my blog that day. Was it just some random fluke or was there some mention of me in the media (highly unlikely)? What was it? Why was it? Someone please tell me.