Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting fucked in the shower by some woman's husband at the end of this post

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last posted a blog. A lot about the bed shopping has changed since I last posted. There has been a few changes in my money situation, and we found out my dad is not just drinking his money away, but he's also got a gambling problem. I'll go more into detail about all this here in this blog post.

I'll start with the bed. If you didn't read my last post, I'll catch you up. I was scouring the Internet for antique iron beds. I found a store called, "Cathouse Antique Iron Beds", and in an email I sent them picture I have on my computer of Kurt Cobain lying in this beautiful antique iron bed. I told the owner that I wanted a bed identical or as close as possible to the iron bed in the photo I had sent. The owner emailed me back very quickly and told me the he happened to be the one who sold the bed in the picture I sent him, to Kurt and Courtney in 1992. He also said it would be nearly impossible for him to get me the exact same bed in the picture because all of the beds Cathouse carries are original antique iron beds. The owner of the Cathouse bed store guarantees he does not sell reproductions, only original antique beds. Later the owner sent me a bunch of emails with different pictures of the type of austere iron bed frame I was looking for.

I looked through the loads of emails he sent me, and I saw some awesome beds, but not exactly what I was looking for. At least not for the price he was asking for these beds. If I'm going to pay a few thousand dollars for a bed frame it is going to be the exact bed I want. I finally got to the last picture email, and I opened it up and saw exactly what I was looking for, and it just so happens it was the cheapest bed he had shown me. I wanted to put money down on the spot for the bed, but I didn't get paid until October 3rd, and that was four days away.

Meanwhile I went to eBay to look for austere antique iron bed frames. It just so happened I found three beds that were exactly what I was looking for, and they were all under 200.00 dollars. I had never used eBay before to buy or sell anything. I really didn't know how it worked. I understood that you bid on something and if you’re the high bidder you win the item. Duh! So I bid on all three beds expecting to be out bid, knowing these beds are worth a lot of money. The beds had five days left to be bid on. I have herd from friends that there are these people called "snipers" on eBay, and they wait until the last few minutes of the auction to bid. So I put the three bed frames I bid on, on my watch list. I was out bid on one of the beds the next day. It went up to 300.00 dollars, and I said I wouldn't go over 250.00 dollars. Then the bed I really wanted out of the three beds I bid on went up from the 175.00 to 202.50 dollars. So I bid my max of 220.00 dollars. The other bed I bid on was sticking at 150.00 dollars, my high bid.  I kept watching the two beds I was high bidder on hoping someone would out me on the bed frame I didn't want so much. Plus the bed I didn't really want was "pick up only" and it is way down in Kentucky. The bed I really wanted is from Washington State, and the seller said in her ad she would deliver anywhere in the state of Washington for free, or she would find the lowest shipping price she could find for anyone who won from outside of Washington State.

Five days of watching these beds, and not a single person out bid me on either bed. I was hoping for the "snipers" to hit it. The bidding would end during the middle of the night my time. So I wouldn't know if I won or lost the bed I really wanted, or if I won or lost the bed I really didn't want. When I woke up the  morning after the bidding ended, I looked at my phone and checked my email. I saw two emails from eBay. Both said, "Congratulations you've won blah blah blah. Please click here to make your payment." My heart dropped into my stomach. I had been high bidder on two of the beds I bid on and I won them both. I didn't have the money to pay for both beds. I had used almost all the money I had left over from my SSI & SSD checks after rent, and paying back my parents for the stuff I bought with their card on PayPal. Plus I really needed to get a haircut, which was going to cost me at least 50.00 dollars. This left me with only 165.00 dollars.

So I sent an email to the guy in Kentucky whose bed I bid on and won, but didn't want, and I explained that I was new to eBay and I lived in Wisconsin and was not going to drive to Kentucky to pick up his bed frame. I told him I'd pay all the fines one incurs after not paying for an item they bid on and won on eBay, plus I would pay the  re-listing fee for him to try and sell it again on eBay. 

I also explained to him he should give more information about the bed in his ad, because he was selling the bed for way too little. I mean the bed has all original parts; he had the receipt his grandfather got when he bought the bed back in 1898. Plus he should take a picture of the bed put together to prove he had all the parts. He should also give the weight of the bed, and how many inches the tubing is, how high the head and foot board are. If he did this his bed would easily get 300.00 dollars. I noticed the more information the sellers had about the bed the higher people were bidding. The heavier the bed the more it was worth. If the tubing was 2 inches it was worth more. If the picture of the bed was nice people bid higher. I opened my email a few hours later, and the guy from Kentucky, whose bed I won had emailed me back with the fines I had to pay, and the fee to re-list his bed frame for sale on eBay. It all totaled 59.00 dollars, so I quick paid him.

Then there was the bed I really wanted. I was so happy that the lady selling this bed had no idea how much the bed was worth. She even had the original springs to the bed. It weighed 106 lbs., and had 2 inch tubing. Plus the more curves there are on an antique iron bed the more money it's worth, because back in the 1800's -1900's it was hard to get the iron to bend in intricate ways. I saw a lot of antique austere iron bed frames selling for up to 3,000 dollars depending on how much curving of the iron there was. The one I won had just four curves around the edges. Otherwise it was a pencil bed frame. It’s almost identical to the one in the picture with Kurt Cobain lying in it, except it was only a double bed, and not a king size, but that was the huge selling point for me. My room is small and I want to put in a writing desk so I need smaller bedroom furniture.  I ended up paying 202.50 dollars for a bed worth probably 800.00 to 1,000.00 dollars.

The hitch was I didn't have the money to pay for the bed. I had only 165.00 dollars in my account and that was before I paid the fines and re listing fee for the bed I didn't want. I was down to under 110.00 dollars. I had four days though, and my parents had one of my royalty checks in their savings account. (I keep my extra money in their account because if SS knew I had almost 500.00 dollars just lying around my SSI check would go down.) I had been saving the 489.73 dollars for IBook (Macintosh laptop) with all the bells and whistles. Like Lisbeth in the books "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Then I could use this computer for my junk computer and practice programming on this one. I should be getting a big royalty check soon, because I sold paperback books to Barns & Noble, so now my book is available in Barns & Noble's brick and mortar stores. I estimate this check should be around a thousand dollars. Although sales of my book in paperback form to individual people are much lower than my eBook sales. I get paid quarterly and this month is the end of the quarter, or last month was. I sold the books to brick and mortar stores at the end of the last quarter, and it takes a long time to process orders to chain stores, plus instead of getting 20% of the profits, I only get 10% of the profits. I figured with the 489.73 plus however much my next check is I could buy the IBook, and have all the software put on it that I want. I know you’re like what does this have to do with your bed. I'm getting there.

So two days ago I went and checked my parent’s savings account on the banks website to make sure I still had 489.73 dollars in there. I knew my parents have been having money problems for almost a year now due to my dad's drinking. He makes over 5,000 dollars a month. If you take out all the bills we owe he still has over 2,000 dollars left plus my rent and phone bill money. There is no reason my dad needs to be taking out payday loans when he has over 2,000 dollars to spend on entertainment. Okay, my mom gets some of the money, probably around 500.00 dollars, but she always has money left over after the end of the month. So giving my dad the benefit of the doubt and saying he only has 1,000.00 dollars for entertainment he still should not have to take out those payday loans. My mom got sick of my dad being broke before the end of the month. So when she got the letter in the mail saying my dad took 1,000.00 dollars in a payday loan she freaked. So this month she and I are keeping all receipts, and are tracking my dad's debit cards, and checking account. Plus his two credit cards. Which is how we found out he is gambling. Getting back to the beds.

I check the savings account, and saw there was a balance of zero dollars and zero cents. My dad had stolen the money I was saving. I was livid, so I called my mom and told her. She of course was at her bible study. (Another crazy thing) She said, "Don't worry Anna, we are keeping track of the money closely this month, and next month we are going to cut down spending, even if that means telling Social Security that your dad needs a payee".  (I had my mom switched to my payee, but we did it too late in the month for it to take effect this month, so my dad still has access to my money until November 3rd) Still I was mad, and asked how am I going to pay for this bed I bought on eBay? She told me not to worry; if she had to she would take out a payday loan for 500.00 dollars. We both agreed upon this, because that meant my dad could not go and get a payday loan without my mom knowing beforehand. So the next day my mom and dad went and got a payday loan for 500.00 dollars. After the money was back in the account I went on eBay to pay for the bed, and now it won't let me pay because the seller still has not found how she is going to ship it. She's looking for the lowest price for me, so I don't want to complain. It’s just I want to pay for this bed before my dad gets desperate and steals my money again. Not only did he steal the money in my savings he stole the $108.00 or so I had left in my checking account.

I was so mad and I couldn't say anything to him because he was at the bar, and I couldn't say anything to him when he got home because he would be drunk and belligerent. Then I got a call from the bank saying my dad had to call the bank a.s.a.p. because even after my account was drained someone wrote out a 200.00 dollar check, and it was returned. So now my account is negative 210.00 dollars. The ten dollars in the 210.00 dollars is the fee for a returned check. That was it; I had it up to my hair. I looked up the sheriff’s department phone number, and I was going to call and tell them to go down Broadway and there will be a man in a red jeep with veteran plates driving very drunk so he would go to jail and learn a lesson. I couldn't do it though. Back when I was stealing money from my parents when I was using heroin my dad could have called the cops on me, but he didn't. He held it over my head, but never did it.

My dad gets paid two more times this month, so he can put 210.00 dollars into my checking account, and burn the check book he has for that account. Then he can pay back the payday loan before the 600% interest kicks in. ( I should mention my dad's money doesn't come all at one time at the beginning of the month, instead he gets paid about a thousand dollars five times a month.  This makes it a little bit harder to track my dad’s spending.

Ever since we found out that he's going to the casino when he says he's going to the bar at 11am. What I don't understand is how come he's always broke. He's got to win big once in a while. He places big bets in black jack, and when you make big bets if you win you win big. The only thing I can think is he wins, and thinks he's on a roll and keeps on gambling until all the money he won plus the money he came in with is all gone. He's probably not that bad if he's sober, but he gets drunk and gambles. If he was gambling sober I doubt he would be so stupid as to win big and not walk away.

Again, back to the bed. Since I won a good austere antique iron bed frame on eBay, there is no reason for me to buy a bed for 850.00 dollars, even if it’s from the same place Kurt and Courtney bought their bed. It would have been cool to say, "I got my bed from the same guy the Cobain's got their bed back in 1992", but now that I think about it, it would just have made me sound like a copycat. This is what I am. I copied Courtney's look. It just so happens we have the same taste in decorating, and clothes.

I'm hoping the lady whose bed I won on eBay figures out a really cheap way to transport the bed frame from Washington to Wisconsin. She gave me an estimate of 480.00 dollars. That's more than double what I paid for the bed. I said no way, and she said she would keep looking. Hopefully she finds a bus that will transport it; I'm told that's the cheapest way. Does anyone know if when she finally figures out the shipping will I have to pay for the bed and the shipping at the same time, or can I pay for the bed, and then the shipping when I have the money?

As far as the gambling, last night my dad went out again, but he swears it was only to the bar. Even though on his debit card he spent over 100.00 dollars. When I used to go out to the bars I'd spend at most 80.00 dollars from 2 in the afternoon to 2 in the morning. I usually got away with 40.00 dollars. Tap beer, and rolling dice for shots once in a while. Never with more than three people though. That's so you don't have to buy a whole shit load of people a shot if you lose at dice. Plus when I was still going to bars I was thin and young and guys would buy me drinks all night long as long as sat by them and talked to them every now and again. Sometimes the guy I was sitting next to all night and buying my drinks ended up getting laid. I just tried making a list of all the men I've slept with, and I came up 46 including the men I had sex with for money or drugs. I didn't know 15 of the men's names. I call whore, slut bag. That's a part of the whole borderline personality disorder, promiscuity. Eh, that's just a cop out, I used to love having sex, and did not discriminate. 

I remember I was living on people's couches for a couple of months, and one night I was sleeping on this couples couch I met at the bar the night before. That morning I got up and was showering, and the guy came in to pee. I opened the shower curtain and invited him in to fuck me, and his wife was sleeping in the bedroom maybe 30 feet away. I'm getting wet just thinking about that guy. He made me cum at least 3 times and I screamed out in ecstasy , and he would put his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams so his wife wouldn't wake up. I'm going to go hell for sure.


Anonymous said...

The guy screwed you. You don't have to pay for an item you won but don't want. You just ask Ebay to cancel the Transaction.


Bev said...

Contact Ebay.
Dont pay the guy.
Ebay take the customers side always. Ppl have canceled sales from me and all I can do is have Ebay record the problem.They dont take points off the buyers feed back or any thing.
Lucky guy to get 59 $ for nothing. He can open an unpaid claim on you but you dont have to pay a cent! After the unpaid claim closes the whole deal is closed.
I wish you luck,

Anonymous said...

You have showed great perseverance behind the blog. It's been enriched since the beginning. I love to share to with my friends. Carry on.

Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

Please never stop writing, Anna! I am but a dust mite of the writer you are!

Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

I love you and everything you write