Friday, September 14, 2012

HI to you.

I'd like to say hello to a new reader. I won't say names as it tends to get me into trouble. I wish people would realize that I often think of my blog as non fiction mixed with a bit of fiction if the story is not that exciting. I do put up a disclaimer that people and places may have been changed, and somethings exaggerated for the purpose of entertainment. Anyway, Hello to you new reader. I should put that at the top of my blog so people know as soon as they come across my blog. That way last time I lied on my blog I wouldn't have had such a big back lash from everyone. My extended family wouldn't freak out about every little word I write about them. Sorry new reader to go on a tangent about stuff you have no idea about. Unless of course you are reading from beginning to now.

I don't know if everyone knows, but I added a video to my last post "Metamorphosis of Anna", and you get to see me when I'm not that happy. I made that video after I made a video yelling at my aunt and cousin who have said I've done things that I've never done mostly stealing things of theirs. When I was using I only stole from my parents. I was not in a good mood. So I wanted to show you how I am when I'm not super happy like I am in other videos.

What's new in Anna land? Well at this moment I'm uncomfortable, because my aunt is here and she knows I don't much like her. She just asked me what I'm doing and I told her blogging. She said, " I hope not about me". I said, No, its more about a new reader.

I've got to go. I might be back and update after this weirdness is done.


Anonymous said...

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Gledwood said...

Hi Baby thanks for your delicious comment. You are bang-on correct I do luuurve to indulge in excessive concern about my health. If I had the correct kind of intelligence (ie I was the type of person who's really good at IQ tests, which I'm not, as just about everything in them seems to relate directly or indirectly to mathematics and not English. I was really good at English and really shyte at maths)... anyhow if I really were super-duper intelligent I would have become a doctor, no question. I would definitely want to be a specialist, never a general practitioner, and I would probably go for neurology because it's kind of like psychiatry but more exciting. Psychiatrists must get seriously bored with about 75% of their repeat seriously nutty patients having schizophrenia and another huge slice having same-old same-old grandiose manic episodes then there's the huge contingent with depression which they call "the common cold of psychiatry" (so my 75% schizophrenic figure is probably wrong) blah blah I know there are 250+ diagnoses in the DSM4 and probably loads more due to appear in the DSM5, the diagnostic Bible of American psychiatrists... by the way my favourite disorder of all time has to be "intermittent-explosive disorder" ~~ sounds like terrible bowel trouble doesn't it? It's actually a medicalized expression for someone with anger management issues!

D.B. said...

I'm not sure if you're speaking of me as the new reader or not, but I did spend a couple hours the other day reading your blog and came back a couple days later to find this post. i like the honesty in your writing and though I was never an addict myself, I did date and live with one for nearly a year. Both of us bi-polar and her with the wonderful addition of BPD and heroin addiction. I'm going to link you to my blog which hasn't been updated much for a long time but maybe I'll start writing again. I am sporadially working on a book of my own based on my experience with the woman at hand and others. anyway, take care.

Anna Young said...


I too am not the best IQ test taker. I do test one deveation above average. My IQ is 111, 100 to 110 is normal. If I had been better at math I might even be one deveation higher. I was pretty go with the q&a, puzzles, written parts. I used to have to get my IQ tested every three years because of my Learning Disability and I had to stay bad at math to keep up the LD status. Most people in LD have an IQ of 99 or lower. Of course since my IQ was higher I was tested for LD seven times before I got in. I tried to do bad on the tests, but its like you can't fool the IQ test without them noticing. I don't go around bragging about my IQ because one deveation higher than average is very common. You yourself probably are a deveation higher than average.

I agree if I was super intelligent I would have entered medicine. Not Pysch stuff, but diagnostics. I too think being a shrink would get really boring.

My spelling and grammar were one my defaults in English and that's why I had a LD in English lit/writing.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm an idiot. I am stupid. Just read my blog and you'll see.

Anna Young said...


No it was not you I was saying hello to in particular, but now I'm saying hello. I'm glad you relate to my blog, and I'll follow your link to your blog.

Anna Grace

Bev said...

The decorating sounds fun Im sure your bed room will be so pretty and a desk sounds great.When is done will you show pix?Happy weekend