Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Counter-indicated medications and other stuff

I know a blog post is fucking boring when I the author of the post can't even go back read it after a few days of not looking at my blog. Not to mention only 14 people, 13 minus myself have read it, and its been up almost a full week. I don't even know what to write about now, but I'll try to make it less boring.

Today I saw my Psychiatrist and he increased my dose of Adderall from 10mgs three times daily to 30mgs twice a day. Which is no big deal, I've been taking my 10mgs pills, three times daily all at once in the morning. Some days I take my full dose in the morning, and around noon I take two more pills. So that's 50mgs total. So the increase is really only 10mgs.

I recently had my yearly physical at the Methadone clinic with Dr. Speigal. I gave him the list of my medications, and he told me told me to download Epocrates app to my phone. So I did as he told me, and while it was downloading he did my physical and the nurse took my blood. When it was downloaded, he told me to open it and put all medications and dosages into the program. I did as he asked, When I did this big red alert was on my screen. Turns out this app is to check medicine and counter-indications, it also has the ability to  identify pills.

Turns out almost all my medications are counter-indicated  Methadone and Clonazepam as we junkies know are not suppose to be taken together because it intensifies the effects of the Methadone and can cause respiratory distress. Clonazepam and Adderall with Methadone can cause heart problems, addiction, and in people with bi polar it can cause sever mania and possible psychotic break.  My three anti-depressants and my sleeping pill can cause a serotonin storm (I don't know what that is) and can cause sever mania and psychotic breaks in patients with Bi Polar.  Lamical my mood stabilizer with Methadone and Clonazepam can cause sedation and respiratory distress. Lamical is used for epileptic seizures, and is the only medication with no counter-indications.  The Doctor at the Methadone clinic advised I get off Clonazepam, Adderall, and my sleeping pill. He then had me put in just my non addictive medications, and wah-lah no counter-indications showed up. He then instructed me to show my Psychiatrist this app with all my prescribed meds in it. To show him he's doing his job wrong. I knew if I did that my Psych. Dr. would be pissed off.

Ha, like was going to do that. First of all the Methadone clinic just doesn't want me to be on any addictive medications. I've been on these meds forever and in the combination and doses I'm at right now has kept me the most stable I've ever been, and the least depressed I've been, and least numb I've been.

I forgot to mention my family doctor prescribed me Colonidine for my excessive sweating of head and face. That Colonidine did cause some horrible side effects, and I ended up stopping taking them within 6 days. First of all when on the Colonidine if I were to sit down or lay down for more than 15 minutes and stand up, I'd almost faint and was really woozy. So I stopped taking them during the day. I started taking them with my night pills, and suddenly I was getting all the affects of being high on heroin without the fucking high! I was nodding out all the time and not noticing. I used to my night meds a hour or two before bed, and with the Colonidine I had to take it within 15 minutes of going to bed. Even then  I started a fire in our living room. I was smoking by our patio with the door open a bit to let the smoke out. This was at 6am after I slept all night and had woken up thinking I was just fine. So I smoke my cigarette, my parents are still asleep, and the Today show wasn't on for an hour, and I don't have to leave for the clinic until 9:30am. I decided I'd try and lay down in my room for an hour until the Today show started. The next thing I remember is my mom waking me up sounding angry, and me telling her I don't have to get up for 35 more minutes  I had slept until 8:30am and I thought I had been asleep for at most 15 minutes. My mom very sternly makes me get up and come to the living room. When I came out of my room I smelled smoke, and saw smoke. When I came into the living room I saw the rug we had in front of the door was burnt and there were no remains and under the rug, our carpet was all burned to the padding. We think the padding is flame retardant  My dad goes on to tell me he woke up around 7am, about an hour after I went back to my room after smoking. When he came out of his room he saw and smelled smoke, then saw flames. He had to use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. When I smoked my cigarette at 6am I must have nodded out and when I woke up, I must have thought I had put my cigarette out, when really I had dropped it on the rug when I was nodding. That was it for the Colonidine, I emptied the Colonidine into the toilet bowl and flushed them away. Called my Doctor told him what happened, and that the medication didn't help my sweating at all. He made an appointment for me to see him on November 9th, and he will give me a referral to a dermatologist.

As for Eleanor, tomorrow at 7:30am is the big day. She goes in for major surgery to have her mammary gland, tumor, and nipple removed. Then they are going to spay her. So it's considered major surgery. I'm terrified for her. I need everything go perfectly during the surgery. Then in recovery after surgery when she wakes up I don't want her to be in pain. I hope they give her enough pain medication to keep her from suffering in sever pain until she heals. As well as the pain medication they give us to take home, I hope the dose is high enough, and not too high to stop her breathing. She's not going to want to eat for the first couple days, and if they give us pills to give her, how are we going to get them in her? Put it in her mouth and close her mouth and cover her nose until she swallows? Fuck that, how would a human like to be recovering from major surgery and instead of giving them easy to take pills, and instead give them a huge pill that tastes like shit, and then force their mouth shut, and cover their nose so they cannot breath, and hope they don't cheek it, and swallow it.

I'm an IV drug user, my mom is a nurse, we are both familiar with needles and injections. I don't know I would know where to find a vein on a dog, but if the pain med is an IM shot, then hell yes, I know how to do it. Plus I'm sure the Vet can show us how to do it, and to know when we hit muscle not just under the skin on my dog. Universe, if you're listening to my insignificant self about my insignificant life, can you find it in your infinity please make sure my dog Eleanor Rigby be well taken care of, and her surgery goes well, then keep her from too much pain, and please let all the cancer be taken out, and we never have to worry about it again. If you want to give someone cancer, give it to me, and make it painful if have to, just please don't make my dog suffer. 


Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

I wouldn't worry about it..I'm not on methadone, but I do take clonazepam and adderall (my last psych Dr didn't care, the current one says I may as well do a speed ball), I sometimes take copious amounts of pain meds for migraines. Dr's give me enuf shit over my legitimate needed rx's ..I'll b dammed if I'm giving them ammo! ...btw, just got yr book on my kindle, hay!

Gledwood said...

Benzos contraindicated with methadone? That's ridiculous. One thing people consistently say about methadone is that it leaves you with increased anxiety levels. Benzos are for treating anxiety. So where's the problem? You're not going to get respiratory distress after one or two pills!

As for the bipolar meltdown aspects of doing speed on antidepressants well I did warn you but what your dr prescribes is your dr's lookout. ADHD in combination with bipolar isn't uncommon BTW so it's not as if you're the only gal in America on that combination. [I think they'd be a lot more uptight about giving it here though.] Having said that when a person is really manic they pretty much automatically fulfil the criteria for ADHD... but in people like you, obviously, the ADHD came first...

See, I'm feeling exceedingly doctorly today...

I would say good luck to Elle but she DOESN'T NEED IT BECAUSE SHE'S GONNA BE FINE~!!

Gledwood said...

Anna how is your poor sick porkshire doggie today:? Don't worry I'm sure she isn't in much pain. I know somebody who had a quadruple heart bypass and they told her it would never hurt and what a lie! Reason she hurt though was, they'd sawed through the cartilege holding her ribcage together to get at her heart. But your Elle's surgery is far more superficial. To do what you said they'd do they only need to go 1cm under the skin ... if that. I reckon your poor porkie's worst torment will be having to wander about dressed as a furry light fitting for several days. Dogs get really embarrassed about those lampshade-style collars. People think they can't get self-conscious but of course they can!

Anyway darling keep strong and just remember the worst is over. Soon those sad beady chocolate-drop eyes will turn into happy beady chocolate-drop eyes and she'll be jumping for joy all over the highways and byways of Wisconsin once more :-)

ps I really don't think she will be in massive pain i reckon within 2 days she will feel a hell of a lot better ~ and 2 days have already passed, so you've seen improvement, yes.......?

GLEDWOOD said...

Anna darling what's happened with Elle ..~~~...? She IS all right, isn't she...?

boy said...

it is not really that boring

Gledwood said...

~Anna what's wrong? I've got a horrible feeling something terrible has happened to Elle... surely not? Please tell; I'm really worried now. Please post. Anyone who dares post up some hater comment will get the shit beaten out of them by the rest of your commenters. Just please tell what has happened. I'm really worried about you



eyelick said...

Ah Clonodine, yes - took 9 of those fuckers and was nodding out and almost fainting/fanting, not able to walk all over the place. Nuts. The Tyrant didnt allow me to have dope that day, just a 5mg Oxy. Said eye'd prob OD otherwise. Hve told him since that eye HATE him for not letting it happen.