Friday, September 21, 2012

I hope dreams come true

I know I promised a post disclosing all my lies both here on blogger and out there in the real word. At least as many lies I told that I can remember. Like the big one I told my ex-boyfriend. I told him I had cancer, and only because he wasn't answering his phone all day one particular day, and I wanted to make him feel bad for not answering my calls. Instead of just yelling at him, I make up this big lie. He's going to read this, and find out it was a lie. I'm sorry Peter, I'm f***king crazy. I have no good explanation as to why I made up such a huge lie, and stuck to it for over a year until we broke up. I guess I'm just a chronic liar. I lie compulsively and about stupid stuff that is often not even to my benefit. The cancer thing was sort of to my benefit because that night you were really nice to me, and bought me some Dilauded pills. After that you didn't seem to care at all that I had cancer. This is Just a little tease of the "Anna's lies" post to come soon.

On another unrelated note:

I'm re decorating my bedroom. I'm so sick of having such a huge bed, and two huge dressers. I do have a big bed room, but it’s cramped because of all my bedroom furniture. I want to put all my current bedroom furniture in a spare bedroom, and start my new room with a clean slate.

 I want to fit a desk in my room where I can sit and write while looking out the window. I want an iron bed frame like the one Kurt Cobain is lying on here in the picture. I've seen some other really amazing iron bed frames that have just mind blowing awesome bending of iron that looks amazing. Like the one below and to the side. Isn't that cool? It’s super expensive, and I can get an antique iron bed frame like the one with Kurt in it for 50 to 100 dollars. I wonder if Courtney kept the bed in the picture above? If she does I hope she never sells it, and gives it to her daughter as a memento. 

If I got the expensive bed in double size it would be great. You know what? They don't call double size beds, double anymore; they now call it extra-large twin bed. I want a good mattress. Dream mattress would be the Tempra Pedic mattress, but I'm not that rich. I will be paying for all this myself. I might have to borrow from my dad, but I will have to pay him back in full a.s.a.p. I also like the simple look of just a white goose down comforter and flowery sheets, and a night stand, and a hope chest seat at the foot of my bed. Like the one in the picture below.

I want just one dresser, a small one. A small vanity, and a medium book case, metal. Of course I'll need an antique desk by the window with a red comfortable chair. I'm having lots of fun writing this blog, and looking up Google images of the things I'd love for my new bedroom. I have a large framed print in my room, but I hate it now after looking at it for so long. I think I want a Salvador Dolly (spelling?) print for the wall my bed faces. I do love that melting clocks painting. On a side note I read that Salvador Dolly once covered himself in his own shit and went to his girlfriend’s house, knocked on the door, and stood there. He was showing how he's mere shit in her presence. Now that's an artist!

I'm so excited to go "antiquing" to look for all this bedroom furniture. So if anyone reads this post...I'm betting not many will, and for sure no one will answer my question I'm about to pose, but does anyone have any tips for antique shopping, and decorating? I'm a novice, the bed I have now my parents bought me for my 21st birthday and instead of taking my time to look around and think about it, I just went and picked out the one I liked best at that moment. I would never have had them get me the two dressers after the small apartments I've lived in before moving back in with mom and pops. I would have for sure got a extra large twin bed. That's just weird saying extra large twin bed. I wonder if it's hard to find bedding for a "extra large twin bed"? I guess well find out sooner or later.

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