Friday, September 28, 2012

Shopping spree

I bought a cute dress for a wedding I'm attending, but I used my paypal account. I forgot I had my mom's debit card as the default card. I spent 89.00 dollars on her account for the dress, and then I also bought these cute black and white tights, and a pair of red tights for my red dress, that was only 20.00 dollars. It would have been cheaper, but I had to order 20.00 dollars worth of product for them to ship it to me. So I went and bought a couple pair of ruffle socks with bows on the back to bring the total to 20.00. I also bought a pair of black Maryjane shoes on eBay for 5.00 dollars.

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Everything same to a total of a little over 150.00 dollars. I thought I was using my debit card. I had forgotten I had set my mom's card as default a few months ago when I bought the red dress. Normally this would be no big deal, but my dad had paid the bills with checks, and he had it figured out so we would have 200.00 left until the 1st of October. Well my shopping spree caused some of his checks to bounce, and now my mom and dad's bank account is overdrawn. I am going to
pay them back, but I'm gonna try to do it without them noticing. I want to just put 300.00 dollars in their account to pay for my spree, and over draft charges. This is going to leave me only 160.00 some dollars left for the rest of the month. I have to get a hair cut, and that'll be around 40.00 dollars, I also need a carton of cigarettes which is 50.00 some dollars. Which leaves me with 70.00 dollars. That's after rent, and cell phone payment. I am responsible for putting gas in the car once a week at least half a tank because I use the car for going to the Methadone clinic every morning. That money is reimbursed by my insurance, but only 20 cents to the mile. Plus it takes a month to get to me. 

If I had known my mom's card was the default card, I could have asked her how much I could spend before they were broke, and checks would bounce, and then I could have just had to pay them back 150.00 some dollars instead of 300.00 dollars. Needless to say I took my mom's debit card off paypal all together. Now I only have my debit card, and one of the credit cards my dad got for me. I have to pay the bill of the credit card, and I have to pay it on time. He let me have one of his credit cards because it helps his credit report when he has a card that is paid on time every month. 

Shit, my dad is calling to check how much he has in his account. I have to go, and tell him before he figures it out. Explain that I'm paying him back plus NSF fees. 

I'll write more later.


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Bev said...

Howdy Hunny.
I like the cloths you bought.You are stylin.
I wish we lived close to each other.
I would love to visit you over a drink or we can go to a bar.You look like fun.
I take a trip once a year I save for it.But this year I was not stingy enouh to save.
That would be fun to spend the afternoon with you:D