Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anna Regales you with her voice....beautiful voice

Hey there peeps. I've made three new videos for everyone to watch today or any day you come across it. You get to see how inarticulate I am. I just go fly by the seat of my pants or dress and start talking and singing. There are a few funny parts. This one part I thought was funny is when I'm trying to give out and I forgot how to spell Gled, but I remembered the wood. Then in the second video is where I really hit my stride in comedy. I only made a third video to comment on my second video.

I'm really liking this video blog thing, but I have to remind myself that I come here to write. I love words. Like my family finds me abhorrent. Use big words and maybe my family won't understand. Just kidding. My family isn't stupid. I'm sure they know the meaning of abhorrent. There are context clues. oooo, gotcha.

I wish I could write a real blog today, but I've been getting hounded by my cyber husband for more videos, and I can't disappoint my cyber hubby.

With no further ado I present to you Anna Grace..........



Bev said...

Your good at singing! No wonder you karioki.I love the last video from the top where your so happy and laughing so much.You must have a great sense of humor.
Keep on Youtubing and blogging.
You seem far remove from being depress and its nice sseeing ou so happy.
Kisses hugs and best wishes for youXoxoOXo

Anonymous said...

I love the vids... Can't get enough. You rock

Bev said...

Oh Anna Grace I forgot to mention that you have a great mom.I can tell by the way she jumped away from the screen that she didnt know she will be in the video clip.
My mom would have smacked me all a cross the floor.Honest!Your lucky to have supportive parentsXoxoxo

Ashlyn O'Brien said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos! and I was so surprised when you said hi to me! cant wait to show mt friend. Keep it up Anna you are amazing. if i try to blog again should i use blogger or wordpress? xo Ash

elizabeth said...

As always you don't give yourself enough credit! I too agree you have a nice singing voice and if you organize your video music first you will do a great job!
Have to mention you seem a bit "manic", unless you were just very nervous? Please take care of yourself Anna, we all love you.

Anna Young said...


Thanks for the compliment, and of course I was going to give you a shout out. You read my entire blog in two days. Dedication. LOL! I love ya.

As far as blogging, for sure go with blogger. Much much easier to set up, and much easier to keep up and make look nice. The dashboard is awesome. The only reason I go to my other blogs is to write about things I don't want to talk about here, and have anonymous people bring me down.
Like going to school. On my first day I wore my babydoll dress and it was just an intoduction and lecture on arithmatic and the second was the same thing but a diffrent type of math. Nobody talked to me. So the second day I just wore a tshirt and black pants, pig tails, red lips, and went to my biology class and two people came up to me to talk. So I have two new sorta friends (both girls and both only 19) at NWTC, tech college. Me=loser!

Love ya,

Anna Young said...

Thanks to anonymous for being nice. Thanks for reading too.

Anna Young said...

Thanks bev. Elizabeth,
thanks for the compliments, but I am not a good singer. I do it cause it gets out emotions. As you know I'm an emotional person. More moody than emotional. Your probably right if I took time and learned to sing I might be able to do it. I'm too old for that tho. I'd kill to be in a band tho. A chick band.